The Foundation Story Continued

DSM Satyarthi

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter Four

An Election

Speaker Delora Delarmi, entering our bedroom, approached our double bed, sighed and smiled at me,

“To be a Speaker of Second Foundation!..”


“No! Not tired. However, this Dorrie Chester..”

Harla Branno?”

Delora smiled at me,

Harla knows her, Durgesh?”

I looked at her complainingly.

“Sorry!” Delora put both her hands around my neck, “Sorry! I know you love Harla very much.”

“Should I not, Delora?”

“She should not attack the Second Foundation, Durgesh!”

“She is not the first one, Delora!”

“Yes!” Speaker Delora Delarmi kissed me full on my lips, “She is not the first one. It started as soon as Salvor Hardin found out that there is a Second Foundation and it’s a Foundation of people with mental powers. He could not understand Seldon Plan.”

“Dorrie Chester is waiting.”

“Am I permitted to bring her here?”

“It’s a matter to be decided by Second Foundation itself, Delora!”

“I’ve been permitted to bring her to the Headquarter of Second Foundation, you know.”

“Then why do you require my permission?”

“Dorrie Chester wants to show you her operation.”

“Her what?”

“Her operation.”

“She hasn’t approached me personally ever on Terminus.”

“Because you love Harla Branno too much.”

Ye yatha maam prapadyante taanstathaiv bhajaamyahm.’(―Shrīmad Bhagvadgītā: 4/11)”

“Bosh and nonsense! Harla Brannodoes not love you that much, Durgesh!” Speaker Delora Delarmicould not control her any more, “She is a shrewd politician. She is Salvor Hardin and Hober Mallow combined. She does not stand her opposition even on Terminus fairly.”

“Dorrie Chester is waiting, Delora!.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi sighed, controlled herself , went out and returned with Dorrie Chester.

Auburn hair, hazel eyes, five feet three, around a hundred and twelve, figure thirty four, twenty four, thirty four.

Dorrie Chester was as beautiful as almost Harla Branno herself.

“So nice of you to see me,Vishvendr shrī!” Dorrie Chester extended her beautiful hand speaking in a rapid fire voice.

I took her hand and invited her to sit down.

“I had suggested Delora to arrange the meeting in the drawing room.” I smiled, “Astonishingly she insisted to allow you to meet me in our bedroom.”

Dorrie Chester held Speaker Delora Delarmi’s hand.

“I’m very grateful to you, Delora! I did not know I have as nice a friend as you in the great Second Foundation.”

“You are most welcome, Dorrie! Any freind of the Second Foundation from Terminus is most welcome here. We, all the Second Foundationers, are always with you. We’ll support you to power instead of Harla Branno.”

“Thank you.”

“Not at all. We are not doing anything for you. It’s our duty being a Second Foundationer.”

Harla Branno has become almost irrational now in her opposition of the Second Foundation.” Dorrie Chester said gravely, “She is opposing even Dr. Hari Seldon. She compares him with Pre Space Travel Mahātmā Gāndhī. I suppose you’ve read and seen about the so called Mahātmā.”

Delora Delarmi smiled,

“Well, Durgesh does not think the so called Mahātmā was that bad.”

Dorrie Chester laughed,

“I know, Delora! You love Durgesh very much.”

“Don’t you, Dorrie?”

Dorrie Chester laughed again,

Harla Branno claims ‘I don’t love anybody except Dorrie Chester herself.

Speaker Delora Delarmi also laughed,

“As if Harla Branno loves any one except Harla Branno herself. Don’t forget the occasion when Dr. Branno Hardin asked her to behave with him, he is her father.”

“Oh yes! Great Space! Delora! Harla rebuked Dr. Branno Hardin curtly that only because Dr. Branno Hardin was her mother’s husband, he should not expect her to accept him her father. Her mother had told her that Harla Branno’s actual father is Dr.Manmohan Chatterjī.”

I cut them short,

“Miss Dorrie Chester!..”

“Please call me ‘Dorrie’!” Dorrie Chester smiled at me seductively.

Eīshān!” I said, “So it was the reason Delora, you wanted me to meet Dorrie Chester in this very bedroom of ours?”

Speaker Delora Delarmi was not my duly married wife, but so were the infinite others.

In her own mind Speaker Delora Delarmi considered herself not even a bit less than my any duly married wife.

“Dorrie Chester is a big girl now, Durgesh! Let her have her beloved boy friend.”

“Beloved boy friend?” I laughed.

“Yes! Why are you laughing?”

“You mean I’m Dorrie Chester’s beloved boy friend?”

“Why not?” Dorrie Chester laughed, “am I such an ugly woman that you can’t be my beloved boy friend?”

“You are one of the most beatiful young women I’ve met, but…”

“Put your beautiful hands around his neck, Dorrie!” Speaker Delora Delarmi laughed, “If you really want to make him your friend, go ahead.”

Dorrie Chester plunged at me.

