The Foundation Story Continued

DSM Satyarthi

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Chapter Five

The Spacer women

in action

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe could not imagine Amadiro was such a fool as to believe her she was her own father’s enemy.

Yet, he was.

Or, was she more ingenious?

She remembered the images of the key visit of Dr. Fastolfe to Amadiro at the Institute of Robotics.

Dr. Fastolfe had been a member of the institute of Robotics since the crushing of Amadiro and his political ambitions.

Dr. Dorla Amadiro , Amadiro ’s own daughter did not like his father’s attitude towards Earth, Trantor, and the Settlers.

She was openly with Dr. Fastolfe in his office working as his assistant, yet living with Amadiro himself.

The meeting was arranged by her.

Giskard accompanied Dr. Fastolfe.

Amadiro seemed to have lost some weight since last Dr. Fastolfe had seen him.

Nevertheless, he was still a formidable, alarming, frightening, dreadful, and fearsome specimen, though his daughter, Dr. Dorla Amadiro was on the contrary a very pleasant, sweet and beautiful individual.

Amadiro was tall and heavyset still now however.

He lacked the self-confident smile that had once been his hallmark, his brand, his stamp.

When Dr. Fastolfe entered he attempted it, however, but it seemed more like a snarl, a scowl that faded into a look of sombre dissatisfaction.

“Well, Kelden!” Dr. Fastolfe addressed him, making free with the other’s familiar name, “We don’t see each other often, despite the fact that we have now been colleagues for four years.”

“Let’s not have any false bonhomie, Fastolfe!” Dr. Kelden Amadiro said in a clearly annoyed and low-pitched growl, “and address me as Amadiro . We are not colleagues except in name. I make no secret, and never have, of my belief that your foreign policy is suicidal for us.”

“Dad!” Dr. Dorla Amadiro smiled her protest, “Uncle Fastolfe is your daughter’s Boss. He deserves some courtesy, I think.”

“I did not consent to your presence, Dorla!” Dr. Kelden Amadiro whirled to her, “You have disobeyed your father, and decided to be present. Now don’t ask me how I should behave with your Boss.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled at Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

Both were my Spacer mares, nude now entirely and enjoying my Hindu Prick into their beautiful Spacer cunts.

Both had beautiful heavy Spacer female buttocks, and as the both were nude, they filled my nude lap every time when my Hindu Cock entered their glorious Spacer cunts entirely.

Dr. Fastolfe studied the three robots Dr. Kelden Amadiro had.

They were large and gleaming.

Dr. Fastolfe raised his eyebrows.

“You are well protected, Amadiro , against one man of peace together with his single robot.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro cooed.

“Uncle! Dad hasn’t forgotten his crushing.”

“Enough, Dr. Dorla Amadiro !” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe rebuked her, “Just because Dr. Kelden Amadiro is your father, please don’t take any liberty to humiliate him. I’m here to see that you can’t do it.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe’s voice was very harsh and scolding.

“What my honorable father has done is not appreciated in our Spacer women circles even.”

“Perhaps I’m not a Spacer woman” Dr. Dorla Amadiro laughed mischievously.

Her beautiful Spacer waist was constantly in motion as Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe’s also was.

Both were standing there on their knees, elbows, and arms, palms down.

Their ever-tight Spacer labial lips were tightening on the base of my Hindu Prick swallowing it completely repetitively.

Their beautiful Spacer eyes were sparkling with immense pleasure they were getting in their ever-tight Spacer cunts.

I had cupped their beautiful Spacer breasts into both my palms and was playing with them.

Amadiro looked appreciatively at Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, thanked her in silence and turned to Dr. Fastolfe again.

“My robots are not here to attack on you, Fastolfe!” He said, “You know it very well. But, why did you bring Giskard? Why not your masterpiece, Daneel?”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro laughed.

“I suggested Uncle Fastolfe, Dad, not to bring Daneel. It might not be safe to bring him within your reach.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe pushed back her extremely beautiful Spacer female buttocks into my masculine nude Hindu lap, swallowed my entire Hindu Penis into her equally utmost attractive Spacer cunt and tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal grip along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Prick.

