The Foundation Story Continued

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter 1

Chapter two

Chapter three

The Robot Problem

Dr. Eva Pirenne could not deny that she had started to enjoy my Hindu Penis into her atheist Christian cunt, as soon as it entered her, her pride hurt or not, it was her disgrace or not.

She was not a Brāhmañ or Savarñā girl, as they were called in Hindu System of Life.

Dr. Eva Pirenne smiled.

What a System of Life!

What a queer System of Life!

They believed in Satītv and Pātivratý for women but in polygamy for their male members.

Double standard!

Isn’t it?

Durgesh has modernized it and has succeeded to make it the utmost successful System of Life, being practiced by almost infinite males.

Yes! By almost infinite males!


Not females!

There are almost infinite Dvij Hindus, who believed in this utmost successful System of Life.

There are almost infinite Bachhalyā Hindus, who believed in this utmost successful System of Life.

But, as far as the Females are concerned, they were called Brāhmañ or Savarñā girls at the most, not Dvij Hindus or the Bachhalyā Hindus.

Dvij Hindus and Bachhalyā Hindus did not have their own womankind as the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, the Communists, the atheists and the others Systems of Life had.

Dvij Hindus marry and enjoy sexually Årab Muslimāt mostly and their second choice is other Muslimāt.

The Bachhalyās prefer the Brahm Kanyās and even the Brahmāñīs to other virgins. The Savarñās are their second choice.

Only the traditional Hindus are interested in other Muslimāt, Christian beauties, Jews beauties, Communist beauties, atheist beauties and the beauties belonging to the other Systems of Life.

The Brahm Kanyās, the Brahmāñīs and the Savarñās were treated as traditional Hindus, some of them claiming to be Dvij Hindus even and even being accepted so.

Some of the Årab Muslimāt, Other Muslimāt, Christian Beauties, Jews Beauties, Communist Beauties, Atheist Beauties and the beauties belonging to the others Systems of Life; also claimed to be Dvij Hindus; and the strange Society practicing this strange System of Life also accepted them to be so.

It was not a Society by birth, it was a Society by faith.

A peculiar Society it is.

Is it not?

Dr. Eva Pirenne smiled again.

She was 28 years old now.

She was aware of her startling, surprising, astonishing, amazing, and astounding, female beauty and youth.

So were her remaining 249 young girl friends.

While studying on Trantor, they were offered roles of heroines in 3-D hyper cinemas and serials against Durgesh himself as their hero.

Dorrie Hardin was mad with ecstasy when she was offered such a role.

“Are you mad, Dorrie?” Eva Pirenne admonished her, “Brother Salvor has sent you here for study, to get Doctorate in Psychology and administration, not to be a heroine in hyper movies or serials.”

Dorrie Hardin was all ecstasy.

“I’ve to play a Terminiun girl fallen in love with Durgesh himself.”

“Sure!” Stella Seldon smiled ironically, “The Trantor is honoring Terminus. Isn’t it?”

“They say let bygones be bygones.”

“Act your age, Dorrie! You are 27 now.” Martha Christ rebuked her.

“Fifty years ago, only fifty years ago, they expelled our parents from Trantor.” Eva Pirenne was furious, “And what our parents’ crime was? They wanted to serve humanity, at least in our galaxy.”

“Eva darling! It has been discussed fifty years ago. We could not convince the Commission of Public Safety. Even Dr. Hari Seldon, the great mathematician, and Dr. Gaal Dornick from Synnax failed.”

“No, Dorrie Hardin!” Eva Pirenne clenched her right palm into a fist, “They did not fail. They were not listened to. Linge Chen and Claver Divart did not allow them to talk what they could talk about. It was a question

of the life of not only over 40, billion people of Trantor. It was a question of the life of nearly a quintillion human beings the empire contains. They were so full of their own vested interests that…”

“It’s useless to discuss it now, Eva! Can’t you see? We have accepted our exile from Trantor then.”

“Well, I’ve not.” Eva Pirenne clenched her right palm again into a fist.

“Eva!” Dorrie Hardin looked at her astonished.

Eva Pirenne was as furious still now as she was when the discussion began.

“I don’t think Durgesh is not responsible for it in the least even. The exile could not be managed without his consent.”

“Now you are becoming crazy. Durgesh cannot be blamed, Dr. Hari Seldon, the great mathematician, and Dr. Gaal Dornick from Synnax; stated in clear declarations. Durgesh had even offered them to remain on Trantor.”

“And, Dr. Hari Seldon, the great mathematician, and Dr. Gaal Dornick from Synnax; refused to accept the offer politely?” Eva Pirenne said sarcastically.

“Yes!” Dorrie Hardin said curtly, “Don’t think only you are patriotic to Terminus and I’m not. My elder brother is the Mayor of Terminus if your father Dr. Lewis Pirenne is the chief executive officer there.”

“What is patriotic to work in a Trantorian hyper movie, playing a Terminiun beauty, fallen in love with Durgesh, and marrying him at last?”

“It’s not an ordinary Terminiun beauty I’ve to play, Eva! It’s a future history movie. I’m to play a Mayor of Terminus.”

“Lady Mayor?”

“Yes! Why not?”

“Not Harla Branno?”

“Why not?” Dorrie Hardin was all ecstasy again.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled at me.

She was enjoying my Hindu Penis into her beautiful Solarian cunt.

As D.G. Baley, Daneel Giskard Baley; left, she came to me and almost forced me to make love to her once again.

“Do you remember our first sexual intercourse, Gladia?” I entered her passionately and asked.

“Of course, darling!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre was flying in heaven, “It was my first encounter with real sex. Dr. Rikaine Delmarre, my so called husband was a total failure.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre remembered.

She felt as if she was on Solaria itself now.

She imagined to smell the soil of Solaria.

She forgot that she was on Aurora still now.

She saw herself asking me,

“Why shouldn’t we take a walk and talk when walking? I want to show you the place I’ve inherited from Dr. Rikaine Delmarre. There are some persons who want to rob me off this place by blaming that I’ve killed him.”

