The Foundation Story Continued

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter One


It was the time when Nexon was not overpopulated, nor there was any Solaria anywhere in the Galaxy, settled by the Nexonians.

Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā were quite restless.

Her own daughter Rājkumārī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī had termed her nympho maniac only because she celebrated the ‘Nandoī husband Paramount’ ritual as the other Mahārānīs and Rānīs did.

She had refused to do the same when she was married with then Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav.

Rājkumārī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī became the third Mahārānī of Bhārgav Brahm Ayodhyā, now Durgesh Seetā Vaidéhī Bhārgav Creations.

“It served her right.” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā commented, “She has lost everything she was proud of.”

“Firdaus!” Her husband Trivédī Chakrvartī Bhavānī Charañ Trivédī admonished her, “You can’t forgive even your own daughter? Shame on you.”

“It’s alright, Pitr’shrī!” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī laughed, “Let Ammī Ħuzoor say what she wants to. She is not a Brahm Kanyā. She can’tunderstand the importance of ‘Satītv and P ātivratý’ and the Kundalinī Jāgarañ due to it.(‘Jin Khoja Tin Paiya’: Āchārý Rajneesh).
“Do you still claim to be a Mahā Satī, Kaikéýī?” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā smiled ironically at her daughter, “Now you are a mother of children of two men- Durgesh and Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav.”

“I think so, Ammī Ħuzoor!” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī looked at her Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī mother, gravely, “Of course, I’m the mother of numerous Bhārgav daughters of ex Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav….”

“Why ex Bhārgav Chakrvartī?” her mother Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā challenged her daughter heatedly, “My dearest son in law Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav has established a new Brahm Ayodhyā Creations with numerous Årab Muslimāt Ållāmāzādīs, Imāmzādīs, Maulānāzādīs and Shéikħzādīs as his new Mahārānīs and Rānīs. Even you are invited there as his honored guest.”

“Thank you.” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī smiled with exaggerated politeness.

Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā could not tolerate the mocking glow she saw in the beautiful eyes of her daughter Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī.

Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī continued with quite exaggerated mock politeness.

“He was exiled by my brother Rāvañ Brahm Bachhalyā. He was not competent husband for us all the Mahārānīs and Rānīs of former Brahm Ayodhyā Creations. It is one thing to have ambitious parents naming one with a great name, as great as Dashrath, and it’s totally another thing to live the name one’s parents gave you.”

“Kaikéýī!!!!!!” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā thundered at her daughter.

Mayor Harla Branno whirled to look at Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā and her glorious daughter Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī.

Both of them were as beautiful as even Mayor Harla Branno was feeling herself envious, though Harla herself was not less beautiful.

The reason of envy was simple.

Mayor Harla Branno was not my continuous mare till then, permanently.

Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī was.

I knew she also wanted to be my permanent mare, but Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī had challenged her to be nothing if she was not my woman.

Speaker Delora Delarmi had also confirmed Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī.

These are the Election days, and the mother and daughter are quarreling on such trivia.

Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī was still saying but not mockingly now, gravely.

“Brother Rāvañ Brahm Bachhalyā managed us to get rid of him and married us again with the best male ever in the entire infinite Creations, Durgesh, Durgāshankar Mahimvat Satyarthī.” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī smiled at her mother, “I’m now the mother of Durgesh’s sons Bharat Satyarthī etc. Dashrath Bhārgav being an incompetent husband could not give me any son at all. He gave me only daughters and daughters and daughters. Nonsense!”

“You hate your ex husband Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav, don’t you Kaikéýī?”

“Of Course I hate him and why should not I?” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī said furiously, “He is the man responsible for my second marriage. Moreover, it was not a normal marriage, mother! Ammī Ħuzoor! If we haven’t surrendered, we would have been raped openly with live 3-D cast. How we managed to save our faces if you knew….”

“I know.” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā cut her daughter short.

“Well, we can’t forgive your ‘dearest’ son in law Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav for what he had done to us. We hate him. Name Dashrath work Rāvañ.” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī spat out scornfully.

“I know you appreciate Bachhalyā Chakrvartī Dashrath Bachhalyā more now.”

“He is the real Dashrath.” Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī declared with intense enthusiasm and appreciation, “Bachhalyā Chakrvartī Dashrath Bachhalyā is a Bachhalyā Vishisht Brahm having almost infinite Brāhmañ Mahārānīs now. His son Rām Bachhalyā is the real Bhagvān Rām of today. Bharat Bachhalyā is the real Bharat. Even my son Bharat Satyarthī is not as good as Bachhalyā Chakrvartī Dashrath Bachhalyā- Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Chaturvedī-son Bharat Bachhalyā, though I’m determined to make him better.” *

Rām Bachhalyā looked at my son from Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī, Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī.