Her beautiful Spacer eyes sparkled.

She winked at me and looked again at Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

“Dearie!” Her voice was extra ordinary sweet to Dorla, “Perhaps we should take it as a humor. However, we no longer need that effeminate humanoid robot. We build our own humaniforms.”*

Dr. Dorla Amadiro also pushed back her extremely beautiful Spacer female buttocks into my masculine nude Hindu lap, swallowed my entire Hindu Penis into her equally utmost attractive Spacer cunt and tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal grip along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Cock.

“Oh yes, uncle Fastolfe had passed over to the institute all the data for the building and maintenance of humaniform robots. I forgot. My regrets. So, on the basis of that design, invented by uncle Fastolfe, you have―”

“With improvements, dearie! With improvements.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe interrupted Dr. Dorla Amadiro in her mid sentence.

Both were master robot designers.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe had improved Giskard even and even outexcelled her renowned father thus.

Dr. Dorla Amadiro was still Dr. Fastolfe’s assistant learning more from him than Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe had already done.

She smiled.

“And yet you people do not use the humaniforms.”

“How do you wish us to use them, dearie?” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe asked sarcastically.

“Oh, so you don’t know even the use of them?”

“Dorla!-――” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe scolded her again in extremely sharp voice.

Dr. Fastolfe interfered.

Amadiro ! That is why I’ve come to see you. I apologize for Dorla’s behavior. I know that my position in the institute is a name-only thing. Even my presence is unwelcome here, let alone my opinions and recommendations. However, as an institute member, I must protest at your failure to use the humaniforms.”

“Hindu Vishv uses female humaniforms in its households.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was still sarcastic, “The Auroran males are not interested in them.”

Dr. Fastolfe looked at Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

She smiled, nodded, and moved ahead as though pacing the floor on her knees and arms.

I accompanied her.

I had to, if I did not want to break my sexual intercourse practice with Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

She welcomed my ever-hardest Hindu Prick into her glamorous Spacer cunt, and said smilingly.

“Our intention was to have the humaniforms open up new worlds into which Spacers could eventually emigrate, after those worlds had been terraformed and made comfortably habitable by the robots.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe turned to her father.

“Papa! Does she have your permission to speak for you?”

“I have the same permission to speak for your father that you have to speak for mine!” Dr. Dorla Amadiro answered her curtly.

“But that was something you people opposed. Wasn’t it?”Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled winningly.

“Yes, we did once.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro admitted, “Circumstances change the policies and decisions. We wanted Spacers themselves immigrate to new worlds. We wanted them to do their own terraforming. Since that is not happening, and we see now, is not likely to happen. Let us send then humaniforms. That would be better than nothing.”

She did not say that the process was already had been started, and the various Inter Galactic Spacer women Organizations were arranging to do it already.

She wanted Spacer males also to do it.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe looked at Dr. Kelden Amadiro and they both smiled derisively.

Both Dr. Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro could see very well that despite Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was playing in nude in my nude lap, there was perfect understanding between Dr. Kelden Amadiro and Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe.

There was an undisputed praise in the eyes of Amadiro for Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe.

She smiled at Dr. Dorla Amadiro again.

“All our alternatives come to nothing, Dorla, as long you people’s views dominate in the council of Aurora. We lead the rest of the 51 Spacer worlds, but we know there are 51 Spacer Beauties on Solaria now representing individual world. They asked for joint attempt but Aurora not consented. Aurora wanted to represent the interests of Earth people and Settlers. As far as the Spacer interests are concerned―”

“Vasilia darling! If we are here to blame one another―”

“Dorla darling! I’m not blaming you. I’m informing you the true facts.”

“Well, Earth is Trantor― Trantor ― don’t forget.”