“Haven’t you?”

“Certainly not.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre answered me scornfully, “They want to take possession of the estate I’ve inherited.”

It was quite inconceivable.

Solaria depended on its under population that there was no crime since past two centuries.

Only twenty thousand people owned the world― ten thousand males and ten thousand females only.

Quite naturally, there was more space for every one of them than needed.

The beauty was certainly after to win my sympathy.

Nevertheless, it was a new change in her.

During the lifetime of Dr. Rikaine Delmarre she was afraid of me that I would make her my bed partner any how.

It did not seem the case now.

Does she want to fill the vacuum now with me?

Even if it is so, I welcome the change.

Even my wife, her childhood friend, Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā could not convince her to sleep with me.

We shivered slightly as we came out.

Air moved against us and there was a chill to it.

Durgesh!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre addressed me, “Are you cold?”

“It’s all right.”

“Why all right?”she insisted, “It’s late in the day now. It isn’t really cold however. Nevertheless, if you would like a coat, one of the robots could bring it in a minute.”

“No, Gladia! It’s all right, I say. Let’s enjoy the weather darling!”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at me meaningfully.

“Darling? So you haven’t given up even now? You still want me to make your woman?”

I winked at her.

“Stella, I mean Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer says you have slept with almost every beauty on Solaria. Is she right?”

“Ask them.”

“I’m asking you.”

Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā, your own childhood friend, vouched for the fact. You did not believe her then. I wonder you are believing Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer now.”

“She says they are tired of the personal presence taboo of their husbands.”

I smiled only.

“Why are you so obscene?”Dr. Gladia Delmarre asked insistently.

“I don’t think myself so.”

We stepped forward along a narrow paved path.

It was not the path, however, where she used to walk with Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā as my Brahm mare and I behind her fucking Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā always.

We walked the way out among the fields, where one can only see an occasional robot working and can hear the animal sounds.

It was actually free motion viewing.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre focused on herself on Solaria, I and Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā focused on ourselves on Durgesh Seetā Sharmā planet, and we could go anywhere we wanted to without losing contact.

My wife Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā always told me that Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at my Bachhalyā Penis entering her Brāhmañ cunt enviously, and she enjoyed it.

“Fuck her, Durgesh! Fuck Dr. Gladia Delmarre also. She is ravenous.” Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā had always suggested.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre but never allowed me even to touch her in personal presence.

She did not allow my personal presence even.

She was thirty three now, still untouched by me.

She walked on her estate on Solaria and Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā walked as my Brahm mare on Durgesh Seetā Sharmā planet.

Still, we were together in free motion viewing.

I could not deny it was pleasant even in its own way.

“Let’s go to the fields we visited when I was on Durgesh Seetā Sharmā planet with Seetā, Gladia!” I suggested.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre chuckled.

“Want to see them physically?”


“Then bring Seetā also with you. You can’t forget she herself wanted to visit them.”

“You are still afraid of me.” I laughed.

“Afraid of you!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre teased me.

“That I’ll fuck you.”

“If you want to kill me, go ahead.”

I looked at her instantaneously realising the gravity in her voice.

“Nonsense, Gladia! You are not a virgin now. You are a widow. Dr. Rikaine Delmarre was your husband and he saw you.”

“Why don’t you believe Dr. Rikaine Delmarre was a perfect Solarian?”

“What do you mean? A perfect Solarian doesn’t love his wife ever?” I became heated somewhat.

“The Solarians are basically research oriented people, Durgesh! They can’t waste their valuable time in―in―love making. Try to understand, please!”

“Yes! I think I do. I say if they continue to be ashamed of their penis they will lose it forever someday and may have cunts instead.” I said sternly.


“They have made their wives hypocrites. Publicly they, their wives, advertise that they hate personal presence. Actually they don’t. Actually they love my personal presence with them and enjoy their sex sessions with me immensely. They are behaving as the Årabs and the Other Muslims behaved once erroneously.”

“Durgesh! You―you don’t mean it.” She looked at me in incredulous terror.

“The hell I don’t mean it. I mean it my dear Dr. Gladia Delmarre! I mean it.” I said ruthlessly.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre changed the subject suddenly.

“We should stay near the house, just in case.”

“In case what?” I asked her sharply.

“Well, Well, in case you want to go in.” she smiled.

“Or in case you get weary of seeing.” I rejoined her tartly.

“It doesn’t bother me.” Suddenly Dr. Gladia Delmarre said recklessly, wildly.


“It doesn’t bother me.” She repeated unashamedly now, rather somewhat proudly.

There was a vague rustle of leaves above.

One of them stuck out before us.

Behind us, we knew, there was the Solarian Sun.

I was conscious only of the quiet, air moving chill of the suface of Solaria, now.

Without quite willing it, I moved closer to Dr. Gladia Delmarre until I was only two feet away from her.

Suddenly, I became aware of her startled face.

“Sorry.” I said at once and drew off.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre gasped:

“It’s all right. Let’s walk this way, Durgesh! We have some flower beds you might like.”

The direction Dr. Gladia Delmarre indicated lay away from the Sun.

I follwed her silenty.

“Later in the year,”she said enthusiastically, “it will be wonderful. In the warm weather I can run down to the lake and swim, or just run across the fields, run as fast as I can until I’m just glad to fall down and lie still.”

As her enthusiasm diminished, Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked down at herself,

“But this is no costume for it. With all this on, I’ve got to walk. Sedately, demurely, calmly, coolly, serenely, placidly, you know.”

I smiled,

“How would you prefer to dress, Gladia?”

“Halter and shorts at the most,” Dr. Gladia Delmarre cried, lifting her enormously beautiful arms as though feeling the freedom of that in her imagination, “Sometimes less. Sometimes just sandals so I can feel the air with every inch of my nude body, and―Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot we are not viewing each other. We are seeing, in personal presence.”

“It’s all right.” I winked at her lewdly, “You are most welcome, my darling!”

