The Foundation Story Continued

DSM Satyarthi

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Chapter two

Nexon and Solaria

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān

It was a tragedy that Dr. Ruth Heinrik Marx was not the supreme leader of Communism today.

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān had both outexcelled and outtalented her as well as the other Communists.

Even Yatīndrnāth Chatterjī, Kans Banerjī, Suyodhan Mukherjī and Shishupāl Chatterjī had accepted her supremacy.

The nudist feminist Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān far excelled all of them in the matter.

Lying on her bed, she was enjoying me into her very Årab Muslimā Communist cunt.

My Hindu penis was penetrating the utmost depths of her very cunt.

Up motioning her gorgeous Årab Muslimā Communist buttocks and forcing my Hindu penis to penetrate, even deeper; Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān smiled at me.


“Of course, Darling!” I also returned her smile.

“Ruth! Are you also?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān looked at her University mate lying beside her.

Dr. Ruth Heinerik Marx laughed melodiously.

“I differed in opinion with you in the assassination of Cleon I, that’s all, Åāýeshā! You did not agree with me. It’s alright.”

“I had to oblige Linge Chen, Ruth! Why don’t you understand?”

“I agree with Durgesh in the matter.”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.


Her beautiful eyes were also laughing.

“I think there is something when Durgesh says: ‘Violence is the last resort of the incompetent’.”

Åāýeshā smiled patronizingly.

“You know, Ruth! Why the Communists are not with you in majority as they are with me?”

“Because I agree with Durgesh that Lenin did not need the violence he had surrendered to in Russia?” Ruth Heinerik Marx’s voice became somewhat curt and harsh even.

“By hook or crook we have to serve the humanity, Ruth!” Åāýeshā said gravely, “Don’t forget even the best leaders of humanity, Durgesh thinks at least them so; have resorted to violence from time to time. Does it mean they were incompetent?”

Bhagvān Rām did not kill Rāvañ actually, he sent him to paradise.” Dr. Ruth Heinerik Marx said with intense feeling.

“Yes, so they say. I did not say Bhagvān Rām, Ruth!” Åāýeshā smiled, “I said even the best leaders of humanity, Durgesh thinks at least them so.”

“What do you mean?”

“Not only Hindus, all the religionists whether they are Muslims, Christians or Jews, are outright hypocrites. They talk one thing but they practice quite another. We Communists don’t. We accept what we are. We accept if violence is necessary we resort to it.”

“So you think we are brave?”

“Of course we are brave, Ruth! We don’t lie. It needs bravery to accept and speak truth. A coward can’t do it.”

Dr. Ruth Heinrik Marx looked at Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān critically.

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

Harla Branno is visiting the past profoundly, Ruth! You know her. She does not want the theists to dominate Terminus ever.”


Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān said curtly.

“She knows very well that the present and the future both are generated from the past. They don’t evolve from nothing. Durgesh and his followers are trying to eliminate every non-Hindu element from the history. We have to keep Communism there if we really want to survive. Understand?”*

Dr. Hari Seldon repeated.

“My lawyer is not present.”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen looked at him coldly.

“You have Durgesh here, Doctor! He thinks you are right. The First Galactic Empire is decaying.”

I smiled at Allāh Al Maimoon.

“Don’t get me wrong, Linge! The Imperial Empire is certainly decaying, but the Democratic Empire is flourishing.”

“So I am right that you did not dislike the assassination of Cleon I?”

“I dislike and resent every assassination whether that of Cleon I or of any one.”

Commissioner Claver Divart interrupted before Chief Commissioner Linge Chen could mess the matter any more.

He wanted Hari Seldon out, as early as possible.

The period, when Hari Seldon was the First Minister, was more troublesome for Divart family.

Due to one thing or another, Hari Seldon always preferred the Chens on Divarts.

Hari Seldon’s administration strengthened the hold of Chens on the Empire and weakened the same of Divarts, whether knowingly, or unknowingly.

Even the assassination of Cleon I could not bring the Divarts in power.

The Chens outsmarted and overtook them.

“This is no longer a trial, Dr. Seldon. We are here to discuss the safety of the State.”

“I will speak.” Chief Commissioner Linge Chen said.

Commissioner Claver Divart sat back.

He knew he could not outexcel Linge Chen.

The other Commissioners also sat back in their chairs.

They were prepared to listen now.

A silence formed about Chief Commissioner Linge Chen into which he might drop his words.

Gaal held his breath.

He was unable to understand why Durgesh is not interfering with all his political power as the Ultimate Administrator of the entire infinite creations.

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen was lean and hard.

He was older in looks than in fact.

Durgesh said it was due to his negative reasoning, negative thoughts and negative deeds.

The Hindu Playboy claimed his ever youth and his immortality even was due to his positive thoughts, positive reasoning and positive deeds.

He was always proud of being a ‘Shvitīchayah’.

Linge Chen was the actual Emperor of the entire Galaxy after Durgesh now.

How he made Durgesh to consent it nobody knows.