“Yes! ― And the Trantor is filled now WITH 99% Spacer women ― don’t forget. Durgesh can’t oppose his own bed partners, and why bed partners only―? They are truly his life partners. His own life depends on his Hindu Prick running into their very Spacer cunts. Who says Trantor will Support Settlers now? We Spacers have our 99% Spacer women agents there now. What Param Brahmarshi Bhagvān Bhr’gu did in the beginning of Māyā Vyom, and defeated Durgesh, we have succeeded in doing here on Trantor, and Durgesh is bound to be with us, instead of with his very dear Settlers.”

Both Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Kelden Amadiro laughed.

Harla Branno also laughed.

“Helen Dornick! ― the poor girl! Preparing Dorrie Chester now to oppose me? O.K.-― O.K. Both are not wise enough― not even Helen Dornick ― even now, so that they can compete with me, Dr. Landaree Patricia! My dear and darling!”

Dr. Landaree Patricia laughed.

“Durgesh will kill me, Harla! I can’t be your dear and darling. Sorry. Let me remain Durgesh’s dear and darling, and you keep remaining Durgesh’s dear and darling, also.”

Harla Branno winked at her.

“Did you face any Inter Galactic Espionage working on Solaria until now, Landaree?”

“No, I can’t guarantee but I think the other galaxies still think that they can manage if they concentrate on Trantor and Terminus only. Solaria is not so important in their eyes still now.”

“Are you sure? Is it your determined opinion?”

“No! It’s my first reaction. I’m not confirming still now.”

Harla Branno watched her close friend anxiously.

“Had you gone to Aurora?”

“No. I left Aurora on Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro . Both the friends are Spacer masterminds. They are efficiently handling Dr. Fastolfe and Dr. Kelden Amadiro both.”

Amadiro is not suspicious about Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe?”

“Not even a bit!” Dr. Landaree Patricia laughed, “We are wasting Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, Harla! She deserves a better place in our scheme, if we really want to go Inter Galactic.”

Harla Branno sighed.

“We don’t have any option, Landaree! We have to go Inter Galactic. If I want to control the galaxy from here Terminus, I can’t neglect Trantor, or Solaria or Inter Galactic Espionage. Linge Chen and Claver Divart are still trying to hold their power in galactic decisions. They both are not fools. Even Durgesh had to allow Tin Huan Chen to join Inter Galactic Federation. Our friend Diana Divart could not manage to defeat Tin Huan Chen in the election. Chen family is still the strongest family in Galactic Politics. Moreover, it has managed to enter into Inter Galactic Politics now sending Tin Huan Chen in the Inter Galactic Federation.”

“I’ve met Tin Huan Chen.”

“I know, dear! I can’t run my galaxy if I don’t know my best friend from Andromeda galaxy has met Tin Huan Chen also.”

Dr. Landaree Patricia laughed.

“You are Satan personified, Harla! ―”

“Thank you.” Harla Branno looked at her cunningly, “but, how can I personify you, Satan?”

They both laughed.

Both had increased the velocity of back and forth motion of their beautiful Spacer waists.

My Hindu Prick is still violently invading their outstanding Spacer cunts.

They again immersed in enjoying it there inside continuing to be my Spacer mares.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe looked at Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

“Spacers will not travel to rude and unformed worlds; nor, it seems do they like humaniform robots.”

“Don’t be a fool, Vasilia! I can accept this answer from my father, Dr. Kelden Amadiro , but not from you.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro said curtly and sharply somewhat.

Vasilia winked at me and moved to a bed.

There was a double bed specially arranged so that both Vasilia and Dorla can rest on their backs if they wanted.

“Come on.” Vasilia invited Dorla, “Let’s lie down. I think the discussion will take some time.”

Both were on their backs on the double bed lying down side by side shortly.

Both put their beautiful nude Spacer female legs on my equally nude shoulders invitingly.

My Hindu Penis was still visiting their lovely eager and inviting Spacer cunts eagerly.

“Vasilia! ―” Dorla said, “you have scarcely given the Spacers a chance to like humaniforms. Earthpeople are beginning to settle new planets, even rude and unformed ones. And they do it without robotic help.”

“I doubt it.” Vasilia smiled at Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

“You are a fool.” Dorla flared.