“Nonsense! Your remarks are always suggestive.”

I winked at her.

“I’m not a Muslimā you love very much.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre laughed.

She understood Hindi very well.

After all, Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā was her childhood friend.

“Even then you inherit Årab Muslimāt genes from your mother and Brāhmañ genes from your father.” I smiled at Dr. Gladia Delmarre vivaciously.

Startled and completely baffled, Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at me in utter incredulity.

“You are mad.”

“I’m most certainly not, my dear!”

“It’s Solaria. We don’t have parental system here.”

“I know, I know. Don’t forget I’m the ultimate administrator of Solaria also. Dr. Karñ Rādhéý Bhārgav is working here under my discretion.”

“We have farm system here, developed and upgraded recently by my late husband Dr. Rikaine Delmarre.”

“So I believe.”

“I suppose, Rikaine did not like it but he never admitted it to me. He was a finicky.”


“Fastidious, fussy, picky, choosy, pernickety particular. Even viewing he never took any liberties. Always proper.”

“It was unusual?”

“It shouldn’t be. Ideally, one is supposed to be proper, but no one ever is. Not when viewing. There’s no personal presence involved so why take any pains? I don’t take any pains when viewing, but Rikaine didn’t like it. Anyway, we have a farm. From the age of a month every fœtus on Solaria goes there.”

“Every fœtus!”

“Of course! They receive fifteen to twenty each month and graduate as many to independence.”

I looked at her.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled,

“You can see, it’s impossible to know one’s father and mother, and it has no use even, except for gene analysis.”

I retorted at her.

“Genes are not everything, Gladia Darling! Environment counts too, and environment can bend into actual psychosis. You haven’t noticed your own interest in Trantor.”

“My interest? In Trantor? My dear brother in law! You are my childhood friend’s husband, Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā’s. Everyone is interested in Trantor and if one is not, he/she is mad.”

We had circled a wooded patch and now came upon a clearing, centred about an ornamental pond.

Small bricked walks penetrated the clearing and broke it up.

Flowers grew in profusion and order.

I touched one of the flowers.

Reds and yellow predominated.

I turned to my utmost beautiful Solarian female companion, Dr. Gladia Delmarre.

Her mental training since her birth and on the farm where they brought up her since she was a one month fœtus, had taught her that the sex was not a civilized thing, even to discuss.

My experiences from the beginningless Kalp Kalpānters are that sex is the only mechanism which not only generates life but also keeps one alive till the sex is continued.

My wife, Rājkumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā and I had tried our best to give Dr. Gladia Delmarre what I had in the form of life and she needed.

It was unfortunate, Dr. Gladia Delmarre didn’t understand the valueless contribution we were attempting to give to her.

In turning I had a glimpse of the sun.

“The Sun is low in the sky.” I smiled at her.

“It’s late afternoon.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre called back at me.

She had run towards the pond and was sitting on a stone bench at its edge.

“Come here!” Dr. Gladia Delmarrecalled me waving, “You can stand even if you don’t like to sit on stone.”

I advanced.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre was pointing to the other end of the stone bench.

“Please be seated. Won’t you?”

I sat down facing her,

“It’s pretty close to you,Gladia! Isn’t it?”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre spread out her beautiful hands, palms up.

“I’m getting used to it. Really.”

She leaned over backwards towards the water and picked a small cup shaped flower, yellow without and white streakd within, not at all flamboyant, not at all showy.

“This is a native plant.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled at me, “Most of the flowers here are from Trantor, Earth, originally.”

Water dripped from its severed stem as Dr. Gladia Delmarre gingerly, delicately, gently, extended it towards me.

I reached for it as gingerly, as delicately.

“Do you really mean it?”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre pulled her hand away back leaving the flower in mine,

“Nonsense! I’ve only offered you a flower.”

“A flower represents love, my darling!” My voice was filled with intense masculine love for Dr. Gladia Delmarre.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre turned her back to me.

“You are again becoming erotic.”

I advanced and for the first time in my life, took her into my arms.

I kissed her passionately full on her extremely beautiful Solarian female lips.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre couldn’t resist.

Her entire being longed for me.

Her Solarian culture had made her so ravenous.

She returned my kiss inadvertently, passionately.

Her stunning Solarian female buttocks had filled my male Hindu lap pressing hard, allowing my greatest Hindu Penis to enter the female beautiful Solarian crack, greeting it.

The kiss was very long, very very passionate.

My experienced Hindu male palms were playing with Dr. Gladia Delmarre’s beautiful Solarian female breasts.

Suddenly she turned towards me, keeping herself in my strong Hindu arms.

Both her hands were raised and came around my Hindu neck.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre kissed me again, now more passionately more eagerly.

Then her right hand came down and touched the bulge of my Hindu Penis.

Her hand sought for my Hindu Penis, found it and captured it.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked into my Hindu male eyes.

“It’s yours darling! It’s made for you.” I said passionately, “Play with it. Enjoy it as you damn please.”

“It’s―it’s mine? It’s―it’s for me?” Dr. Gladia Delmarre tried to confirm incredulously.

“Of course! Go ahead as you damn please, I say.”

“I’ve―I’ve never touched a―a pp―Penis before.”

“I suspected it’s your first, darling! Let it be your last also.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre gripped my Hindu Penis and started to pump it.

“Thank you,Gladia!” I smiled at her.

“I thank you. Rikaine never allowed me even to see his.”

“He did not deserve you. You were made for me.”

“I―I love it. I love it.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre was pumping my Hindu Penis now feverishly, excitedly, enthusiastically, busily, and zealously.

I kissed her again.

The artficial mental training and the artificial environment she was brought in, was losing its effects.

She was returning to her original female needs.

She bent down on her knees, pulled my zip down, and pulled out my Hindu Penis.

It flung out aggressively.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre welcomed and kissed it passionately.

It was again a long series of her passionate kisses.

Then she brought her Solarian Spacer tongue out and started to lick my Hindu Penis along its entire length and thickness.