Whether it was that he offered his another sister, Empress Tin Huan Chen, to Durgesh also?

The child who bore the title of the emperor itself was only a symbol manufactured by Chen and not the first such, either.

Dr. Seldon!” Linge Chen said, “You disturb the peace of the Emperor’s realm. None of the quadrillions living now among all the stars of the Galaxy will be living a century from now.”

Sheikħzādī Allāh Al Maimoon laughed.

“Speak for yourself, Linge! Not for others. How the hell do you know they will not embrace Hindutv or Islām and will outlive you? It’s not the difference in our bodies, which separates us into immortality and mortality. The separation lies in our Basic Concepts. It’s due to our Basic Concepts that we are immortals and it’s due to your Basic Concepts that you are not. Our Basic Concepts towards life and our behavior make a lot of difference in our achievements and results also, Linge! They are not as meaningless as you erroneously think they are.”

“Ammulkāýnāt! We are not immortals as you claim to be. Let you immortals worry about the similars to you. We don’t understand the lives and needs of the Eternals. So why worry? You Eternals are quite capable to take care of yourselves. Why then, should we concern ourselves with events of five centuries distance? Are not you there to take care of them?”

Dr. Hari Seldon smiled sardonically, contemptuously somewhat, “I shall not be alive half a decade hence and…”

“I don’t believe you.” Linge Chen also looked at him contemptuously.

“What?”Dr. Hari Seldon became alert suddenly.

“Don’t think all the others are fools, Doctor! You investigated Laskin Joranum and found he did not belong to Nishaya at all.”

Hari Seldon smiled confidently.

“Chief Commissioner! When Laskin Joranum met me with Gambol Deen Namarti, his right hand person, he made the ever worst mistake he never should have.”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen looked at Hari Seldon thoughtfully.

“Keep it on, Seldon! I mean, Dr. Seldon! You are doing better now. Now you are proving us right. Just continue, please!”

Gaal Dornick coughed and cleared his throat.

Hari Seldon smiled.

“You should have stopped Joranum to come to me. I had myself lived in the past centered, mythology ridden, Mycogen Sector of Trantor filled with the People of Solaria and Aurora, mainly those of Aurora, with Dors Venabili. Dors knew Gladia Delmarre personally and you don’t know we met her there.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For accepting the fact that your lady robot wife Dors Venabili knew Gladia Delmarre personally.”

“What do you mean?”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre is a Solarian, Dr. Seldon!” Commissioner Claver Divart smiled, “She lived at Aurora after she killed her husband Dr. Rikaine Delmarre.”

I looked at him gravely.

“Commissioner Claver Divart! Gladia did not kill any body.”

My voice was stern.

“Oh, come on, Durgesh!” Chief Commissioner Linge Chen laughed, “That’s a forgotten matter now. Forgive Commissioner Claver Divart for his slip of tongue. What he did mean actually is how Dors Venabili did, the lady robot wife of Dr. Hari Seldon, know Ammulkāýnāt Gladia Delmarre until and unless she was not on Solaria or on Aurora herself?”

Hari Seldon smiled.

Dors Venabili is dead now, Chief Commissioner!”

Chief Commissioner Linge Chen laughed.

“Tut tut, Dr. Seldon! You know as well as we also do that Dors Venabili is not dead. You were not foolish enough to let her die. And, we are not foolish enough to believe it. However, we appreciate the drama you people had staged then.”

Terminus was a planet never settled before in the five centuries after its discovery.

The sexual adventures of all the 250 ultra modern utmost beautiful young women were still going on.

It was not as important then, as it was on earth once.

Sex was absolutely a personal matter now almost everywhere.*

Dr. Lewis Pirenne smiled at Salvor Hardin.

“Dr. Dorrie Hardin is leading the group, Hardin!”

“What do you think of the Royal Governor of the Prefect of Anacreon?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re cut off from the inner regions of the Empire.”

“We have been expecting it, Hardin! It’s nothing new to us.”

“Yes! We’ve been expecting it but that doesn’t make it any more comfortable for us.”

Dr. Lewis Pirenne looked at Mayor Salvor Hardin.

“You’ve already talked to me about it, Hardin! I know Anacreon stands squire across what was our last remaining trade route to Santanni and to Trantor.”

“Don’t forget Vega, Doctor!” Salvor Hardin added, “Where is our metal to come from? We haven’t managed to get a steel or aluminium shipment through in six months.”

Dr. Lewis Pirenne smiled.

He knew Salvor Hardin loved Vegan tobacco.

However, he did not mention it.

Every one has his own weaknesses.

Salvor Hardin has his own.

Lewis Pirenne has his own.

Instead, he said,

“And now we won’t be able to get any at all except by grace of the King of Anacreon?” Pirenne tch-tched impatiently again, “You have talked with me about it also. Get them through him, then, I told you.”

“It’s not as easy as you say. We are on the very fringe of the Galactic Spiral, an only planet of an isolated sun.”