I held both of her beautiful hands,

“One minute, dearie! One minute! First thing first! I think you are concerned about a problem of personal identification.”

“That’s right!” Dorrie Chester smiled at me, “That’s why I need a boy friend now.”

“You are a citizen of Terminus.”

“That’s right!” Dorrie Chester again smiled at me.

“You are contesting an election against Harla Branno for the post of mayor. Don’t you?”

“Of course! Does it disqualify me from being your girl friend?”

“Certainly not! Certainly not!” I smiled at Dorrie Chester victoriously, “But I think your actual father is also Dr.Manmohan Chatterjī.”

“Yes! But I haven’t told Dr. Dickson Chester that he is not my father like your beloved beautiful girl friend Harla Branno did. She lives with Dr. Branno Hardin and Lady Christie Josephine Hardin but even though Lady Christie Josephine Hardin is her mother and Dr. Manmohan Chatterjī is her father, Dr. Branno Hardin is only her mother’s husband.”

Durgesh!” Speaker Delora Delarmi cut her short, “Dorrie needs your support. You know Harla Branno well enough to understand her political ingenuity.”


“An attempt is going to be made to confuse me with your esteemed beautiful girl friend Harla Branno, Durgesh!” Dorrie Chester said gravely.

“How do you know?”

“I’ve seen Harla Branno in exactly identical dresses I wear.”


“Yes!” Delora Delarmi confirmed Dorrie Chester, “Dorrie told me that. I’ve myself verified it. You must know my darling, what your beloveds do. All of them don’t love you. They have their vested sinister interests.”

‘Delora! You are making a mountain out of a molehill.”

“Certainly not! My dear! Certainly not!” Speaker Delora Delarmi contradicted me strongly, “You are diminishing a mountain into a molehill . You love Harla Branno so much that….”

“Nonsense, Delora! I don’t love any of my beloveds as much as to allow her to pull wool over my eyes. I haven’t approved Harla Branno ever of her blind opposition of Second Foundation. She is simply irrational sometimes.”

Dorrie Chester coughed to clear her throat,

“Durgesh darling! I understand Harla when she appreciates Salvor Hardin. Of Course it was Salvor Hardin who saved Terminus when the Prefect of Anacreon assumed the title of King. Dr.Lewis Pirenne could not compete with the Sub Prefect of Pleuma Anselm haut Rodric. He repeated and repeated foolishly again and again that the Terminus is personal domain of his august majesty, the Emperor. Only Salvor Hardin could match his wits. Nevertheless Salvor Hardin can’t replace Dr. Hari Seldon.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi kissed Dorrie Chester on her cheek excitedly,

“That’s the right evaluation dearie! It’s the difference between Harla Branno and Dorrie Chester. We also appreciate Salvor Hardin here in the Second Foundation. We understand that if Salvor Hardin was not the mayor of Terminus at that time, Anacreon had divided the Terminus in different estates and distributed them among her nobilities.It was Salvor Hardin only who asked the Sub Prefect of Anacreon Anselm haut Rodric, ‘Could Anacreon supply us with adequate quantities of Plutonium for our atomic power plant’. Grand! Genius of him. We appreciate Salvor Hardin for what he did for Terminus and thus for entire humankind.”

Dorrie Chester laughed.

Her beautiful eyes were full of praise for Salvor Hardin, the mayor of Terminus yesteryears.

“Nevertheless!” Speaker Delora Delarmi controlled herself, yet still smiling enjoying the history, she said, “Salvor Hardin can’t replace Dr.Hari Seldon.”

“I strongly feel that Harla Branno is staging something sinister to disqualify me to contest for the post of mayor against her.” Dorrie Chester controlled herself and returned to the ground, “She is not fair. She believes that everything is fair in love and war.”

“Don’t You, Dorrie?” I smiled.

“Nope!I don’t lose my morals when I love, and I hate even to fight dirty.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi smiled at Dorrie Chester.

“You are talking like Dorrie Hardin, Dorrie!”

Dorrie Chester laughed,

“The youngest sister of Salvor Hardin? I’ve been named after?”

“Yes! Don’t forget, it was Dorrie Hardin who strongly opposed Salvor Hardin, her eldest brother, whenever he tried to leave morals out of his Terminiun Politics.”

G.D. decided to meet the robots soon after I returned with Gladia.

He smiled broadly as soon as he saw Landaree.

It was Gladia again who talked with robots as D.G. wanted.

The robots summoned Landaree again, and now D.G. started to behave altogether differently as soon as he saw Landaree.

“I beg your pardon, Your Excellency!I myself want to talk with the Overseer in the interest of my people of the Settler worlds, Baleyworld specifically. You see, the trip is financed by them and I hate to become another Janus Pitt.”

He seemed to be straightening himself a bit, squiring his shoulders, throwing them back.

One hand went lightly to his beard as though to make sure it was sleek and smooth.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled ironically.

“The fool is trying to impress your beloved Dr. Landaree Patricia. He does not know she has already chosen you as her man, and has been fucked by you since, as passionately as you liked, already.”