Suddenly Dr. Gladia Delmarre took my Hindu Penis into her utmost beautiful Solarian mouth and started to suck me passionately.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre sucked my Hindu Penis, sucked, sucked and sucked.

Moreover, her other hand was also busy in undressing me.

As soon as she undressed me fully, I also started to undress her.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled at me.

Thank you.”

“The pleasure is mine, darling!” I smiled back.

“Most certainly not. The pleasure is mine, you know. It is my first time to enjoy all these. My marriage was actually a mock of marriage.”

We both were nude now.

I kissed Dr. Gladia Delmarre’s beautiful Solarian Spacer virgin cunt passionately.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre sucked my Hindu Penis in return more feverishly.

Suddenly she made me to lie down on the stone bench, came on me on her beautiful nude knees so as her beautiful smart Solarian Spacer cunt was poised on my equally eager standing Hindu Penis.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre put her cunt’s mouth on the bulging head of my Hindu Penis and began to rub it there.

I squeezed both her nude beautiful Solarian female buttocks.

“Gladia darling! You are reviving me.”

You are reviving me, Durgesh darling! I was a fool, a damnfool not understanding what you were offering to me. I thought a man can offer only what Dr. Rikaine Delmarre offered to me.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre pushed her cunt’s mouth on the bulging head of my Hindu Penis.

My Hindu Penis parted her labial lips and entered.

Only the head was inside at first.

Nevertheless, it made Dr. Gladia Delmarre mad.

She thrust her cunt on my Hindu Prick again.

My Hindu Penis made its way and entered one fourth.

Madly Dr. Gladia Delmarre thrust again.

My Hindu Penis entered a half.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre thrust and thrust feverishly.

My Hindu Penis entered three fourth and then vanished into her virgin Solarian smart Spacer cunt entirely.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre fell down on my stark naked Hindu male body.

Obviously, with my Hindu Penis entirely into her Solarian smart cunt, Dr. Gladia Delmarre was taking rest now somewhat.

Then she started to fuck me feverishly.

She fucked me, and fucked, and fucked.

It showed me how ravenous she was.

Three hours passed.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre was still fucking me feverishly.

I would have climaxed far more before if I did not do Stavans, did not have Shaktipāt in them and an endless Bhogyantrānk due to it.

Her beautiful nude Solarian Spacer waist was as if an automatic mechanical instrument now.

It had gained a quite fast momentum.

My entire Hindu Penis was vanishing fast into her smart beautiful Solarian Spacer cunt, coming out until only its head remained inside and vanishing fast again.

I was playing with her beautiful Solarian Spacer tits and Solarian Spacer buttocks.

“Slowly, Gladia darling! Slowly.” I smiled at her passionately, “I’m not running away anywhere.”

“You just shut up and let me fuck you as I damn please, understand? You can’t run away from me now. Don’t even try. The strong movements of your equally strong Hindu Penis into my virgin till now Solarian Spacer cunt are providing the extreme bliss I couldn’t have even dreamt ever.”

You will get it now whenever you like.”

I want it now, now, understand?”


“Seetā was right. I should have broken the personal presence taboo more far earlier.”

My entire Hindu Penis was anointed now with her Solarian Spacer fragrant cunt juice.

It was vanishing inside completely, coming out until only its head remained inside, and vanishing fast again.

“Veronica Leebig says that the strength of the head of your Hindu Penis is matchless. No Solarian can compete with you in the matter.”

I digested the information and smiled.

No Solarian had an endless Bhogyantrānk as I had, I knew.

“You never told me before that Veronica Leebig was such an intimate friend of yours.”

“She is not.”


“She is against her brother Jothan Leebig. He did not marry her friend Nadine while even Rikaine recommended her.”

Veronica Leebig was married to Corwin Attlebish but she did not like to be called Veronica Attlebish or Veronica Corwin even.

She was assigned to Corwin Attlebish, the chief aide of Agent Hannis Gruer, but she hated him nevertheless.

Almost all the other Solarian women had the same hatred for their assigned Solarian husbands.

Their Solarian husbands did not have proper Bhogyantrānk.

Even then, it was not easy for me to fuck them.

The peculiar personal presence taboo was a major obstacle in it.

It was originally permitted by the Ārsh Sadan of Solaria to protect the Satītv and Pātivratý of them.

Alas! The Solarian husbands were not worthy of it.

I had to fuck the Solarian Spacer women only to keep them normal.

The Solarians were not eager even to make personal presence to their wives.

They did not think it their moral duty even.

They had brought their Bhogyantrānk to zero almost knowingly or unknowingly.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre opposed me even when she exploded on my Hindu Penis.

I had to bring her down forcibly.

“You are exploding on my Hindu Penis, Gladia! If you are not under me now, we will be dirty. We would have to clean up immediately.”

“Well, we have the pond here.”she protested even then.

“Nonsense! Come under me and let me fuck you now.”

Against even her persistent protests, when I brought her down under me and started to fuck Dr. Gladia Delmarre ferociously, fiercely, viciously, cruelly, violently, and brutally even, she cried out of immnse pleasure.

Fuck me, fuck me till I die.”

“Nonsense! I’m not fucking to kill you. I’m fucking you so that we both can live forever.” I kissed Dr. Gladia Delmarre full on her crimson Solarian lips as fiercely as I was fucking her.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre raised both her legs and wrapping them around my nude Hindu male waist, she tightened both her Solarian Spacer vaginal grip on the entire length and thickness of my extremely strong Hindu Penis as well as her newly made grip of her beautiful legs on my nude Hindu waist.

My endless Bhogyantrānk was making her more and more aggressive.

My nude male Hindu waist was as if an automatic mechanical instrument now. It had gained a quite fast momentum.

My entire Hindu Penis was again vanishing fast into her smart beautiful Solarian cunt, coming out until only its head remained inside and vanishing fast entirely again.

I was playing with her beautiful Solarian Spacer tits and Solarian Spacer buttocks as before still now.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre was kissing me now savagely.