“So? Pirenne! According to the Charter of Establishment of our Foundation, only the Board of Trustees has full administrative powers. Only the Board! I am only the Mayor of Terminus City having virtually no power at all.”

“You want me to call an emergency meeting, don’t you?”

“Thank you for understanding me.” Salvor Hardin sighed, “The prosperity of Terminus City depends on uninterrupted commerce with the Galaxy. We have more interruptions now than we already had.”

“Why don’t you establish a municipal government on Terminus, Hardin? I have already suggested you to do it. Board of Trustees has not barred it. We quite understand its necessity. The Foundation was established fifty years ago. We have a huge increase in population in these fifty years. I wonder the capable women of Terminus to go through the necessary ordeal in such a number again and again. Our Encyclopedists have such a liking for sex I didn’t know. Even Dr. Hari Seldon would not have known….”

“Are you really a fool, Pirenne?”


“We are watching how our capable ladies of Terminus get our (?) Children. Our Encyclopedists and we are not there. Durgesh is there.”

Dors Venabili became instantaneously suspicious of Tamwile Elar.

She was like that right from the beginning.

It was the reason she was entrusted by Daneel Olivaw to accompany Hari Seldon in his very crucial period.

He was thirty-six years old.

She could not tolerate the suspicion of Yugo Amaryl as Hari carelessly had dismissed.

Dors Venabili loved Hari even more than Hari did her and knew.

Hari’s Psychohistory made her to take the final decision.

Hari, whether he was a Vishisht Brahm or not, needed her for not him, but for the sake of entire humanity.

Pandit Vishvnāth Bhārgav needed Madhu Karosiā not for himself only but for the entire humanity also.

Of course, Durgesh is there after all.

Eto Demerzel is also there.

Being First Minister of the Emperor, Eto Demerzel was quite capable to protect Hari, however much careless Hari might be of his own welfare.

Nevertheless, whether Param Brahmarshi Bhagvān Bhr’gu left the matter on Durgesh or on other Brahmarshis when he felt Durgesh was in danger due to the entire environment filled then with Brāhmañs and Brāhmañs only?( Mahā Bhārat: Shānti Parv: 188/10).

Being an ardent fan of Param Brahmarshi Bhagvān Bhr’gu she could not help except to take the decision she had taken.

She decided to talk with Hari.

Poking her head through the door, Dors Venabili smiled at him.

“Are you going to keep me out?”

Dr. Hari Seldon, as he was known here nowadays, also looked back and smiled at Dors Venabili.

“No, of course not. You have given me what I wanted to have for a long time. I’m glad, dear! Moreover, mighty thankful to you. When you met me here in the University at first, I could not believe on my own eyes.”

Dors Venabili laughed.

“She was not me.”

“Don’t try to befool me now. I recognized you as soon as I saw you. However, the disguise was perfect.”

She advanced and sat on his lap.

Hari kissed her, lightly at first, and then very fiercely and passionately.

She surrendered.

She always surrendered; even when he was furious and trying to punish her for what she had done deceiving him.

“I’m thankful to Eto Demerzel, Darling!” Hari was undressing Dors Venabili now, “He has done the miracle. I failed every time I requested you, but Eto Demerzel…”

“Oh, stop praising him, Hari! He is a robot after all, Robot Daneel Olivaw.”

“So you are, Darling!” Hari touched her mischievously.

Dors Venabili held his palm.

“For you, yes.” Passionately she surrendered.

Being a Vishisht Brahm, he had almost infinite of beauties.

Nevertheless, he could not live without her, he felt intensely.

Tamwile Elar has joined your project”

“Our project.” Hari interrupted, “as Senior Mathematician, four years earlier.”

Dors Venabili smiled.

So, he remembers not only Tamwile Elar, he remembers some details about him also.


Does he also suspect Tamwile Elar?

If so, why he is allowing him to remain in the project?

If not so, why does he remember such trivia about him?

“Four years is a pretty long time, Hari!” Dors Venabili said.

“What do you mean?”

Tamwile Elar is progressing constantly and now he is the third in the project, after you and Yugo.”

Dors Venabili had unzipped him.

Hari looked her scrutinizing.

He was unable to understand what she was after at all.

As Dors Venabili, she was a stranger to him, and he had met her first time here on Trantor, but as…

Well, she was also a Twister as he was on Helicon.

Earth’s Global Under Secretary of Energy Sophia Quintana lifted both of her beautiful legs up and put them on my nude shoulders.

“Once a secret agent, always a secret agent!”

Allāh, Saiyadā Fātimā, and Åāýeshā Siddeequā- all the three laughed melodiously.

“We agree with you, Sophia!”

Sophia Quintana winked at me.

“I think Durgesh was still a secret agent of the Hindu Vishv, Māyā Vyom, last Kaliyug; when he replaced the Param Purush, the Absolute man, after I was specially projected from him.” My ever first wife, Kħātoone Åālmeen, Ħazrat Allāh Tabāruk Tåālā laughed good naturedly.