I did not say anything.

Only smiled.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at D.G. with disfavour.

“That is not a Solarian woman, D.G.!”

“How can you tell?” D.G. asked unbelievingly.

He did not have even proper respect for her he had shown till now.

To what a measure a romantic possibility can change a man!

“No Solarian woman would allow herself to be seen so freely by other human beings. Seen, not viewed.”

“I know the distinction, my lady! Yet you allow me to see you.”

“I have lived over twenty decades on Aurora. Even so, I have enough Solarian left in me still, not to appear to others, like that.”

“She has a great deal to display, madam! I would say she is taller than I am, and as beautiful as a sunset.”

Landaree had stopped twenty metres short of our position.

The robots had moved aside so that none of them remained between Landaree on one side and the three of us from the ship on the other.

Daneel was with us now as I was not fucking Gladia this time.

She was really jealous with Landaree perhaps, as I suggested to fuck her but she said.

“I’m not used to constant non stop love making still, Durgesh! I want some rest now, as you have fucked me very much at the very morning episode.”

I smiled and did not insist on.

“Custom can change in twenty decades, my lady!” D.G. stated.

He was not looking at Dr. Gladia Delmarre now however.

He was looking at Landaree instead with full attention to her.

“Not Something as basic as the Solarian dislike of human contact.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre said sharply, “Not in two hundred decades even.

“I think you underestimate social plasticity. Still, Solarian or not, I presume she’s a Spacer, and if there are other Spacers like that, I’m all for peaceful co existence.”

Gladia’s look of disapproval deepened.

She could not be blamed however.

It was her second time since the very morning Landaree was winning over her.

She had already spoiled her first morning on Solaria after twenty decades.

Yes, she had succeeded to go to the pond, and celebrated with me her first sexual intercourse even, as passionately and as long as she wanted, going with me in the past even to live it again.

Nevertheless, she could not wipe out her earlier defeat from Dr. Landaree Patricia as she claimed she was.

The woman was totally unashamed of herself and was quite most eager to satisfy Durgesh’s sexual requirements with her.

“Well,” Gladia looked at D.G. ironically, “Do you intend to stand and gaze in that fashion for the next hour or two? Don’t you want me to question the woman?”

D.G. started and turned to look at Gladia with distinct annoyance.

“You question the robots as you’ve done. I question the human beings.”

“Especially the females, I suppose.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre demanded more harshly.

“I wouldn’t like to boast, but―”

“It is a subject on which I have never known a man who didn’t.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre looked at me theftly.
Daneel interposed.

“I do not think the woman will wait longer. If you wish to retain initiative, Captain, approach her now. I will follow as I did with madam Gladia.”

“I scarcely need the protection. Don’t forget I’m a Settler. We don’t approve of robots in our worlds.”

“Pardon me, Captain, but I have heard that even your women of power and honour like to have lady robots with them imported from Hindu Vishv.”

D.G. Baley found him dumb founded.

“Well, most of them sleep with Durgesh as a fashion. They feel pride in sleeping with him. During their love sessions with Durgesh, the lady robots are available to their services, provided by Durgesh and Hindu Vishv. As they become habitual of them

eventually, some of them even go to the extent to fight to have their services extended even to our own worlds. We can’t help it. We can’t fight with our own women. Can we?”

“Your own women!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre repeated sarcastically, “Are they really even now?”

D.G. Baley was feeling somewhat humiliated.

Nevertheless he knew he could not run away from the subject.

He may still need the favour of Dr. Gladia Delmarre.

He hadn’t finished with her former home planet yet.

“They feel equal to Spacer women while sleeping with Durgesh. Being free to have their sex life as they damn please, nobody have any power to stop them and uproot them from their pride living.”

“You are a human being,” Daneel resumed the subject, “and I must not, through inaction, allow harm to come to you.”

D.G. walked forward briskly, rapidly.

Daneel followed him.

Gladia reluctant to remain behind alone, advanced a bit tentatively, uncertainly.

Landaree watched quietly.

She was still wearing the same smooth white robe, she was wearing when I fucked her.

It reached down to her mid thighs and was belted now again at her waist.

It again showed the deep and inviting cleavage, and her nipples were clearly visible once again against the thin material of her robe.

Once again, there was no indication that she was wearing anything else but a pair of shoes.

When D.G. stopped, a metre of space separated them.

“Madam!” D.G. Baley addressed Landaree, the Overseer, “Have I the pleasure of speaking to the overseer of this estate?”

Landaree listened for a moment and then said opening her perfectly shaped mouth.

“You are not a human being.”

At the same time, she flashed into action so quickly that Dr. Gladia Delmarre, still some ten metres off, could not see in detail what had happened.

We saw only a blur of motion.

In the second moment, Captain D.G. Baley was lying on his back motionless.

Landaree was standing there with the weapons D.G. had one moment before.

His each weapon was in her each hand.