I squeezed her beautiful Solarian Spacer nude female buttocks once more,


“Very much.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre kissed me again.

“Now they can say that you have a motive even.”


“You wanted to enjoy me and your husband was an impediment in it.”

“Let the bastards tell anything. You promise me that you will fuck me as fiecely ever as you are fucking me now.”

I kissed her vehemently,

“That I promise you my darling! My entire Hindu Penis will keep vanishing fast into your smart beautiful Solarian Spacer cunt, coming out until only its head remain inside and then keep vanishing fast again. I also promise to keep playing with your beautiful Solarian Spacer tits and buttocks at the same time when I keep fucking you wildly.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre raised both her legs again.

She kissed me intensely, wrapped her legs around my nude Hindu male waist, and tightened both her Solarian vaginal grip on the entire length and thickness of my extremely strong Hindu Penis once more as well as her passionate grip of her beautiful legs on my nude Hindu waist simultaneously.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre was exploding on my Hindu Penis once again while my unwavered Hindu Penis was still invading her smart Solarian Spacer cunt as violently as it was invading her before.

Veronica Leebig watched Dr. Gladia Delmarre in the morning on Solaria.

She was on her former estate, now assigned to Zoberlons.

Åābidā Fareed Zoberlon was with her.

Veronica Leebig had requested even Fareed Zoberlon to accompany them, but he/she refused being ashamed of his/her newly aquired cunt in place of penis.

Off in the distance was the establishment that was the establishment of Dr. Gladia Delmarre, when she was on Solaria twenty decades ago.

Somehow twenty decades dropped away and Aurora seemed to be a far off dream to Gladia, that had never happened.

D.G. was not with her now.

She could not control herself.

She wanted to visit her former estate suddenly at once.

It was her dream estate after all.

She had found true meaning of love here at the pond.

She knew she should have come with the specific permission from D.G. Baley as he was the Captain of the Settler Spaceship which brought her here.

She requested me to take her out instead, fucking her on all her fours.

D.G.could not object me, she knew.

He was the Captain of the Settler Spaceship, but I was the Ultimate Administrater of Hindu Vishv.

My strong Hindu Penis was visiting her Solarian Spacer cunt passionately and her beautiful Solarian Spacer female buttocks were filling my nude Hindu male lap repeatedly.

“I want to go to the house, Durgesh!” she smiled at me.

I also smiled.

“Eventually, darling!”



“But, I want to go to the pond where you fucked me first in my life.”

“You want to celebrate our first sexual intercourse?”

“Yes, dear! I started to live actually from thereon.”

I smiled.

“Naturally, Gladia! You still had your Bhogyantrānk due to your frequency was meeting with an Ammul Kāýnāt while Dr. Rikaine Delmarre had no Bhogyantrānk at all. You understand, but, the estate does not belong to you anymore.”

“In a manner it still belongs to me.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre raised her head up pridely.

I laughed.


“You know.”

“I don’t.”

“You know.”


“Who is the new lady of the establishment?”

“Åābidā Fareed Zoberlon.”

“You fuck her?”

“I fuck each and every of the ten thousand Spacer beauties on Solaria now. They maintain continuous non stop love making with me now, darling!”

“So, the planet is not abandoned?”

“The planet is abandoned for outside persons. It contains twenty thousand extra ordinary Solarian Spacer female beauties now, with no male at all.”

“Why no male at all? You are fucking them. You are here.”

“So, Solaria can’t do without personal presence now?” Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled ironically, “What a change! What a radical change!”

Åābidā Fareed Zoberlon and Veronica Leebig were watching the incident on 3-D.

“You should have stopped her ,Durgesh!” Åābidā Fareed Zoberlon smiled.

“Why should have he, dearie?” Veronica Leebig objected.

Both were my Spacer-mares as Dr. Gladia Delmarre was.

My Hindu Penis was penetrating all the three beautiful Solarian Spacer cunts.

“Over two hundred million robots are working here. She is not known to them.”

“Right, but she is known to me and the robots know me.”

Durgesh is fucking her, Åābidā! Her Shaktimān is increasing continuously.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre had sent both Giskard and Daneel as advance guards.

She knew now, she did not need them for her protection as long as I was fucking her and she is my Solarian Spacer mare.

“As a robot, Giskard might not be noticeable among other robots, Durgesh!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre had said enjoying the constant strong penetrations of my Hindu Penis into her very Solarian Spacer cunt, “and if there should be anything wrong, he could warn us. In any case, he is more expandable than either of us.”

I only smiled, said nothing.

“Two Settler Spaceships from two different Settler worlds were destroyed; every member of each crew indiscriminately brought to an end. There’s no safety in numbers here.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre went on.

Fareeda Zoberlon was as beautiful a young woman now as Åābidā Fareed Zoberlon herself was.

“You know, Durgesh! Why I voted against allowing the Settler Spaceship on the grounds of Solaria. Being underground is not sufficient to keep them from knowing our still existence here.”

“The earlier Settler Spaceships were not prepared. This ship is.” Veronica Leebig also confirmed Fareeda Zoberlon’s doubts.

“I’ve guaranteed your still existence here to keep unknown to the rest of the galaxy and even to the rest of the crations. Haven’t I?” I kissed them and thrust my everstrong everlongest Hindu Penis again into their ever tight Solarian Spacer cunts.

It was everstrong and everlongest due to my endless Bhogyantrānk.

All the three of them, Åābidā Fareed Zoberlon, Veronica Leebig, and Fareeda Zoberlon looked at each other with doubts in their beautiful eyes.

I moved forward having Dr. Gladia Delmarre in nude ahead of me, on all her glamerous fours.

“We are not moving towards the house.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre whispered.

“No, not yet.” I confirmed, “First, we’re moving towards a group of robots. You see them of course!”

“Yes, I do, but they are not doing anything, dear!”

“No, they’re not. There were many more robots, Gladia, present here, when we first landed. Most of them have gone, but these remain. Why?”