“Whatever you say,” I smiled, at all of them except at Earth’s, Trantor’s, Global Under Secretary of Energy Sophia Quintana.She was still looking at me gravely, “Baleyworld is arranging to send a traders vessel to Solaria. If I want to study the future relations of the settlers and spacers, I want to be one of them on the vessel without their knowledge of my true identity.”

“Settlers and spacers are two different people then, in your eyes also, as they both claim to be?” Saiyadā Fātimā interrupted me.

She was enjoying me passionately and ecstatically.

“No.” I said, “I never appreciate these divisions of human beings, Fātimā! As long as it’s their group’s name, I accept them, but as soon as it becomes the difference to fight over with each other, I detest it. After all, ‘We one Our nest one’ initially.”

Earth’s Global Under Secretary of Energy Sophia Quintana looked at me strangely.

“The Spacers don’t enjoy the idea of Settlers filling the galaxy.” She said.

“It’s very mean of them. They are not the masters of the galaxy, Sophia!” I said curtly, “Janus Pitt had started the project selfishly. Amadiro is his perfect descendant.”

“We can’t win the Spacers, Durgesh!” Sophia Quintana said gravely.

“Why not? You haven’t left Earth ever, Sophia! I have advised you to do so, but…You don’t know the real power the Settlers have.”

“I know that you are with us in this matter, not with the Spacers, even while almost all of the extremely beautiful Spacer beauties sleep with you.”

“Yes. They sleep with me, but they don’t love me, Sophia! Moreover, I’m not with the Spacers, with the Settlers nor with the Earth people. I’m with humanity.”

“Almost all of the extremely beautiful Spacer beauties sleep with you, but they don’t love you?” Astonished Sophia Quintana asked.

“Yes, my darling! Why are you so astonished?”

“They sleep with a male without any love for him?”

“They are not as sentimental as we are, Sophia! It’s their physical need only they satisfy with me. Take the case of Gladia Delmarre, Gladia Solaria these days. She was married to Dr. Rikaine Delmarre on Solaria, when she was there..”

“They said in Mahābhārat period: ‘;= d`”.kLrr® t;Ñ’. I think in this period we should say: ‘;= nqxsZ’kLrr® t;Ñ’.” Sophia Quintana could not control herself to interrupt me.

Åāýeshā Siddeequālaughed.

“Durgesh himself was Lord Kr’shñ in Mahābhārat period, Sophia!”

Sophia laughed.

“Bājī! They say we womankind advertise it due to our vested interests.”


“They say it sheer nonsense.”

“Let them say then.” Åāýeshā Siddeequāwinked at Earth’s Global Under Secretary of Energy Sophia Quintana, “All the Spacer beauties are with us. They need not only Durgesh’s expert and utmost competent Hindu Sex Kicks but his masculine love also as well.”

“That’s why they say we womankind advertise it due to our vested interests.” Sophia Quintana smiled, “We, the entire womankind need Durgesh’s expert and utmost proficient, capable, talented, skillful, Hindu Sex Kicks and his masculine love as well.”

Kħātoone Åālmeen Ħazrat Allāh Tabāruk Tåālā, my ever first wife, smiled.

“Durgesh, my dearest husband, says that almost all of the extremely beautiful Spacer beauties sleep with him, but they don’t love him. I can’t and don’t believe Durgesh.”

I looked at Allāh curtly.

“What do you mean?”

Allāh Tabāruk Tåālā kissed me.

“Don’t get angry with me, darling! I can’t imagine almost all of the extremely beautiful Spacer beauties sleep with you, but they don’t love you.”

“They are not as sentimental as we are Allāh! They are practical women. “

“Do they sleep with anybody else except with you, ever?”

“Well,..” I hesitated somewhat.

“Do they sleep with anybody else except with you, ever?” Allāh repeated her question.

“Some of them do sometimes.”

“For example?”

“I was coming to that when Sophia interrupted me. Take the case of Gladia Delmarre, Gladia Solaria these days. She was married to Dr. Rikaine Delmarre on Solaria, when she was there..”


“Can you imagine that she loves me?”

“Why not?”


“I asked why not?’

“Allāh! You are…”

“If Gladia does not love you, Durgesh! She does not love anybody else also.”

“Then why did she marry Dr. Rikaine Delmarre on Solaria, when she was there?”

“Well, you were not available to her then.”


“No!” Allāh contradicted me, “It’s not nonsense! It makes sense enough, Durgesh!”

“I’m available to every woman everywhere.”

“It’s what you say but a virgin can’t approach you as easily in this matter as you think.”

“You may have something there, but…”

“I have everything here, Durgesh!” Allāh interrupted me again, “Gladia married Dr. Rikaine Delmarre on Solaria, when she was there, because she found him more available to her than you were.”

“I myself had approached her before it.”

“Yes, I know. But due to the peculiar social environment Solaria had, Gladia was afraid of personal presence.”


“You must have won her confidence!”

“Really, Allāh! I tried my best but she was so afraid of my company that she did not believe her ever-closest friend, my wife, Rāj Kumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā even.”