A long time had passed since the Mahārānīs of Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav offered them to me.

Rām Bachhalyā was riding on Dr. Jānkī Chaturvedī the eldest daughter of Chaturvedī Chakrvartī Mahārāj Janak Chaturvedī and then Mahārānī Sunaynā Dvivedī while my son from Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī, Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī was riding on Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd.

For the persons living on Sexual Intercourses, instead of oxygen, it was not an insult to go here and there riding on their women companions. It was a compulsion for them, as they could not break their sexual intercourse even for it, endangering their own life.

Both were enjoying their beautiful girl friends.

“Brother!” Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī addressed Rām Bachhalyā respectfully, “The Jews were really as wicked as they are depicted in Qurãn and other contemporary Islamic literature?”

Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd squirmed in the nude lap of my son Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī, her glorious nude Årab Muslimā buttocks, and felt her tight Årab Muslimā cunt pierced with the entire length of the strong Hindu Penis of her Hindu boy friend Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī.

She smiled at him,

“Thanks for the penetrations, Bharat! Nevertheless it was beyond my imagination that you, a son of Durgesh, the ever best messiah of humankind; is ignorant of Qurãn.”

“I’m not ignorant of Qurãn, Nādirā! I’ve read it.”

“Read it, but not studied it ever seriously. Right? You are a theist, Bharat, not an atheist as the Mayor of Terminus and most of her ardent followers are.”

Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī smiled at Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd.

He started her to fuck passionately, fervently, ardently, and single-mindedly.

“Nādirā darling!” He said, “Don’t act communal always. I know you are an Årab Muslimā Ållāmāzādī. I’m a Hindu. However, we both love each other. Don’t we?”

“Of course, Bharat! In addition, I’m not communal, you know. Neither always, nor now.”

Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī laughed.

Rām Bachhalyā and Dr. Jānkī Chaturvedī also laughed.

They were on their way to Nexon on the personal request of Mayor Harla Branno of Terminus.

Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd looked at all the three of them with a protest she did not try to hide.

“You are Communal, Nādirā! Even your father Ållāmā Dāůūd Yūsuf complains that you are Communal.”

Dr. Jānkī Chaturvedī smiled politely at Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd, “It’s a miracle to us that you not only love Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī but you are his permanent Årab Muslimā mare also.”

“I love Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī riding on me.” Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd laughed enthusiastically, “His Dvij Hindu Penis is great. It is very strong and long. When it fills my very Årab Muslimā cunt, I fly in Jannaté Firdaus. Oh, you can’t understand, Jānkī!”

“Why I can’t understand? Rām is also riding on me. I’m also a permanent Brahmmare of Rām Bachhalyā.”

“Oh, yes! You have something there.” Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd laughed.

Bachhalyā Chakrvartī Dashrath Bachhalyā were smiling at Ållāmā Dāůūd Yūsuf Ibrāhīm.

“Ållāmā! I’m grateful to you that you’ve come to me with the proposal. But…”

“It’s not a proposal, Dashrath! It’s a request. You can’t refuse to me. We are childhood friends, Dashrath!” Ållāmā Dāůūd Yūsuf Ibrāhīm became impatient.

He could not believe his childhood friend was turning down his proposal.

Allāh! What he hasn’t done for this Bachhalyā Vishisht Brahm, yet…”

“Let me talk to Irfānā myself, Dāůūd! She is irrational. She can’t love me now. She always hated me for everything I did.”

“It was not true, Dashrath Bachhalyā! It was only a frantic resort she went into to save her then intense communalism against Hindus.”

Dashrath Bachhalyā remembered,

Mahā Rāj Brahm Dev Upādhyāý had almost rebuked Pāndu Karosiā,

“Well, Pāndu Karosiā! See now yourself, who is communal.”

Pāndu Karosiā was getting immense satisfaction watching the 150 immense beautiful ultra modern Brāhmañ young Rāj Kumārīs what they were doing.

“They all know, we the Karosiās, the Sweepers, are watching them, yet…”

Durgesh is the dream lover of all the extra ordinary beautiful Brāhmañ young girls and all the extra ordinary beautiful Brāhmañ young women, Mahā Rāj Pāndu Karosiā! Mahā Rāj Brahm Dev Upādhyāý smiled fucking her exquisitely beautiful Sweeper Mahā Rāni Hirañý Prabhā Karosiā, “The English had taught us entirely wrong and fictitious history. Don’t play in the hands of our enemies. If Durgesh had played in their hands, there wouldn’t have been any Hindu Vishv, a Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations.”