“I don’t think so.” Vasilia smiled again, “Durgesh is fucking both of us. What you are getting from him, I do also.”

I was playing with their beautiful Spacer breasts and lovely and gorgeous Spacer female buttocks, invading their attractive Spacer cunts madly again and again with my extremely hardened Hindu Prick inside them.

“I think other galaxies are providing them robotic help. They were also represented by Dr. Landaree Patricia in Inter Galactic Federation right from the beginning and still are.”

“That feminist nudist Spacer woman?” Dorla flared again, “from Andromeda Galaxy?”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“And what do you think we are, Dorla darling?”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro looked at Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe in complete disbelief.

“You mean, you mean us both are also feminist and nudist???”

“If not so, why are we promoting Spacer women everywhere instead of the Spacer males? If not so, why are we nude now? We could have worn at least some clothes while we are meeting here right in the presence of our fathers. At least we must behave more sophisticated in front of our fathers if we are not really nudist, and feminist― both.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled sophisticatedly.*

“I hope you are not right.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro protested.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed openly.

“Hope? You hope! Not confident? Eh!”

She tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal grip along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Prick.

So did Dr. Dorla Amadiro as if it was predecided between them, which were certainly not.

Both stunning Spacer women kissed me single-mindedly on my Hindu lips.

“You know the difference between Earthpeople and us.” After a short while Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe managed to speak when she was flooding wildly, having orgasm, on my penis entirely embedded inside her cunt, “There are eight billion Earthpeople plus a large number of settlers.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro was also flooding on my penis, having orgasm at the same time, also embedded entirely inside her cunt even.

Both had clung to me wildly, holding my Hindu Penis still fully embedded into their wonderful Spacer cunts.

“There are five and a half billion Spacers.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro managed to say.

“Numbers are not the sole difference, Dorla dear! They breed like insect.”

“They do not.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro contradicted Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe furiously and strongly, “Earth’s population has been fairly stable for centuries, Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe!”

“The potential is there.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled, “If they put all their heart into emigration, they can easily produce 160 million new bodies each year, and that number will rise as the new worlds fill up.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro also smiled now.

“We Spacers have the biological capacity of producing 100 million new bodies each year.”

“But not sociological capability. We, Spacers, are long lived. We do not wish ourselves replaced so quickly.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe said gravely.

“There isn’t any question of replacement.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro smiled at her.

“What?” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe looked at her incredulously.

She had pulled my penis out of her cunt now fully and was cleaning it.

It was anointed with her fragrant Spacer cunt juices.

“There isn’t any question of replacement.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro smiled at her again, pulling out my penis out of her cunt herself. She also started to clean it.

“I can’t understand you.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was cleaning her own cunt now.

“Well,” Dr. Dorla Amadiro also started to clean her cunt after cleaning my Hindu Penis, “There isn’t any question of replacement. We can send a large portion of the new bodies to other worlds. The persons fearing their replacements may well remain in their home planet, Aurora here. But, Vasilia! ― just tell me. Do you yourself really want to be confined to Aurora only when you can have galaxies in your hands?”

“No!” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe admitted, “But Dorla darling! Here we have another problem. We Spacer women are different from Spacer males in this matter. We have Durgesh for us. The Spacer males don’t. Being Durgesh’s mare we have travelled beyond Aurora quite a lot, and still do. We have seen not only our galaxy, but also the galaxies, even Creations. We know there is more for us and we can have it if we want. The Spacer males don’t.”

Dr. Fastolfe and Dr. Kelden Amadiro looked at each other, alarmed.

It was first time, since Dr. Fastolfe came; Amadiro hadn’t antipathy in his eyes for him.

Perhaps the realization that they were both Spacer males and therefore don’t have the facility the Spacer women have, had brought Dr. Kelden Amadiro to realize he was on the same platform Dr. Fastolfe was standing on.

Dr. Kelden Amadiro was suddenly more alert.

Was it the realization of this fact that made the Solarian males to change their sex?

Great Space!

He felt himself in horror.