“I know, but ultimately she offered herself to you when Dr. Rikaine Delmarre was killed.”

“Yes. She did. She enjoyed my penis into her cunt even very much, but she did not marry me. She was requested to do so by Seetā and me both. Yet, she refused to do so and married Santirix instead. How can you account for it if Gladia loves me?”

Allāh sighed.

“She slept more with you than with Santirix, did not she, Durgesh?”

“Yes! She slept more with me than with Santirix. I do acknowledge. Even when she had gone to the world of Euterpe, she invited me as well, but it was not her idea. It was the idea of Santirix himself.”

Dors Venabili was sucking Dr. Hari Seldon’s Hindu Penis now.

Yes! Dr. Hari Seldon’s Hindu Penis!

His father was a Dvij Hindu, a Bachhalyā.

He came to Helicon and his mother had fallen in love with his father.

His mother was the daughter of the Governor of Helicon.

Richard Seldon whirled at his beautiful daughter Lily Seldon.

“So you want to marry Vishvvandý Bachhalyā?”

“Yes, daddy!” Lily Seldon said gravely.

“Do you know what Vishvvandý Bachhalyā is planning to do on Nexon?”

“Yes!” Lily Seldon acknowledged, “I have met his mother, the history fame Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī.”

“Well, she is not Gautam Patnī any more. She is Durgesh Patnī now.” Richard Seldon said paradoxically.

He was the Governor of Helicon now, but he has met Cleon and Eto Demerzel both.

Both were on good list of Durgesh himself though they criticized Durgesh as well in front of Durgesh himself.

Moreover, Durgesh appreciated it.

He was not indignant at it.

Richard Seldon, the Governor of Helicon now, could not swallow the morals behind Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī left Brahmarshi Bhagvān Gautam and married Durgesh.

He could not swallow the morals behind Mahā Satī Ansooyā left Brahmarshi Bhagvān Atri and married Durgesh.

He could not swallow the morals behind Mahā Devī Arundhatī Vasishth Patnī left Brahmarshi Bhagvān Vasishth and married Durgesh.

He could not swallow the morals behind Durgesh raped his own sisters in law Vr’ndā and Tulsī.

Nevertheless, he respected Ved more than the Bible itself.

He did not think Ved a divine law book, neither Qurãn nor the Bible itself.

Nevertheless, he was determined that Ved as translated and commented by Durgesh now, and by Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv, is the best constitution the humankind ever had.

As a Professor at Streeling University Trantor, he preached it to his students.

His daughter, Dr. Lily Seldon, also preached it.

She met Vishvvandý Bachhalyā, fallen in love with him, and the matter reached Durgesh himself.

Durgesh praised him openly and Linge Chen grabbed the opportunity.

“Professor!” He met him, “Why are you wasting yourself?”

“I beg your pardon, Sir!” Astonished Richard Seldon looked at Linge Chen.

He knew the power, Chen family and Divart family had, in the present administrative structure of the galaxy.

Chen family was a Chinese-Bauddh family having several of its female members married to Durgesh himself.

“Why don’t you join us in the administration of the galaxy, Professor?” Linge Chen asked. “We need intelligent persons in administration as you are.”

Then a Professor only, Richard Seldon; also grabbed the opportunity and consented.

“Brahm Jagdambā Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī has received a complaint from the Brahm Kanyās and Brahmāñīs of Nexon. Their Brāhmañ husbands are ignoring them.”

Richard Seldon wanted to kick the Brāhmañs of Nexon for it.

The fools always had dug their own graves.

They always left no alternative to the Brahm Kanyās and Brahmāñīs even, except to go into the male laps of the Bachhalyās.

The Governor of Helicon now, Richard Seldon, looked at his daughter Dr. Lily Seldon.

“Durgesh does not approve of the Bachhalyās, Lily!”

“The Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv approves of the Bachhalyās very much, daddy! And, Durgesh even though he has authority to surpass the Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv, has never done it so far.”

Governor of Helicon, Richard Seldon, looked at his beautiful and utmost intelligent, utmost clever, utmost smart, utmost sharp, utmost gifted, daughter, Dr. Lily Seldon.

He paced the floor of the ‘Rāj Bhavan’ of Helicon.

“Dr. Lily Seldon! I don’t underestimate you.”

“Thank you, daddy!”

“Why a son of Durgesh, when Durgesh himself is available?”

“I don’t know!” Dr. Lily Seldon frankly admitted, “Perhaps I never looked at Durgesh with the possibility and neither has he looked me as his possible life partner.”

“Why don’t try now? The matter has been brought now to your awareness.”

Dr. Lily Seldon laughed.

“You are anxious to have Durgesh as your son in law.”

“I admit.” Governor of Helicon, Richard Seldon, admitted, “I think when I can have a better son in law why shouldn’t I? When you can have a better husband why shouldn’t you?”

Dr. Lily Seldon laughed again.

“Vishvvandý Bachhalyā is Durgesh himself, daddy!”

Governor of Helicon, Richard Seldon, almost jumped as if.