Salvor Hardin had also watched almost the same phenomena on Terminus with Dr. Lewis Pirenne and was enjoying it even more than Karosiā Chakrvartī of Karosiā Hastinapur Creations United was.

“Durgesh is the dream lover of all the extra ordinary beautiful Terminiun and even Trantorian young girls and all the extra ordinary beautiful Terminiun and even Trantorian young women, Dr. Lewis Pirenne!” Salvor Hardin smiled.

He was not fucking any woman as Mahā Rāj Brahm Dev Upādhyāý was fucking his exquisitely beautiful Sweeper Mahā Rāni Hirañý Prabhā Karosiā.

Salvor Hardin did not believe that Eternal Sexual Intercourse could make a person immortal.

He believed it was my political strategy to befool my political adversaries.

Dr. Lewis Pirenne was also not an exception.

They both laughed at the theory open heartedly.

I was stunned as Dr. Dorrie Hardin took my brown Hindu penis in her Beautiful Terminiun white palm.

I was certainly not prepared for it.

She was not an ordinary girl.

Dr. Dorrie Hardin was highly educated.

Of course, she was not an Encyclopedist as Dr. Eva Pirenne and her most of the other present girl friends were.

Salvor Hardin had sent her to Trantor to make his utmost beautiful younger sister a Doctor in Psychology and administration.

“Hum!” Dr. Dorrie Hardin said lustfully, “Your brown Hindu penis is really great!”

Her lustful Terminiun atheist blue Christian eyes were penetrating my black Hindu eyes.

Mentally, Dr. Dorrie Hardin was an atheist. She did not believe on the existence of God, not because she had researched and had found out ultimately that there is no God.

If it would have been the case, I would have been the very first person to abandon my own theism forever and the Hindu Vishv would have been the second.

It was the greatest tragedy of the atheists that they had not proved ever their atheism.

They claimed always that the theists have not proved ever their theism beyond all reasonable doubt, but they also could not do the same about their own atheism they did not accept.

Socially, Dr. Dorrie Hardin belonged to Christian faith.

It was also not because she had researched, investigated, and had found out ultimately that the Christianity is the most appropriate faith socially to be adopted.

She was a born Christian socially and it was sufficient for her to continue to remain so.

I also smiled with lust looking into Dr. Dorrie Hardin’s beautiful, Terminiun atheist blue eyes.

“Liked it?”

“Very much! Of us, two hundred and fifty Terminiun sexpots whom do you want to fuck, Hindu dearest? She will be the luckiest one of us whom you fuck.”

It was Terminus, located on the very fringe of the galactic spiral, an only planet of an isolated sun, poor in resources and negligible in economic values.

Dr. Eva Pirenne was trying to get up out of my nude Hindu lap in my another body,

“Dorrie!!! Dr. Dorrie Hardin!!! Are you mad?”

Dr. Stella Seldon was playing with my Hindu penis in my third body.

She rebuked Dr. Eva Pirenne,

“Don’t make a scene, Eva! We’ve come here on picnic, not on pilgrimage. It’s our best of luck that Durgesh is already present here. We hadn’t imagined even in our wildest dreams that we can enjoy the unique Hindu playboy in the picnic.”

Dr. Eva Pirenne was speechless and quite dumbfounded.

“Stella!!! Dr. Stella Seldon!!! He is not only the unique Hindu playboy. He is the Supreme Administrator of Hindu Vishv also!”

“It does not make any difference. Nonsense! As long as he is the unique Hindu playboy, it’s okay with us. Let him fuck us dearie! In addition, enjoy his efforts to make us happy. Let’s enjoy our picnic and thank Durgesh to make our picnic as delightful as he can, fucking us with all of his unique Hindu Male Sex skills.”*

Salvor Hardin smiled knowingly.

“Enjoying, Dr. Lewis Pirenne?”

They both were watching the entire phenomena on 3-D.

They were not on the picnic spot.

However, it was the election time, and Salvor Hardin did not want to allow himself any carelessness.

“Very much.” Dr. Lewis Pirenne laughed and answered Salvor Hardin, “Very very much. But I am still unable to understand why you are showing me all this nonsense.”

Salvor Hardin whirled at Dr. Lewis Pirenne.