When he came to his senses again, he saw both Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro had again put their legs on my shoulders, my ever hardest Hindu Penis was again invading their utmost attractive, lovely, Spacer cunts, and they were enjoying it again more single-mindedly.

Great Space!

Great Space!!

“The Spacer males will not go, Dorla darling!” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was saying, “Not even in their new bodies. We value our bodies more than the Earthpeople and the Settlers. Our Spacer bodies, whether males or females, are quite stronger than theirs are, ― healthier, and more capable of surviving in strength and health for nearly forty decades― sometimes more at least on Trantor and Terminus. The Settlers can place no value on bodies that wear out in less than ten decades, and that are riddled with disease and degeneration even over that short period of time.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro was listening to Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smilingly.

She hadn’t interrupted Vasilia.

Moreover, she was throwing up her beautiful nude Spacer waist to greet my mighty penetrations into her smart Spacer cunt.

I was playing with her nude Spacer female buttocks, piercing her, more and more skillfully.

“It doesn’t matter―” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe continued, “―to the Settlers, if they send out millions a year to certain misery and probable death. In fact, even the victims needn’t fear misery and death, for what else have they on their own Settler Worlds after all? They who emigrate are fleeing from their pestilential, extremely annoying, world knowing well that can scarcely be for worse. We, the Spacers, on the other hand, value our well-wrought and comfortable planets and would not lightly give them up.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro laughed.

She threw up her waist once more and greeted my superb Hindu Prick into her Spacer cunt to the hilt, enjoying the penetration very much.

“Vasilia darling! I’m not talking of the spacer males; I’m talking of us Spacer Beauties.”


“Yes. We have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. Durgesh hasn’t left to die us so far.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe kissed me passionately, brought her legs down to wrap them around my male Hindu waist.

“Let your Hindu Prick rest now for some time fully embedded into my Spacer cunt, my darlingest! ― No, Dorla darling! Durgesh hasn’t left any of us so far and I’m sure he’ll never.”

“Then, we, the Spacer Beauties, will go and fill not only this galaxy but all the galaxies and creations even. We have Durgesh with us. We don’t need anybody else to produce our male children everywhere. We, the Spacer Beauties, and Durgesh are sufficient to fill the galaxies and the creations even, with our male children; enjoying our honey moon everywhere.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro also kissed me passionately, brought her legs down to wrap them around my nude male Hindu waist.

“Let your Hindu Prick rest now for some time completely embedded into my Spacer cunt also, my darlingest!” She laughed.

Dr. Fastolfe and Dr. Kelden Amadiro again looked at each other gravely, telling many things through their eyes than through their lips and tongues.

Dorrie Hardin smiled at her elder brother.

“So you say that the impossibility of proper administration of the Galactic Empire under the uninspired leadership of the later emperors was a considerable factor in the ‘Fall’(?) ?”

Mayor Salvor Hardin of Terminus City also smiled at his younger but more brilliant, more ingenious, more imaginative, more inventive, more practical, more quick-witted, more creative, and more capable, sister.

It was what he wanted her to be.

It was the main reason he sent her to Trantor to learn Psychology and administration.

His grand parents were exiled to Terminus.

He was 32 years old now.

Born on Terminus itself, he could not consider Trantor his home.

Terminus itself was his home and that of his sisters and the rest of his family.

His father was scarcely adult enough, when his grandfather and grandmother came here on Terminus.

He had managed to be in control of 60 percent shares in the ‘Journal’, though he did not have a single share in his own name.

They all were in the names of his beautiful Spacer sisters.

Now the Spacers had filled the galaxy leaving the Settlers far behind forever.

They have established a successful Galactic Empire, and the Empire has successfully worked since more than 12,000 years.

Dorrie Hardin was the chief owner of the publication, ‘Journal’; being the Chief Editor also.

Having a doctorate in Psychology and administration from the prestigious university of Trantor, Streeling University, where Dr. Hari Seldon and his wife Dr. Dors Venabili were also Professors, Dr. Dorrie Hardin was one of the most respected persons on Terminus now.