What stupfied Dr. Gladia Delmarre most in that one dizzying moment, was that Daneel had not moved in prevetion or reprisal, payback.

But even as the thought struck her , it was out of date.

Daneel had already caught Landaree’s left wrist and twisted it.

“Drop those weapons at once.” Daneel’s voice was harsh and peremptory, authoritative.

Gladia had never heard him to use that voice before.

Despite the fact that she had known Daneel more than twenty decades, she did not own him for that period.

Nevertheless, she had owned Daneel now since a long time.

She had had both Daneel and Giskard as effective part of her establishment on Aurora for many decades during which Dr. Han Fastolfe had held titular owenership.

It was only on his deathbed that Dr. Hansrudr Fastolfe, Han Fastolfe in short, had actually transferred ownership.

Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak were the real father of Dr. Han Fastolfe.

‘Han Fastolfe’ was the name his mother, Dr. Dolly Vasilia Fastolfe gave him; his father Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak named him Hansrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak.

‘Han’ was short for ‘Hansrudr’.

It was inconceivable that Daneel so address a human being.

Durgesh claimed Dr. Landaree Patricia to be human, but what she was facing now, could be only explained if she was not a human being as Daneel himself was not.

Gladia could not conceive me lying to her.

I did not need it.


“You are not a human being.” Landaree said, just as harshly in her higher register.

Her right arm came up and she fired the weapon it held.

For a moment a faint glow flickered over Daneel’s body.

Daneel was standing there with his broad, high cheekboned face.

Its short bronze hair was combed back.

He had his eyes blue and his body was tall well knit and perfectly humanoid.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre was shocked.

She was unable to make a sound in her state of shock that she had lost Daneel forever, after all.

She felt her sight dim.

She had never in her 235 years of life, fainted, but this seemed a prelude.

The concept of loss was so shocking to her.

Daneel did not dissolve, nor was there an explosive report.

Perhaps the blaster was not used.

Daneel had prudently seized the arm that had the blaster.

The other arm held the neuronic whip.

It was the weapon which had been discharged in full, and at close range, upon Daneel.

Had he been human, the massive stimulation of his sensory nerves might well have killed him or left him permanently disabled.

But Daneel was a robot, after all, however human in appearance he might be.

His equivalent of a nervous system did not react to the whip.

Daneel seized the other arm now, forcing it up.

“Drop those weapons.” He ordered again, “Or I will tear each arm from its socket.”

“Will you?” Landaree grimaced and thundered simultaneously.

Her arms contracted and for a moment Daneel was lifted off the ground.

No woman could do it, Gladia was sure now.

Landaree was not a woman.

She was not Dr. Landaree Patricia, as she had claimed to be and as Durgesh confirmed after fucking her till he wanted.

Solaria was the centre for inter stellar espionage now.

Each of the rest of 51 Spacer Worlds were cautious of Solaria.

They have their legal or illegal spys there.

Beautiful Spys one must say.

And, why only 51 Spacer Worlds?

The publicity that the Imperial Galactic Empire is decaying has attracted Inter Galactic Espionage even.

Both the Chen and Divart Families of the Galactic Empire had proved to be so selfish and so fools as they had attracted other Galactic Governments even, to protect their own peoples’ interests, if the Galactic Empire is really decaying.

They wanted to publicise the incompetence of the Emperors so that they can take over, but the publicity attracted even greater powers, they could handle.

After all, it was not the only galaxy in the Universe.

It was not the only Galactic Empire.

There are countless galaxies, infinite galaxies actually, as they are receding from each other in increasing velocity, and the gaps thus appear are being filled by new formed galaxies continuously infinitely.

Amadiro is a fool confined to the 52 Spacer Worlds only, an Earth and a numbersome newly settled Settler Worlds.

He does not have his access to even Spacers Federation.

Inter Galactic Federation is therefore beyond his approach naturally.

Only Spacer women in Spacers could manage their approach to it, because of their startling Spacer Beauty and labouriously developed sharper female brains.

Even Spacer males failed.

Dr. Landaree Patricia is definitely a Spacer woman if she is not a robot.

Durgesh could not lie to her and it was not possible to deceive Durgesh in this matter.

However ―

Dr. Gladia Delmarre wanted to laugh as the realization brought her to the fact that she had no rival in Dr. Landaree Patricia, anymore.

Dr. Landaree Patricia did not exist at all.

Daneel’s legs swung backward, then forward, like a pendulum, using the points where the arms joined, as a pivot.

Suddenly, his feet struck Landaree with force and both fell heavily to the ground.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre knew that although the woman looked as human as Daneel did, she was just as non human; irrespective of the fact what Durgesh told her.

A sense of instant outrage flooded Dr. Gladia Delmarre.

She was suddenly Solarian to the core.

A robot should offer force to a human being?

Granted that she might have recognized Daneel somehow.

How dare she strike D.G.?

Being a robot ―

In her blind outrage, Dr. Gladia Delmarre ran forward.

She was screaming simultaneouly.