Dr. Lily Seldon was smiling now.

“I did not know when I had fallen in love with him, but I know it now.”


“He himself told me that he is his own projected body from himself and Brahm Jagdambā Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī. Moreover, his son Prabhudev Bachhalyā is also his own projected body.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yes, Sir!” Dr. Lily Seldon saluted him smiling still now.

Governor of Helicon, Richard Seldon, also smiled, paced sometime more, and then looked at his competent daughter.

“The reason I’m suggesting Durgesh to you, instead of his any projected Bachhalyā body, is that Bachhalyās are more loyal to Brahm Kanyās and Brahmāñīs than to us Protestant Christians. The Brahm Kanyās and the Brahmāñīs are Bachhalyās’ born Chief wives. You can’t surpass them in a Bachhalyā household irrespective of your greater virtues even. “

“I see.”

“You must, darling! The Bachhalyās are biased in the favor of Brahm Kanyās and Brahmāñīs, for their life partners, or even bed partners as well. Durgesh is not. You deserve a better treatment, Lily! Than you’ll get in a

Bachhalyā household.”

Saiyadā Fātimā said curtly,

Solarian males have lost their potency and have become not impotent even. They have become directly women forever. If all the rest of the Spacers want to join the Solarians in being converted into women, it’s all right with us. They, the Solarians did not use their penises, as they should have. They hated personal presence to the extent that they left their womankind thirsty and ravenous, thirsty and famished. Their penises were useless and therefore they lost them forever acquiring cunts in place of them in the course of their further evolution.”

“But they have developed super mental powers as the others don’t have.” Allāh commented anxiously.

“Ammuhātul Kāýnāt have always more super mental powers as the others don’t have.” Åāýeshā Siddeequālaughed, “Only and only Durgesh surpasses us, nobody else.”

“What an irony!” Saiyadā Fātimā smiled ironically, “The same Solarians, who hated personal presence when they were males, are now trying to practice ‘Anant Sambhog Sādhnā’, ‘Infinite Sexual Intercourse Practice’ with Durgesh, as soon as they became women, their penises being replaced with cunts. The Solarian women are laughing on their former males now, acquiring and keeping superiority over them. They are compelling Durgesh now that they must have priority and superiority as well over their ex-males as far as their ‘Anant Sambhog Sādhnā’ ‘Infinite Sexual Intercourse Practice’ is concerned.”

All of them laughed.

Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav contacted his ever-efficient son, Pandit Vishvnāth Bhārgav; as soon as he heard the first news.

“Is it right, Vishvnāth? Jothan Leebig has developed a cunt where his penis was once?”

“Yes, daddy!” Pandit Vishvnāth Bhārgav confirmed wearily, “His sister Veronica Leebig is visiting him since and laughing at him disgracefully.”

“Where are his robots?”

“Right there. On his very estate, Pitr’shrī!” Pandit Vishvnāth Bhārgav was astonished at Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav’s question.

The question was entirely unanticipated for him.

“He has enough robots there. Doesn’t he?”

“Of course, Pitr’shrī! Of course!” Pandit Vishvnāth Bhārgav was quite bewildered. Quite confused actually he was, “Dr. Jothan Leebig has more than ten thousand robots on his very estate serving him.”

“It is not a matter of Solaria only, Vishvnāth!” Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav addressed him curtly, “Solaria is named Brahm Hastināpur also by the entire Brāhmañ Creations. It is the matter of pride for entire Brāhmañ Creations. We refused to accept the supremacy of entire Bachhalyā BrahmKanyā Creations and of entire Bachhalyā Brahmāñī Creations also. Each of them is almost infinite.”

“I understand, Pitr’shrī!” Vishvnāth Bhārgav said grimly.

“I don’t think you do.”


“Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā Rudrāñī Bhārgav had prophesied it.” Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav said wearily, tiredly enough, “She asked me to preach the Brāhmañs of the Solaria to start Trishapt, and even to the non Brāhmañs.”

Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā Rudrāñī Bhārgav smiled at Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav.

“I’ve talked with Veronica Leebig, Doctor!”

“I know, Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā! The entire Brahm Hastināpur Creations is being governed by Kārývāhak Bhuvanarshi Dhr’trāshtr Bhārgav.His younger brother Pāndu Bhārgav hasn’t died as the original time cycle of Mahābhārat required. Durgesh has succeeded in improving it. Nevertheless, Durgesh hasn’t succeeded yet, to bring the governance of Bhārgav Pāndavs.The Bhārgav Pāndavs themselves believe in the leadership of the Bachhalyā Pāndavs.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” Rudrāñī Bhārgav smiled again.