All her 249 young women friends were also doctors now from the same university, in both Psychology and Administration, as Dr. Dorrie Hardin herself was or in Encyclopedialogy, as Dr. Eva Pirenne was.

Encyclopedialogy was the most honored and most popular subject on Terminus, those days.

Salvor Hardin had an ambition to establish a University of Terminus, own, naming it Dr. Dorrie Hardin University.

He loved his younger sister that much.

He could not forget when he realized his incompetence in serving his own people, as he did not know Psychology as well as he needed.

He had studied Psychology under Alurin.

He wanted to become Psychological Engineer originally, but ultimately got tired of theory.

Terminus lacked facilities those days.

He could not complete his studies on Psychology.

Salvor Hardin had no other alternative to compromise on letting Dorrie Hardin to be a Doctor in both Psychology and Administration.

His younger sister was his unfulfilled dream he waned to fulfill.

Dr. Dorrie Hardin began a campaign in Journal that some honorable representative of the people of Terminus must also be invited as guests at least to attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Consequently, the first mass meeting in the history of Foundation was held, demanding representation of the City in the “national” government.

Dr. Lewis Pirenne had to capitulate, had to surrender, ultimately with ill grace.

It was a great victory, and Mayor Salvor Hardin knew it very well that the victory was that of Dr. Dorrie Hardin and her 249 doctor Spacer women friends.

Moreover, he acknowledged it calling a formal meeting with all 250 of them.

“Well, basically it was Eva’s idea.” Dr. Dorrie Hardin admitted, “We all must congratulate her.”

Dr. Eva Pirenne smiled.

“Papa will kill me if the truth is told beyond this meeting.”

Salvor Hardin laughed.

“I don’t think your Papa so animal, Eva! Only he is so confined to his Encyclopedia Project.”

All laughed.

“Papa respects Dr. Yugo Amaryl very much.” Dr. Eva Pirenne said with enormous admiration in her voice for her esteemed father.

Caldia smiled proudly.

Late Dr. Yugo Amaryl was her great grandfather.

His contribution to Psychohistory was always praised by the Psychohistorians on Trantor and Terminus both.

When he died, damn Tamwile Elar, even Dr. Hari Seldon felt himself broken.

Dors Venabili, despite her every effort, could not save Dr. Yugo Amaryl.

Caldia was herself a Doctor in Psychohistory now.

She knew what Dr. Yugo Amaryl was in Psychohistory.

It was his devotion to Psychohistory that enabled Dr. Hari Seldon, ultimately, to found two Foundations.

Terminus had Foundation number one and the second Foundation was supposed to be on Trantor.

Della Dorwin was looking at Dr. Caldia Yugo Amaryl appreciatively.

She was not a citizen of Terminus.

Her father Lord Dorwin had come to Terminus from Trantor, representing the Emperor, and she had come with her father to meet with her University mates.

All of them were my Spacer mares now, and were enjoying my Hindu Penis into their beautiful Spacer cunts.

“This Encyclopedia of yours is really a great achievement, Dorrie darling! “”Della Dorwin excitedly said, “I’ve seen its two volumes with my father. Marvelous! Simply Splendid!”

“Thank you, Della!” Dr. Dorrie Hardin laughed. “But it’s not simply my field. You must congratulate Eva for it. My field is Psychology and Administration, you know.”

Della Dorwin laughed.

“Nevertheless, it’s the pride project of Terminus. Your grand parents sacrificed even a better life on Trantor itself and had chosen to come here on periphery.”

“Well, our scientists believe the Galactic Empire is falling.”

“Nonsense!” Della Dorwin laughed, “I’ve heard and seen all about it. Nevertheless, Della! You know my views. I don’t believe it. The Encyclopedia is a great work and must be really appreciated whether your scientists are right or not.”

“Thanks!” Dorrie Hardin smiled, “I was talking about Anacreon, Della!”

Della Dorwin laughed again.