“How dare you?-― How dare youuuu?-―”

It never occurred to her to fear a robot simply because it had knocked down a strong man like Captain D.G. Baley with a blow and was even battling an even stronger robot to a draw.

Was Durgesh right?

Was she not a robot after all?

Was she really Dr. Landaree Patricia, of some inter stellar espionage or Inter Galactic Espionage even, as she did claim?

But then ―

“How dare you?-―” Gladia screamed in a Solarian accent so thick that it grated on her own ear ― but how else does one speak to a Solarian robot?

“How dare you, girl? Stop all resistance immediately.”

The woman’s muscles seemed to relax totally and simultaneously, as though an electric current had suddenly been shut off.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Gladia without enough humanity to seem startled.

“My regrets, madam!” She said in an indistinct hesitating voice.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre allowed herself a sigh of relief.

So, ultimately she had succeeded to control the robot?

And, she was a robot after all?

Daneel was on his feet.

He was staring down watchfully at the woman who lay on the grass.

D.G. was struggling upright suppressing a groan.

Daneel bent for the weapons.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre waved Daneel away furiously.

“Give me those weapons, girl!” She ordered furiously.

“Yes, madam!” the woman said.

Gladia snatched at them.

She chose the blaster swiftly and handed it to Daneel.

“Destroy her, when it seems best, Daneel! That’s an order.”

Then she handed the neuronic whip to Captain D.G. Baley.

“Take it.” She said, “This is useless here, except against me and yourself. Are you all right?”

“No, I’m not all right.” D.G. said. He was rubbing one hip, “Do you mean She’s a robot?”

“Would a woman have thrown you like that?”

“I’ve projected her various etheric bodies successfully while making love to her.” I told them coldly.

“What????” Dr. Gladia Delmarre whirled at me, “But, buttt, how is it possible? You can’t project etheric bodies from a robot. It’s quite impossible.”

“I invite you all to meet those etheric bodies I’ve projected from her. Meet them personally and tell me how it was possible if she is not a human female.”

Salvor Hardin was furious.

“Hari Seldon, Hari Seldon, Hari Seldon!!! Why don’t you understand he is dead now, Dorrie?”

He whirled and faced Dorrie Hardin again furiously,

“I’m trying to convince you, and you are…”

“Why?” Dorrie Hardin smiled.

Salvor Hardin looked at her perplexed,

“What do you mean ‘Why?’ Aren’t you my youngest sister?”

“Yesss! I’m your youngest sister, youngest! Not eldest or elder even. You don’t have to convince me. If you are satisfied, go ahead and establish a Municipal Government here on Terminus. Dr. Pirenne has permitted you openly several times.”Dorrie Hardin smiled looking at her eldest brother and then at Eva Pirenne.

Dr. Eva Pirenne was my Spacer mare at that time.

She was not my permanent mare. Yet, she was my fan, and to the extent that she felt pride in having sexual relations with me.

She did not like it at first when I raped her in the picnic, but soon she realized her foolishness.

I was the perfect male for her, and she must not be a fool enough to disapprove me.

“Hari Seldon was born in the 11,988th year of the Galactic Era.” Salvor Hardin grunted, “He has expired now in 12,069 G.E. having only 80 years old age. He did not have even a normal usual Spacer life span of 30/40 decades. He was not immortal anyway as the Encyclopedists are trying to make him.”

Dr. Eva Pirenne smiled,

“No! We are not, Salvor!”

“Yes you are. You are, Dr. Eva Pirenne! You are not less foolish than your esteemed father Dr. Lewis Pirenne is. Both of you are totally incapable to understand that the Royal Governor of Anacreon has revolted against the empire. He has already assumed the title of king.”

“You are quite wrong, brother!” Dorrie Hardin tried to explain to her eldest brother, “This Galactic Empire is not confined to this galaxy only. It is too much spread than you can even imagine.”

“Yes! Why not?” Salvor Hardin grinned sarcastically at his youngest sister, “It is an integral part of Hindu Vishv a cluster of infinite creations.”

“Yes! Yes Salvor!” Dr. Eva Pirenne confirmed Dorrie Hardin smiling confidently, “Dorrie is right. I can’t understand why you don’t believe her, why don’t you believe us.”

“Dorrie is right! You are right. And, I’m a fool, utter damn fool who can’t see it.” Salvor Hardin as well as plunged at Dr. Eva Pirenne and his youngest sister Dorrie Hardin, “At the beginning of the thirteenth millennium, the tendency reached its climax. Trantor, the Earth, the Gaia, the Tellus, as they call it sometimes, as the centre of the Imperial Government….”

“Actually, it’s not an Imperial Government, brother!’ Dorrie Hardin contradicted Salvor Hardin smiling patronizingly, “Hindu Vishv is a Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations. Durgesh is the permanent, ever permanent, Ever first Citizen of Hindu Vishv. Any integral part of such a Democratic Union cannot be an Imperial Government.”