Nexon is close to Solaria, only about two parsecs away.” Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav smiled at her, “In fact, Solaria and Nexon represent the closest pair of inhabited worlds in our galaxy. Solaria, even when inhabited by human beings, was life bearing and eminently suited for human occupation. It represented an obvious attraction to the well to do of Nexon, who found it exceedingly difficult to maintain a proper standard of living as their own planet filled up. Obviouly, Nexon was not practicing population control then.The obstinate time cycle of almost infinite Brāhm Kalps was not letting Durgesh to succeed easily. Consequently, there was an undeclared cold war between Hindu Vishv and the Brahm Hastināpur Creations, whether we accepted it in so many words or not.The Bhārgav Pāndavs are in fact, mental slaves of the Bachhalyā Pāndavs to such an extent that they even allowed their beautiful Brāhmañ wives to enertain the Bachhalyā Pāndavs. Even Durgesh could not stop it. Durgesh himself has established his sexual relations with them, yet even then the beautiful Brāhmañ wives of the Bhārgav Pāndavs continue to sleep with the Bachhalyā Pāndavs non stop.”

“Because their Bhārgav Brāhmañ husbands saw the protection of their vested political interests more in the sleeping of their Brāhmañ wives with the Bachhalyā Pāndavs than with Durgesh. I know, I know! Just tell me, please! Why are you reciting this early history of Solaria to me.”

“Just to remind you that I’m not supreme power here, Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā!”

“That you don’t need to remind me, Doctor!” Rudrāñī Bhārgav smiled, “Every person who is interested in the politics of Brahm Hastināpur Creations, knows it very well that the Creations belong to Rājkumār Suyodhan Bhārgav who has appointed you the Graharshi of Solaria, or Ang Creations as you like to call it.”

“Nevertheless, Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā! Let kindly me remind you that Nexon was also not over populated initially. It was a world of Brāhmañs practicing Brahmcharý almost and ever satisfied with their least sexual intercourses with their devoted least sexual intercourses liking Brāhmañ wives. Nexon remained so till the Bachhalyās came there.”

“Oh!” Rudrāñī Bhārgav observed, “I see your point now, Doctor!”

“Thank you.” Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav went on politely, “the Bachhalyās, like other Dvij Hindus; don’t have their own womankind. They fill the gap with the BrahmKanyās and the Brahmāñīs. The Bachhalyās are very very sexy males. They live on Sexual intercourses not on oxygen.”

“I know, Doctor! You are not telling me anything. I am also myself a wife of a Bachhalyā. Durgesh is also a Bachhalyā.”

“I know, Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā! I’m not telling you this, I’m just reminding you. As soon as the Bachhalyās came to Nexon, the BrahmKanyās and the Brahmāñīs there became suddenly fertile, more fertile than one could anticipate, and suddenly the Brāhmañs of

Nexon found that Nexon was overpopulated with the male children of the Bachhalyās, the BrahmKanyās and the Brahmāñīs there. We don’t want the history repeat it here on Solaria. So we carefully avoided to bring the Bachhalyās, the BrahmKanyās and the Brahmāñīs here. We have carefully brought the Årab Muslimāt, other Muslimāt, Christians and Jews families here.”

“I see.” Rudrāñī Bhārgav smiled, “But you did another mistake here. Quite contrary to the mistake you did on Nexon.”

“On Nexon?” Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav looked at her in astonishment, “We did mistake on Nexon?”

“Yes! Doubtlessly!” Rudrāñī Bhārgav replied him confidently.

I called my son, Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī.

He was still riding on Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd.

My wife now, Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī, the third Mahārānī of Bhārgav Brahm Ayodhyā, now Durgesh Seetā Vaidéhī Bhārgav Creations; looked at me smiling and pushed back her gorgeous buttocks .

“Bharat! You went to Nexon?” I asked.

“Yes!” My mother in law now, Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā, answered me curtly, “Bharat went there with Rām Bachhalyā, your own son in your Dashrath Bachhalyā body.”

“I asked you, Bharat!” I was still looking at my son.

“Let Nānī Ħuzoor finish with you, Pitr’shrī!” Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī smiled.

My Putrvadhū now, Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd, also pushed back her beautiful gorgeous Årab Muslimā buttocks.

She was smiling.

“Pitr’shrī!” She cooed melodiously, “Bharat was not in action there. Rām Bhaiyā were. Bharat only watched what Rām Bhaiyā did.”

Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī laughed.

“Kaikéýī has punished Dashrath Bhārgav, Durgesh! You know, it was Kaikéýī; not Kaushalyā Tripāthī, neither Sumitrā Upādhyāý, nor Suprabhā Mishr even, who worked out the fall of former Bhārgav Brahm Ayodhyā creations, Durgesh Seetā Vaidéhī Bhārgav Creations now. My efficient daughter is a genius, a mastermind actually. It was she who invited Rāvañ Brahm Bachhalyā on Raxā Bandhan and tied Raxā Bandhan on his wrist.” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā was furious.

Her husband Trivédī Chakrvartī Bhavānī Charañ Trivédī tried to soothe her, but she was not normal.

“Firdaus!” Trivédī Chakrvartī Bhavānī Charañ Trivédī addressed her wearily, “I’m unable to understand why you are so against your own daughter.”