“Oh, Anacreon! We’ve just come from there. My father, Lord Dorwin had to visit Anacreon also before coming here to Terminus. The planet is barbarous, Dorrie darling! It’s your neighbor planet. I can’t imagine how you people live with such a― any way; it is thoroughly inconceivable that human beings could live here in the periphery. I have more respect for you people now since I’ve seen where you are living for the sake of Encyclopedia Galactica.”

“Della! I―”

“Oh Dorrie dear! You should have visited Anacreon. The utter lack of the most elementary requirements of a cultured society, the absence of the most fundamental necessities for comfort and convenience― the utter destruction into which they―”

Dryly Dorrie Hardin interrupted.

“The Anacreonians have all the elementary requirements for destruction, Della! I can’t imagine how the Empire can afford to tolerate such persons. Sub Prefect of Anacreon had come to Terminus―”

“I know, Dorrie!” Della Dorwin interrupted.

She knew her position very well.

She was from Ruler Class of the galaxy.

However much liberal she might be, these people belong to the Ruled Class, after all.

She could not conceive how a master psychologist, as great as Dr. Hari Seldon was, could think that the Empire was falling.

The Galactic Empire is not an entirely independent Empire after all.

How could he neglect Durgesh?

How could he neglect Hindu Vishv, a Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab<!–[if supportFields]> XE “Årab” <![endif]–><!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–> Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā<!–[if supportFields]> XE “Bachhalyā” <![endif]–><!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–> Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations?

Martha Christ moved away from Della Dorwin and Dorrie Hardin.

“Eva!” She addressed Dr. Eva Pirenne also keeping some distance from Della Dorwin and Dorrie Hardin, “She can’t forget she belongs to the Ruler Class. Let Dorrie attend her, and we should enjoy ourselves.”

Dr. Eva Pirenne laughed.

“Don’t forget, Dorrie is the real Mayor here for all practical purposes. Brother Salvor can’t bear that Dorrie is neglected in any way.”

Martha Christ also laughed.

“You are 100% right. Brother Salvor can easily bear that he is neglected, but if Dorrie is neglected, he can’t forgive anybody.”

Both laughed musingly.

Martha Christ was actually Martha Crast.

She was Dr. Lundin Crast’s daughter, a doctor in Psychology and Encyclopedialogy.

The combination was chosen by her.

She admired both her father and Dorrie Hardin.

Dorrie Hardin was immensely interested in Psychology.

Dr. Lundin Crast was interested in Encyclopedialogy.

Martha chose both.

“Eva!” She asked, “Why did our little lady Dr. Della Dorwin chose to have a doctorate in Archaeology and administration? What a combination?”

Archaeology was a science to study past cultures and the remains of buildings and objects found in the ground.

“Why, Martha!” Dr. Eva Pirenne looked at her almost reproachfully, “Only you can love your father? Della can’t?”

“You mean she is also interested in Earth?”

“Why should she not? She has seen his father, Lord Dorwin, always laboring to find anything he can on Earth. It’s quite natural she also wanted to know why her father was so engrossed in studying Earth instead of other worthwhile things.”

Both pushed their striking nude Spacer female buttocks into my nude male Hindu lap back and swallowed my entire Hindu Penis into their wonderful lovely Spacer Pussies.

I allowed my entire Hindu Prick embedded into them to rest there for some time till they wanted.

They turned their beautiful Spacer mouths back to me and kissed me gratefully.

“Brother Salvor says that the impossibility of proper administration of the Galactic Empire under the uninspired leadership of the later emperors was a considerable factor in the ‘Fall’ (?). What do you think, Eva?”

Dr. Eva Pirenne tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal muscles along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Cock.

So did Martha Christ also, or Martha Crast.

“Well, the leadership can’t be inspired always if it is hereditary. It was not really democratic, Martha! One can disguise the facts from voters, but the unwritten rules running the Ruling Classes and deciding whether they are appropriate or not, cannot be deceived.”Dr. Eva Pirenne observed.

Their vaginal muscles released my penis somewhat but again clutched it more tightly around the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Prick.