“Don’t listen to our enemies and fools, Salvor!” Dr. Eva Pirenne also smiled matronizingly at Salvor Hardin, “They are in their immense ignorance and immense foolishness causing the ever excellent democratic government to fall. You believe our enemies and fools that there is an Emperor. No, there is not. He is called Nīhārikarshi and Ākāshgangarshi only, in Hindu Vishv. He is not an Emperor there

“I don’t believe you.” Salvor Hardin said tersely, “Either you both are fools or you have sold your conscience to Durgesh against his most infamous Hindu Sex Kicks into your very beautiful Spacer cunts. After all, you both are the great Spacer Beauties. Are you not? They say, I think now, perhaps rightly, ‘Don’t believe any beautiful young lady ever. Nobody knows when she would sell out everyone to Durgesh against his vile Hindu Sex Kicks into her ravenous very cunt’.”

“Shame on you, Salvor Hardin!” Dr. Eva Pirenne spat out into the dustbin, “and, you say I’m your sister!”

“I’m talking in the same way to my own real youngest sister, don’t forget. The truth is the truth ever. I love the truth ever undisguised, however much cruel it may be.”

“Shame on you!” Dr. Eva Pirenne again spat out into the dustbin contemptuously.

“I don’t think so. If you are right, why there was the news that the Terminus City ultra wave set received? The Royal Governor of the Prefect of Anacreon has assumed the title of king. Why he is not Graharshi or Bhuvnarshi any more as the customs of Hindu Vishv?”

I smiled at Salvor Hardin making love to Dr. Eva Pirenne enjoying her glorious ever-soft Spacer female buttocks very much into my nude very male Hindu lap,

“Salvor! Hindu Vishv is not imperial. It’s quite democratic and its worst enemies even accept it as such.”

“As if there is really any Hindu Vishv!” Salvor Hardin laughed.

“Hindu Vishv does really exist, brother!” Dorrie Hardin exclaimed.

“Maybe. Nevertheless, I’m not talking to Durgesh. I’m talking to my sisters. I don’t believe that there is any democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations. You are the Ever Permanent, Ever Constant, and Ever First Citizen of that union of infinite times infinite creations. Baloney! Bosh and nonsense! Even a galactic empire is falling we see. And, you are talking of a Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations. Hāhāhā! It’s all a nonsense of optimistic fools call themselves Hindus. Actually they are Communals and―”

“You don’t know Spiritual wonders, my dear friend!” I smiled at him.

“Spiritual wonders! My foot! If you really have such an immense power, save us! Come on! I promise you to gift you all the enormous beautiful young Spacer women of Terminus without any exception. Save us! Come on.”

“Durgesh is just doing that.” Dr. Eva Pirenne flared, and eyed Salvor Hardin contemptuously, “Don’t promise Durgesh what you can’t do ever. You are only a Mayor here on Terminus, and all the enormous beautiful young Spacer women of Terminus without any exception are not your women slaves that you can offer them to Durgesh in return. I did not know you are such a damn fool.”

“Well, I’m such a damn fool.” Salvor Hardin said curtly and marched out of the room.

Astonished, Dr. Eva Pirenne looked at Salvor Hardin’s youngest sister Dorrie Hardin,

“What happened to him? Why is he so irrational and so angry, Dorrie?”

“I think he is envious, Eva!” Dorrie Hardin smiled.

Dr. Eva Pirenne laughed,

“Of Durgesh?”

“Of Durgesh.”

“Why? Does he want to compete with Durgesh in his polygamy?”

Dorrie Hardin also laughed,

“Eva! You are…He loved Rebecca you know.”

“Oh! Oh!”

“Rebecca slapped him hard, rushed to Durgesh and held Durgesh’s manhood in front of him even though Durgesh was trying to make Rebecca to accept brother Salvor Hardin’s love for her.”

“Oh! Oh!” Dr. Eva Pirenne laughed sympathetically, “Rebecca slapped Salvor Hardin hard, rushed to Durgesh and held Durgesh’s manhood before Salvor Hardin himself? Even though Durgesh was trying to make Rebecca to accept brother Salvor Hardin’s love for her?”

“Of course!”

“Poor Salvor Hardin, our brother!”

They both laughed.

Speaker Delora Delarmi smiled,

“Dorrie Chester seems to feel that there are going to be some questions as to her identity as Harla Branno’s political ingenuity is known to all. It’s very natural, Dorrie wants to prove to you who she is, or rather, who she is not.”

“Harla Branno is my girl friend, Delora!” I smiled, “Both Dr. Branno Hardin and Dr.Manmohan Chatterjī insisted she should be my woman as soon as she could be. I know her as much as even she herself doesn’t know her. I assure you both that there will be no misunderstanding in any identification as far as I’m concerned.”

“Nevertheless,” Dorrie Chester also smiled, “I wish to do it by showing you the scar of an appendectomy.”

“Why me, Dorrie?”

“Harla Branno depends on you and so I want to.”

“The same question― Why? You want to have me take steps to be sure you are you?”