He could not believe Dr. Lewis Pirenne was such a fool as he could not understand even so open political strategy of Durgesh.

“It’s not nonsense, Dr. Lewis Pirenne! Durgesh is not a playboy, not even in the least. He is a politician. He has successfully fooled almost everyone with his this ‘Hindu playboy image’. They think him fool, sexy, and therefore harmless. No, he is very definitely not. He fucks the ever-best beauties everywhere to fool everyone that it is sex only he is interested in, and to pull wool over their eyes that he uses them against his enemies as if they are his missiles. Just watch and see what he is doing.”

Dr. Martha Christ/ Dr. Martha Crast herself had undressed me.

Now she was sucking my Hindu penis taking it into her exquisite Terminiun atheist Christian mouth gleefully.

Dr. Martha Christ had taken my nude Hindu legs in her glorious Terminiun atheist embrace standing on her knees.

I was dumb founded almost in my all two hundred and fifty Hindu male bodies.

I had to make my women those Terminiun atheists Christian and Jews cuties, those Doctors of Psychology and administration, those Encyclopedists, and here was Dr. Martha Christ who undressed me herself instead of me undressing her, sucking me herself instead of my compelling her to suck me.*

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen looked at Eto Demerzel.

“We welcome you, First Minister!”

Eto Demerzel smiled,

“Thank you, Chief Commissioner! But I want to remind Your Excellency that I’m no longer the First Minister of the Galactic Empire.”

“A mistake, rather a large grave mistake of Cleon I. The heavy price he paid was with his own very life.”

Ex First Minister Eto Demerzel was himself grave.

He looked at the Chief Commissioner.

“We have good news for you, First Minister!–No, please don’t interrupt me. When I call you First Minister, you are the First Minister again. The Emperor has authorized me to announce your re appointment to the post.”

First Minister Eto Demerzel bowed.

“I thank the Emperor.”

“We don’t believe Dr. Hari Seldon. I mean, we did not. The 250 lady secret agents you suggested are on Terminus now. We believe they are competent.”

“My re-appointment to the post of the First Minister of the Empire shows my success. Am I wrong?”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen smiled.

“You are quite right, First Minister!”

“Thank you.”

“The great irony of your adept choices of the girls is that all of them are closely related to the top authorities of the so called Seldon Project. Yet their relatives haven’t doubted them until now. Congratulations!”

“Thank you, Chief Commissioner!”

Cleon I played right into the hands of his enemies and the enemies of the Empire.” Chief Commissioner Linge Chen commented gravely, “He was so impressed by Hari Seldon that he could not evaluate your worth.”

“The Chief Commissioner are very kind.”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen looked at the Emperor’s First Minister gravely.

According to the post, Eto Demerzel was superior now, but he knew that Linge Chen was a real brother of Durgesh’s utmost beautiful Chinese wife Lin Huan Chen.

Ammulkāýnāt Lin Huan Chen was a dedicated Communist, a dedicated atheist, and so was her younger brother.

Moreover, in the period of Cleon I, Linge Chen was very near to the Late Emperor.

Cleon I was also an atheist and a dedicated Communist.

His own wife was Ammulkāýnāt Lin Huan Chen’s real younger sister.

Empress Tin Huan Chen was the Gāndhārī of The Empire having Ammulkāýnāt Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān, Ammulkāýnāt Gurumātā Alaknandā Chatterjī, Ammulkāýnāt Sunaýnā Dvivedī, her communist mother Sheikħzādī Zainab Al Ůsmān and her communist Brāhmañ father, Sir Rām Kinkar Dvivedī, always backing her.

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen was Shakuni of the Galactic Empire.

He knew it was Chief Commissioner Linge Chen behind the assassination of Cleon I.

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen had brought Laskin Joranum from Nishaya, but he could not make Cleon I, and even Hari Seldon believe his reports he received.

The Empress Tin Huan Chen, the Gāndhārī of The Empire; did not allow the deceased Emperor Cleon I to believe any reports against her brother.

First Minister Eto Demerzel controlled himself and smiled graciously at Chief Commissioner Linge Chen.

He did not say that he knew it was Linge Chen that compelled the Late Emperor to change his First Minister and to replace Eto Demerzel with Dr. Hari Seldon.

It didn’t suit his further improved political strategy now.