“If we ask them, the robots will themselves tell us, Durgesh! You yourself know it more than me. You were there even when the Robotics was being invented. You guardianed it even.”

“Well, then go ahead and ask them.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre was quite astonished at my response.

“Me? Why me, Durgesh? You’re more habitual to deal with the robots than me. Hindu Vishv is more roboticised than even Solaria and Aurora combined.”

“Because you don’t believe me, darling!”


“You are not alone in my infinite raised to power infinite times beautiful life partners, who does not believe me, Gladia! Everyone of you have her own doubts on my words. Don’t be ashamed of. Just go ahead and talk with the robots.”

“I think we should find out first, what orders the robots have been given, if any. If there are any robots that might by some chance know me, if there are any human beings on the estates or on the world, or anything else it occurs to me to ask during my conversation with them.”

“Go ahead.”

“You are not angry with me?”

“Why should I be angry with you? I’ve already said that you are not alone in my infinite raised to power infinite times beautiful life partners, who does not believe me. Everyone of you have her own doubts on my words. You are not alone, I repeat.”

“We love you, Durgesh!” the beautiful Solarian Spacer eyes of Dr. Gladia Delmarre were suddenly filled with tears.

“Yes, I know that. You all infinite raised to power infinite times ever-young women of mine, love me in your own peculiar way. You love me, but refuse to marry me and marry Santirix instead.”

“So you are angry with me, nevertheless?”

“No, I’m not. Go ahead. Don’t waste time.”

“If I don’t love you, why I want to go to the pond where you fucked me first?”

I smiled suggestively.


“Gladia! You are wasting our time, I say. You know, I can’t leave you whether you love me or not. I’m a Dvij Hindu. A Dvij Hindu can’t divorce his woman. He is a responsible person, not irresponsible as the others are. He has to answer his Maker in his divine birth after his death―

‘Mitram n’ shevam divyaay’ janmane’

‘Like an auspicious friend for Divine Birth’.

―Ved 1R:1:58:6.”

“Continue to allow me to remain your Solarian Spacer mare, Durgesh, now, even when we return from Solaria to Aurora.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre said abruptly curtly, “I want your Hindu Penis not to leave my Solarian Spacer cunt ever now.”

Off she went stepping forward with her knees and arms, keeping her palms towards the ground of Solaria.

She moved firmly with me riding on her glamerous nude female Solarian Spacer body, towards the group of about a dozen robots, standing just in front of a line of low bushes.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre could not understand why I behaved so ‘foolish’ and orthodox sometimes as to render various Vedmantrs even if there was no need to render them in her bright opinion.

The morning Sun of Solaria was reflecting in glints here and there from the burnished exteriors of the robots.

The robots did not retreat, nor did they advance.

They remained in place calmly.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre counted them.

Eleven in plain sight.

There might be others, possibly, that were unseen.

They were designed Solaria-fashion.

Very polished.

Very smooth.

No illusion of clothing, and not much realism.

They were almost like mathematical abstractions of the human body, with no two of them quite alike.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre had the feeling that they were by no means as flexible or as complex as Auroran robots were.

But, she felt that they were more single-mindedly adapted, more single-mindedly modified, to specific tasks.

What those specific tasks were she did not know.

She stopped with me on her, at least four metres from the line of the robots.

“Which one of you will speak with me?” Dr. Gladia Delmarre asked them authoritatively.

There was a brief perod of silence.

As though an unspoken conference of the robots went through them in sound-wave intensities below the human threshold, exchanging thoughts in their brief and condensed way.

Then, one robot took a step forward.

“Madam! I will speak.”

“Do you have a name?”

“No, madam! I only have a serial number.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre at once knew that the robot was not as important to their masters as to name it.

“How long have you been operational?”

She wanted to know if he was in operation while she was on Solaria.

Its answer disappointed her very much.

“I have been operational twenty nine years, madam!

She was here twenty decades ago.

“Has anyone else in this group been operational for longer?”

“No, madam! It is why I, rather than another, am speaking.”

“How many robots are employed on this estate?”

“I do not have that figure, madam!”


“Perhaps ten thousand, madam!”

In her times here, the number was twenty thousand at least, ten thousand at least for a single individual.

Moreover, she continued to have the number even after her husband, Dr. Rikaine Delmarre, was murdered, twenty decades ago.

What does it mean?

She could not interpret quitely.

“Have any been operational for longer than twenty decades?”

“The agricultural robots include some who may, madam!”

“And the household robots?”

“They have not been operational long, madam! The masters prefer new model robots in the households.”

“Well, naturally!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled, nodded, “That makes sense. It was so in my days too.”

“I beg your pardon, madam!”

“Nothing! Forget it. To whom does this estate belong now?”

“It is the Zoberlon Estate, madam!”

“How long has it belonged to the Zoberlon family?”

“Longer, madam, than I have been operational. I do not know how much longer, but the information can be obtained.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled again.

The strength, length, and thickness of my Hindu Penis into her Solarian Spacer cunt, due to my endless Bhogyantrānk, was still keeping her flying in heaven.

My nude Hindu male lap was receiving her dazzling Solarian Spacer female buttocks repeatedly, equally nude, her cunt swallowing my Hindu Penis repeatedly entirely to the hilt.

She could not imagine her life now without me inside her.

My endless enorous Bhogyantrānk was making and keeping her mad for me.

No one was capable to alter the enormous scientific compulsion.

“Never mind.” She said to the robot, “To whom did the estate belong before the Zoberlons took possession?”

“I do not know, madam, but the information can be obtained.”

“Have you ever heard of the Delmarre family ?”

“No, madam!”

She turned to me.

“I’m trying to lead the robot, little by little, as I’ve seen you to do, but I don’t know how to do it properly. That’s why I had suggested you to talk with it.”

“On the contrary,” I smiled fucking her continuously, enjoying my Bhogyantrānk, “you have established much. It was your land once, Gladia! You can’t forget it as you are emotionally attached to it even now, I know. Would you have encountered any of the agriculturals in your time here?”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre shook her head.