“Under the circumstances,” I said glancing at Delora Delarmi, “the very best thing to do would be to take your fingerprints.”

Dorrie Chester smiled,

“Sorry, Vishvendr Shrī! Perhaps you are forgetting what happened in the previous election.”


“It was almost certain that Helen Dornick would win the election of mayoralty of Terminus. Harla Branno was unable to convince the Terminiun males and females….”

Speaker Delora Delarmi laughed and cut short Dorrie Chester,

“Harla Branno claims that the Terminiun males are always with her.”

“Phooey!” Dorrie Chester smiled, “However, I love Harla Branno to say it again and again. It is a great insult of Terminiun Spacer females. They are becoming furious and Harla Branno losing their votes and confidence.”

“Don’t depend on the Terminiun Spacer females only, Dorrie! Durgesh hasn’t accepted you till now.”

I did not say anything, merely smiled.

Terminiun politics was not as less important now as it was when Salvor Hardin was only a mayor of Terminus City.

Anacreon and Smyrno were more important then in this region of this galaxy.

Galactic Politics was not as important to me as the Inter Creations Politics was.

However, Yudhishthir Bhārgav was losing control on the so-called Emperor here day by day.

The Emperor was unable to control his family members.

Democracy has gone since a long time.

It was really almost Imperialism now governing the galaxy, and I did not like it.

The family members of the Emperor were calling his government an Imperial Government openly.

My first duty here as well as that of Hindu Vishv was to establish real democracy again.

Moreover, it was not a joke.

“Fingerprints are the best identification ever, Dorrie darling!” I said.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For calling me, ‘darling’.

I smiled cunningly sizing her up,

“Well, you are a beauty. You are a Spacer Beauty. You know.”

“Thanks again.”

“Auburn hair, hazel eyes, five feet three, around a hundred and twelve; figures: thirty four, twenty four, thirty four.” I observed her as if in intoxication.

“Thanks again and again.” Dorrie Chester winked at me.

“Speaker Stor Gendibal says there is a Harla Branno in you having the same father Dr.Manmohan Chatterjī, both of you.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi did not approve my comment,

“It’s our bedroom, darling!” She smiled her disapproval, “Let First Speaker Quindor Shandess praise Speaker Stor Gendibal. Keep him out of this bedroom. Will you, please!”

“Okay! I was talking of fingerprints…”

“Harla Branno has made it clear in the previous election, that she can manage the fingerprints identification to suit her vile political advantages! I’m sorry! I don’t want to make the same mistake Helen Dornick made in underestimating Harla Branno and lost the election.”

“Durgesh!” Speaker Delora Delarmi confirmed her gravely, “You are a Hindu having your endless Life Mission:

‘ Ete asr’gramaashavo’ti hvaraansi babhravah,

Somaa r’tasy’ dhaarayaa.

indram vardhanto apturah kr’n’vanto vishvamaaryam,

apaghnanto araavn’ah.’

‘These Swift flowing tawny colored Som, with a stream of eternal truth, let loose/proceed, augmenting Indr, urging the utmost beautiful young girls and ladies, making all better, destroying the withholders.”

Ved 1R| 9 | 63 | 4-5.

Harla Branno is an atheist.”

I laughed,

“So, Dorrie Chester is not an atheist?”

“I don’t know.” Dorrie Chester also laughed, “I’m a modern Spacer young woman. I haven’t given the matter a thought.”

“So you think my ever first wife, Ādi Ammul Kāýnāt Kħātooné Åālameen Ħazrat Allāh Rabbil Åālameen and my eversecond wife Kħātooné Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadā Fātimā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā are not modern as they are theists?”

“I like your everthird wife Ammul Momineen Ħazrat Åāýeshā Siddeequā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā bint Ħazrat Abee Bakar Siddeequerz more. Sherz is more like us.”

“May I ask in what respect?”

“Well, herrz attitude to her husband Ħazrat Muħammads is not as tĦazrat Åāýeshā Siddeequāhe attitudes of your ever first wife, Ādi Ammul Kāýnāt Kħātooné Åālameen Ħazrat Allāh Rabbil Åālameen and your eversecond wife Kħātooné Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadā Fātimā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā to you. Ħazrat Åāýeshā Siddeequārz is more like us. Sherz refused to thank herrz husband Ħazrat Muħammads when sherz was asked to do so and thanked Allāh instead.”

I smiled.

Speaker Delora Delarmi interrupted,

“Oh! Stop it please! Will you?”

I laughed.

“Dorrie Chester darling! You can have your fingerprints taken and send them to fingerprints department of Terminus to be put in their confidential file.The Local Government will copy them and will send to wherever they must be. It’s the best method to prove one’s identity anywhere.Actually every citizen of anywhere should do it. It establishes an absolute means of identification.”

“If what you say is correct why did it fail in the previous election?” Dorrie Chester asked sarcastically.

“Well, that was Harla Branno’s political ingenuity.”