“You are unable to see, because you love your daughter, blindly, Bhavānī Charañ!” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā, almost rebuked her husband, “She has masterminded the fall of former Bhārgav Brahm Ayodhyā creations, Durgesh Seetā Vaidéhī Bhārgav Creations now. Moreover, she is masterminding now the fall of another Brāhmañ world, Nexon.”

Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī winked at me,

Brahm Jagdambā Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī had received a complaint from the Brahm Kanyās and Brahmāñīs of Nexon. Their Brāhmañ husbands were ignoring them. Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv, herself approached Brahm Jagdambā Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī with Mahārānī Brahm Garimā Chaturvedī and Rāj Kumārī Dr. Alkā Dīxit. Mahārānī Yashodā Bhārgav of Brahm Gokul Vishv was also with them, you know.”

Mahārāj Yagý Pratāp Dīxit was not forgiven by Bhārgav Lioness Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv, still now.

He was brought in front of Brahm Jagdambā Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī.

He had to kiss the feet of Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv, Mahārānī Brahm Garimā Chaturvedī and Rāj Kumārī Dr. Alkā Dīxit, his sister; as the three of them settled there.
Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī smiled.

She ignored Mahārāj Yagý Pratāp Dīxit completely.

“Well, welcome to Durgesh Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī Creations, Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv! Mahārānī Brahm Garimā Chaturvedī and Rāj Kumārī Dr. Alkā Dīxit!” Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī smiled, “I’ve invited Satī Dāxāyañī Brahmāpautrī Dīdī here, Mahā Satī Ansooyā and Mahā Devī Arundhatī Vasishth Patnī with Rudrāñī Bhārgav also. Now, tell us what do you want?”

Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv looked at Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī.

“I had requested to invite Mahārānī Kaushalyā Chaturvedī of Dashrath Bachhalyā Creations also. But I can’t see…”

“The ‘great lady’ (?) is not permitted to join us normal women, Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv!” Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā replied her curtly.

Mahārānī Yashodā Bhārgav of Brahm Gokul Vishv laughed.

“I had told you, Mahārānī Kaushalyā Bhārgav of Dīxit Kanyā Vishv! It’s not only I who dislike her and her sisters, please meet the others as well.”

Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī looked at her harshly.

“I do agree with Mahārānī Kaushalyā Chaturvedī of Dashrath Bachhalyā Creations. She acted bravely and not only saved her own Satītv and Pātivratý but also saved the Satītv and Pātivratý of her countless Bhārgav Brāhmañ sisters as well. Mahārānī Yashodā Bhārgav of Brahm Gokul Vishv! You allowed your stepmothers and mothers to be fucked by your Bachhalyā Niyog Purush, Nand Bachhalyā after your own Niyog. Kaushalyā Chaturvedī allowed it before only. Indicate me another difference if there is any?”

Mahā Satī Ansooyā confirmed Ahalyā Maitréýī Gautam Patnī at once.

“I appreciate Mahārānī Kaushalyā Chaturvedī of Dashrath Bachhalyā Creations. She saved not only her own Satītv and Pātivratý but also saved the Satītv and Pātivratý of her countless Bhārgav Brāhmañ sisters. Her mothers would have been fucked by a Bachhalyā either way. She masterminded the situation, saved the entire family, and stopped the wretched condemnation of the family at once then and there.”

Mahā Devī Arundhatī Vasishth Patnī also confirmed.

“I also appreciate her. She really masterminded the whole episode. Moreover, I appreciate Mahārānī Brahm Daxiñā Jog also along with her own other countless Brāhmañ Co Mahārānīs, who accepted the master plan of then Rāj Kumārī Kaushalyā Chaturvedī of Brahm Kaushal Vishv. Their sacrifice was historical, as only they had to suffer from it, not Kaushalyā Chaturvedī and her countless Chaturvedī Brāhmañ sisters.”

Dr. Lily Seldon looked at her esteemed father, Governor of Helicon, Richard Seldon.

“I’ve talked with Vishvvandý Bachhalyā, daddy! He has agreed to name our first son ‘Seldon’ instead of ‘Bachhalyā’ and allow you to adopt him.”

Governor of Helicon, Richard Seldon, smiled.

“Thank you, dear! Nevertheless, it can be equally arranged with Durgesh himself your husband, instead of Vishvvandý Bachhalyā.”

“I love Vishvvandý Bachhalyā, daddy! Why can’t you understand?”

“I did not know you are such a sentimental fool.”

“Let me go to hell, if I like it. I love Vishvvandý Bachhalyā and I want Vishvvandý Bachhalyā.” Dr. Lily Seldon said to her father curtly and marched out of the room.

Richard Seldon sighed.

He could not do anything now.

He did not like the idea of his daughter being secondary in any household, but he could not compel her.

She was fool enough to love Vishvvandý Bachhalyā, not Durgesh.

The marriage was a simple civil marriage and the punishment he received for his love for his own daughter, was that he was not invited in the marriage.

Dr. Lily Seldon married Vishvvandý Bachhalyā and kept her promise nevertheless, to name her first son from Vishvvandý Bachhalyā, Seldon─ Hari Seldon.

Chapter 3


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