“Never! I don’t recall seeing any of them even in the distance.”

I only thrust my everlongest, everthickest, Hindu Penis into her utmost attractive Solarian Spacer cunt, and said nothing.

Her gorgeous Solarian Spacer nude buttocks filled my lap once again.

My Hindu Penis filled her incredibly smart Solarian Spacer cunt to the hilt.

She winked at me gratefully.

Spacer or not, a woman is a woman after all.

I was cupping her beautiful tits into my palms and squeezing them, playing with them, proficiently.

Her beautiful face was showing her ecstasy due to it.

She could not deny she never felt the same with Dr. Rikaine Delmarre or with Santirix even.

They were children in the matter as compared with me.

Naturally they did not have such an enormous endless Bhogyantrānk as I had.

Therefore they could not please their women as I could.

They did not pracice Ved, nor did Stavans.

They thought it foolishness and backwardness even.

The ‘wise’ and ‘forward’ lost their woman to a ‘foolish’ and ‘backward’.

Nevertheless, they could not see and realize their foolishness.

What an irony!

Their erroneous Psuedo-Scientific view had deceived them to the extent.

It was the difference in Basic Concepts that made them what they were and what I was.

“I think it is clear now that I’m not known on this estate.” She observed gravely.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre turned to the robots and was keenly aware of the peace of the surroundings.

The sky was an almost unmarked blue except for a thin line of clouds on the western horizon.

It might turn cloudy in the afternoon, she thought.

There was the sound of rustling leaves in a light wind, the whirring of insects, a lonely bird-call.

No sound of human beings.

There might be many robots about but they worked silently.

There was not the exuberant, the cheerful, sound making of human beings that she had grown accustomed to, painfully at first, on Aurora.

But now back on Solaria, Dr. Gladia Delmarre, found the peace wonderful, more so: having Durgesh’s adroit, Durgesh’s competent, Hindu Penis inside her ravenous Solarian Spacer cunt.

What a Penis!

Always satisfying the infinite raised to power infinite times ravenous cunts adeptly.

He is the Absolute man exactly as his women claimed him to be.

It had not been all bad on Solaria.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre had to admit it.

Well, Durgesh has fucked her under open sky first, on Solaria, and he is again fucking her under open sky.

Solaria was her heaven once more, she smiled cheerfully.

“Where are your masters?” Dr. Gladia Delmarre managed to ask the robot quickly, and with a note of compulsion edging her voice.

The robot replied without perturbation.

“They are gone, madam!”

“Where have they gone?”

“I do not know, madam! I was not told.”

“Which of you knows?”

There was a complete silence.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled.

“Is there any robot on the estate who would know?”

“I do not know of any, madam!” The robot said.

“Did the masters take the robots with them?”

“Yes, madam!”

“Yet they didn’t take you. Why do you remain behind?”

“To do our work, madam!”

“Yet you stand here and do nothing. Is that work?”

“We guard the estate from those from outside, madam!”

“Such as we?”

“Yes, madam!”

“But here we are and yet you still do nothing. Why is that?”

“We observe, madam! We have no further orders.”

“Have you reported your observations?”

“Yes, madam!”

“To whom?”

“To the Overseer, madam!”

“Where is the Overseer?”

“In the mansion, madam!”

On Aurora and the other Spacer worlds, the Overseer on large estates with numerous robots was some human being whose profession was to organise and direct groups of working robots, in fields, mines, and industrial establishments.

Hindu Vishv and Solaria were exceptions.

The ratio of robots to human beings had always been so high, that it had not been the custom to detail a man or woman to oversee the robots.

That job had been done by another robot, specifically programmed.

“There must be a robot overseer in the mansion, Durgesh!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre turned to me again, “but I’m not certain it is safe to attempt to go into the mansion.”

“Are we both not used to robot overseers?”

“Yes, we are, but..”


“The mansion may be booby-trapped.”

“This field may be booby-trapped.”

“In my opinion, it would be better to send one of the robots to the mansion to tell that human beings wish to speak to him, oh..oh!”

“What happened?”

“I think the job has apparently been done, already.”


“The Overseer is emerging,” Dr. Gladia Delmarre laughed, “and is neither a robot nor a “him”. A human female, I think, is coming to us.”

I looked ahead.

Advancing rapidly towards us was a tall, well formed and exceedingly attractive woman.

Even at a distance, there was no doubt whatever as to her sex.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at her in astonishment.

“That is not a Solarian woman. No Solarian woman would allow herself to be seen so freely by other human beings. Seen, not viewed. You know the distinction very well, Durgesh!”

I pushed my Hindu Penis back to the hilt into her glorious Solarian Spacer cunt.

“Yes, I do think so.”

“I’ve lived over twenty decades on Aurora. Even so, I’ve enough Solarian woman left in me still, not to appear to others like that.”

“She is as beautiful as a sunset.” I said inadvertently.

“Yes, I feel you hardened enough inside me to the fringe. If you still feel she is a woman, go ahead and fuck her.”

I projected my another body.

The Overseer beauty bowed to me.

“You are most welcome, Durgesh darling!” She cooed, “I’m Landaree, Landaree Patricia, Dr. Landaree Patricia, the Overseer here.”

“You are not a robot?”

“Just fuck me and find out. I am not a fool enough to resist to you.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at Landaree Patricia in wide eyed dismay.

“She must have instructions deeply engraved into her that she must not admit she is a robot. I’m sorry, Durgesh! We’ve no other choice except you to fuck her and verify.”

Landaree Patricia bowed again.

“I think I’m being honoured, Durgesh darling!”

I approached Landaree.

Her skin was flawless.

Her cheekbones were high.

Her eyes were wide-set.

Her expression was serene, tranquil, calm, and peaceful.

She put both her arms around my neck and kissed me full on my lips.

It was a long and very passionate kiss.