“Exactly.” Dorrie Chester smiled knowingly, “and you can’t guarantee it will not happen even in this election. Moreover, the whole process you are referring to is bound to take some appreciable time. And, the time is a factor I don’t have much, having as dangerous an antagonist as your utmost beautiful Terminiun girl friend Harla Branno is.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi smiled.

“She is very right Durgesh!”

Dorrie Chester smiled at Delora Delarmi gratefully.

I said gravely,

“Dorrie may be very right but her election campaign needs amendments.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi whirled at me.

“What do you mean?”

Dorrie Chester also looked at me dubiously.

“She is campaigning exactly in the same manner Helen Dornick campaigned in previous election.”

“Dr. Helen Dornick is herself our Election Manager in this election, Durgesh!” Dorrie Chester smiled joyfully, “We approached her with request to face Harla Branno again. She did not agree.”

Helen Dornick smiled ironically.

“I’ve proved to be an unsuitable candidate, Dorrie! Harla Branno is ingenious. She is too much for me.”

“Harla Branno is dangerous for humanity, Dr. Helen Dornick, at least in the long run. You have yourself declared so openly in the previous election and now you yourself….”

“I am unable to convey the message to voters.”

“No! You were not. Harla Branno could manage only nine seats more than you could. If you had approached the independents…”

“Independents?” Helen Dornick laughed ironically, “What do you think; I’m a fool enough not even to approach them?”

“You had approached?”

“Approached and failed. I think Harla Branno has some Inter Galactic contacts.”

Dorrie Chester became alert.

“You mean she is using her foreign influence to remain into power?”

“Well, Harla Branno is a Superb Spacer Beauty. We can’t deny the fact. She always manages to have Durgesh on her side either by hook or crook.”

“Well,” Dorrie Chester observed herself from feet to upwards, appreciatively, “I’m also not bad at that, I think. I’m also a Spacer Beauty. I can also offer Durgesh what Harla Branno can.”

“Nonsense!” Helen Dornick disapproved, “We all are Spacer Beauties almost, filling the galaxies now. As far as the rest of the infinite galaxies are concerned, we have filled them with almost 99.90% of us. Even our own galaxy, the Capital Galaxy of the Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations has at least 90% of us Spacer Beauties, all eager to offer her to Durgesh on his own conditions. You have a tough fight, a tough competition to win, and you must first, realize it, if you really want to win. I did not, well in time, and I lost.”

Dorrie Chester looked worried enough now.

Helen Dornick smiled.

“You can’t depend on your Spacer Beauty. We have Spacer Beauties everywhere through out the galaxies now. Moreover, they are quite startling even. Dorrie Chester dear! In the previous election, I found how selfish we Spacer Beauties are when Durgesh is in question for our male companionship. Most of us can do anything moral or even immoral, legal or even illegal, to get Durgesh’s masculine attention. I could not imagine it until I did not face it practically. We are all naked in the dark. Just female animals only fighting for the male we want.”

“Helen!” Dorrie Chester shuddered.

“Until I realized the naked truth of us Spacer Beauties, the election was over, and I had lost. Harla Branno knew it far more before me and used the most available Spacer Beauties for her political advantages, even cruelly, if not openly. I knew we are not moral. We are pseudo morals only. We appear to be sophisticated, but we are most certainly not. We all the Spacer Beauties are hungry for Durgesh’s Hindu Cock, to have it into our ravenous, very hungry, famished, starving, greedy, beautiful Spacer cunts.”

Dorrie Chester looked at Helen Dornick in utter disbelief and horror.

“It…It can’t be the truth, Helen!”

“It is.” Helen Dornick said brutally, “If you don’t want to believe me, go ahead, and realize it after you’ve also lost the election.”

“But, but Helen! I can’t be as immoral as to offer my close and faithful beautiful Spacer women friends to Durgesh, only to win the election.”

“Then you are bound to lose the election. The Spacer Beauties are hungry and Harla Branno will use them profoundly as she did in the last election. You may be surprised how fast you will be losing your faithful beautiful Spacer women friends to Harla Branno.”

“She―she does not have any conscience left to her?”

“She says there isn’t any question of conscience anywhere. The hungry Spacer Pussies want Durgesh’s Hindu Prick into them, and they get it.”


“She says, Spacer Beauties are Durgesh’s Hindu Cock hungry right from the beginning. While Space Travel was being developed, the Spacer Beauties competed with the Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt even. They―they even converted them into Muslim faith just to defeat the Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt in getting Durgesh.”

“Nonsense!” Dorrie Chester was indignant, “She is a liar. She is an outright liar.”

“Every politician is a liar, dearie, to this or that extent. You can’t speak truth and can win the election at the same time.”

“Oh God!”

“Harla Branno is very good at telling appropriate lies at right time and to the right persons. I was not.”


“Yes, ‘was’. I think I’ve overcome my several weaknesses now. Still, I don’t think I can compete with that outstanding Spacer woman, called Harla Branno.”

Chapter 5


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