Instead, he said,

“We have almost 250, 00,000 inhabited planets in our Galactic Empire, Chief Commissioner! For the sake of administrative convenience, I divided them into 250 non-formal administrative sectors having approximately 100,000 inhabited planets in each sector. Though Trantor is officially divided in 800 sectors, I reduced the number unofficially into 250 only for the sake of administrative convenience. The secret agents I chose were one from each sector……”

“I know my friend! First Minister Eto Demerzel! I know. Moreover, it worked.” Linge Chen smiled at Eto Demerzel gravely, “You were successful and you are successful. Cleon I was a fool to replace you with that hopeless professor of Streeling University of Streeling Sector. He paid the price by being assassinated. A very heavy price I would say.”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen was as enthusiastic now as he could be.

“I selected the best feminine brain and beauty available in each inhabited planet. I have thus 250, 00,000 of them, not on Terminus obviously. The best of them out of each 1 00,000 were appointed their leader and transferred to Terminus with their parents. We thus have every news of Terminus through our best 250 feminine brains and beauty available in the entire galaxy inhabited.”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen laughed at Eto Demerzel appreciatively.

He remembered.

It was almost fifty years back only.*

Avakim approached, nodded to Gaal, leaned over to whisper to Seldon.

The cry of adjournment rang out, and guards separated them.

Gaal was led away.

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen was not a fool enough to allow Dr. Hari Seldon and Dr. Gaal Dornick to keep them together.

The next day’s hearings were entirely different.

Dr. Hari Seldon and Dr. Gaal Dornick were alone with the Commission.

The aristocratic coterie rose to power after the assassination of Cleon I, as Linge Chen had anticipated under the direction of Yatīndrnāth Chatterjī, Kans Banerjī, Suyodhan Mukherjī and Shishupāl Chatterjī.

Cleon I was last of the Entuns.

A Commission of Public Safety was constructed.

The Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv did not allow less than it.

In the main, they formed an element of order during the so-called centuries of instability and uncertainty in the Imperium.

Actually, there was no actual instability and uncertainty in the Imperium due to the ever inescapable Supremacy of Hindu Vishv.

Moreover, no one of them was capable to form his own Government.

They all quarreled in the matter with each other.

Therefore, the Commission of Public Safety was the only solution consisting each of them having an interim military government for a while, of course.

Usually under the control of the so-called great families of the Chens and the Divarts, the Commission of Public Safety, itself, degenerated into a blind instrument for the maintenance of the Status quo.

Dr. Hari Seldon and Dr. Gaal Dornick were seated at a table together, between the five judges and the two accused.

Dr. Hari Seldon and Dr. Gaal Dornick were even offered cigars from a box of iridescent, sparkling, plastic, which had the appearance of water, endlessly flowing.

The eyes were fooled into seeing the motion although the fingers reported it to be hard and dry.

Seldon accepted one; Gaal refused.

As I had advised him, Seldon said,

“My lawyer is not present.”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen looked at me.

I was fucking the Empress Tin Huan Chen even now.

She offered her to me, as soon as her husband, Cleon I, was assassinated.

After all, she was never loyal to Cleon absolutely.

Her great brother, Chief Commissioner Linge Chen, had advised her to do so,

“The Entun dynasty had reached a compromise with Hindu Vishv to acknowledge its supremacy, Tin! The Entuns had only a single galaxy while Hindu Vishv has almost the entire rest of the Creations under its Democratic Empire. They have proposed a new election around the entire galaxy. We can’t afford it now.”

“I can understand it, brother! We haven’t done what we’ve, to conduct an election around the entire galaxy. If it has to be done, we’ve failed. Cleon was not that bad as an alternative to an election around the entire galaxy.” Tin Huan Chen smiled affably, “I myself know through my own knowledge that we can’t win the Election.”

“Thank you, dear!”

“Don’t mention it, please! You have left our Chinese Sector for me.”

“They compare me with Shakuni, Tin! And you with Gāndhārī.” Linge Chen smiled dryly.

“Let them. You have not killed my son, neither created any Mahā Bhārat here. How then you are Shakuni and I’m a Gāndhārī? True, we are from Chinese sector, not from Indian sector. But that much of Mahā Bhārat is also known to us. “

“Thank you, Tin, my darling sister! You know I can do anything for you. What a tragedy! Once, the entire humankind was residing on a single planet only, called Earth, called Trantor now also─ a ‘Trishapt and Tantr Organization’.”

Tin Huan Chen smiled affably again.

Durgesh says it was never so, Linge!”

“Yes! Durgesh says it. I know.” Her great brother, Chief Commissioner Linge Chen laughed, “But he says so many things too, which are quite irrational and totally incredible for us. Even so many of his own people did not and do not believe Durgesh entirely ever. Why the hell should we?”

Chapter 2


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