Her lips were penetrating my lips fervently, passionately, ardently, enthusiastically, eagerly, fanatically, and feverishly.

If she was a robot, she was so competently, so efficiently designed and programmed that even I could not say she was not a human being, until now.

Her sexual reactions were so perfect.

Her Solarian Spacer beauty was almost a challenge to the beauty of Dr. Gladia Delmarre even.

She was still more attractive though, than the so called Dr. Landaree Patricia, I had to acknowledge.

Landaree wore a smooth white robe that reached down to her mid-thighs.

It was belted at her glorious waist.

It showed a deep and inviting cleavage.

Her nipples were clearly visible against the thin material of the robe.

There was no indication that Landaree Patricia was wearing anything else but a pair of shoes.

My arms pulled her to me and instantaneously she was in my expert, professional, close embrace.

Both my palms were on her broad and very very smooth Solarian Spacer buttocks, if she was Solarian at all.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre had doubts as to it.

As for her being a Spacer beauty though she had no doubt at all.

She could not be a Settler, in the bright opinion of Dr. Gladia Delmarre.

She could not be an Earth woman even.

Therefore Landaree Patricia was bound to be a Spacer beauty if she was not a robot.

Dr. Landaree Patricia, as she claimed to be named, kissed me, and kissed , and kissed.

Then her right palm sought after my Hindu Penis.

She held it in her palm.

Then started to pump it.

The beautiful blue eyes she had were sparkling with pride of achieving the task she was to achieve.

Her cheekbones were high.

“It can’t be true. It can’t be true.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre whispered, “I still think that is not a Solarian woman. No Solarian woman would allow herself to do so freely in front of other human beings what she is doing so unashamed of herself.”

Landaree went down on her knees, smiled, and her beautiful mouth went in between my masculine thighs.

On the second moment my Hindu Penis was into her extremely gracious Solarian Spacer mouth.

Landaree kissed my Penis, licked it, and started to suck me violently, aggressively, brutally, cruelly, viciously, fiercely, and ferociously.

“I’ll be damned.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre said inadvertently.

I brought Dr. Landaree Patricia to her feet.

Turned her as to face her back.

Then she was made to go on her knees again, her robe lifted up.

I kissed her vagina, rubbed the excited head of my Penis on her labial lips and entered her.

Dr. Landaree Patricia closed her eyes with obvious ecstasy, thrill and delight, as my stiffened to fringe Hindu Penis invaded her utmost beautiful cunt.

The labial lips separated and welcomed my Hindu Penis between them.

Landaree was enjoying the occasion more than me, it was so apparent and so obvious from her reactions that Dr. Gladia Delmarre could not believe her own very eyes.

“She is not Solarian.” She murmured unconsciously, “She can’t be a Solarian simply. And, watch your steps, Durgesh! If she is not a Solarian, it’s a great question who she is. She is a Spacer woman if she is not a robot, but she is not an Auroran even.”

With my Penis entered one fourth now, Landaree Patricia laughed.

“She is jealous of me. Although I don’t know why she is. As far as I know she never loved you.”

“And, you have?” Dr. Gladia Delmarre was furious. She gritted her lovely Solarian Spacer teeth.

“Of course I have.” Landaree Patricia claimed and thrust her cunt back on my extremely hardened Hindu Penis, swallowing it half now into.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre laughed unbelievingly.

“I think you are a Settler spy.”

“Decide yourself first who I am. I was a Spacer woman in your own words just instants ago.” Landaree Patricia also laughed and thrust her waist again.

Three fourth of my tremendously hardened Hindu Penis entered her glorious ever tight Spacer cunt.

She thrust again and my entire Hindu Penis vanished into her superb attractive Spacer Pussy.

Her labial lips were on the base of my Hindu Penis engulfing it fully in between them.

I held her waist and started to fuck her arrogantly.

Landaree Patricia winked at me.

“Go ahead and enjoy me as damn you please. Landaree Patricia is yours now forever. I’m not Dr. Gladia Delmarre who enjoy with you but marry Santirix instead of you.”

“She is venomous, Durgesh! Don’t listen to her. Fuck her and enjoy if you want to, but don’t listen to her. She is not Solarian. Ask her what she is doing in Solaria. She may be behind the desertion of the planet. She may know where the Solarians have gone.”

I was fucking both of them ravenously now.

Both Dr. Gladia Delmarre and Dr. Landaree Patricia were the Superb Spacer beauties.

They were against each other.

Jealous of each other, trying to win my confidence eagerly.

The situation was utmost favourable to me, and I wanted to take all the benefits I could get from it.

As for both of them, I could handle them both.

I have not to worry about it in the least even.

The heavy broad smooth buttocks of Landaree Patricia were now filling my nude Hindu male lap continually.

My Hindu Penis was entering her Spacer cunt fully, coming out unto its head anointed with her fragrant Spacer cunt juices, and then reentering completely.

Her very blue eyes were displaying the intense bliss she was enjoying now.

They sparkled when I entered her, diminished when I came out and again sparkled when I reentered.

“It is really a key question, Durgesh! What she is doing here if she is not a robot.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre said again, “I’m doubting now if the two Settler Spaceships from two different Settler worlds were really smashed completely as the Settlers claim. How do we know if one of them had not their spy Dr. Landaree Patricia in it?”

Landaree Patricia laughed.

“A Spacer woman, spying for the Settlers? What an imagination! Amadiro and Mandamus alongwith Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, the ever great roboticist of Aurora and of Hindu Vishv even, trying their hard to defeat the Settlers alongwith their holy world, the Earth even. And, here I am! A Spacer woman! Spying outright for the Settlers betraying the fifty two utmost advanced Spacer worlds! For the semi barbarous Settlers! Hāhāhā! Even Amadiro , Mandamus, and Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe will not be able not to laugh at the wildest theory they ever heard.Of all the wildest theories I’ve heard ever, it’s the worst, dearie! Don’t be so jealous of me. Just try to love Durgesh devotedly and you can also get from him what I’m getting.”

Chapter 4


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