Both their exquisite Spacer female buttocks were resting in my lap and I was enjoying them when they quivered there.

My penis was hardening inside both excellent Spacer Pussies more and more.

My palms were playing with their superb Spacer breasts.

Both of them looked again gratefully at me and winked mischievously.

Harla Branno laughed.

So did Dr. Landaree Patricia.

Their delicate Spacer vaginal muscles also released my Hindu penis to some extent but again clutched it more tightly around the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Prick, as Dr. Eva Pirenne and Martha Christ both had done.

Both their exquisite Spacer female buttocks were also resting in my grand Hindu lap and I was enjoying them when they quivered there.

They were quivering there continually and making me, thus, more devoted to fuck both Dr. Landaree Patricia and Harla Branno.

My penis was hardening inside both brilliant Spacer Pussies more and more.

My palms were playing with their superb Spacer breasts.

Both of them looked again appreciatively at me and winked naughtily.

“Still enjoying fully embedded in the interior and not in motion anymore, darling?”Dr. Landaree Patricia was mischievous.

“Landaree darling!”Harla Branno was addressing Dr. Landaree Patricia but looking at me teasingly, “Don’t forget. Our Durgesh is a Professional Fucker.”

Dr. Landaree Patricia laughed.

“Watch your language, Harla! We can’t annoy Durgesh and enjoy him at the same time.”

I concentrated and exerted pressure on my penis.

It started to expand, to harden and to strengthen into their very Spacer cunts.

My palms started to clutch their excellent Spacer breasts playing with them.

Dr. Landaree Patricia and Harla Branno both tightened their already tight Spacer vaginal grips in response, around the entire length and thickness of my ever-stiff Hindu Prick and winked at me teasingly.

“You expand and we clutch.” Harla Branno laughed, “O.K.?”

Dr. Landaree Patricia also laughed.

“Let’s play our love game now only inside, Durgesh darling! What do you say? At least for some time!”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro greeted the idea excitedly.

“Durgesh! Yes! Yes, darling! Let’s play our love game now only inside for some time. Let your Hindu Penis lengthen, harden, thicken, and strengthen inside our cunts also as it’s doing into Dr. Landaree Patricia and Harla Branno.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe proposed.

“Don’t pull it out, please. Let it penetrate our Spacer vaginal depths more and more.” Dr. Dorla Amadiro also pleaded.

“O.K., O.K.” I smiled, “Grind it inside your superb Spacer female interiors, if you all the four can.”

“Hurray!” They all cried out of sheer happiness and bliss.

We were bound to develop more and more new methods to renew and revive our sexual pleasure and bliss in our constant and non-stop endless lovemaking.

We could not break it.

Therefore, it was essential to keep us engrossed in our endless sexual intercourse.

Variety was needed so that our life could not be monotonous, dull, droning, repetitive, boring, and tedious.

A person, who does not have to make love everlastingly, may not understand its necessity, but we had to enjoy our life in whatsoever manner we could make it pleasant and worth living.

I held the nude waists of all of them four strongly and started to play my requested part penetrating their outstanding Spacer vaginal depths more and more, not pulling out my penis even a bit.

Dr. Landaree Patricia, Harla Branno, Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, and Dr. Dorla Amadiro greeted it into them hungrily and breathlessly.

Their beautiful Spacer eyes were sparkling glowing and radiant now with immense sexual bliss.

All the four of them brought their lower lips under their upper teeth out of sheer delight they were enjoying into their very Spacer Pussies.

“Thanks, Durgesh darling!” Dr. Landaree Patricia whispered.

“Thanks, my dear!” Harla Branno uttered.

“I’m happy! I’m happy!!” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled gleaming with intense pleasure.

“Well, I’ll be damned. Keep it up, please!” It was Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

There were jumps through hyperspace, a phenomenon one did not experience in simple planetary trips.

The Jump remained, and would probably remain forever the only practical method, for the persons unable to project their etheric bodies, of travelling between the stars.

Travel through ordinary spacetime could proceed at no rate more rapid than that of ordinary light.

It was a fact, a bit of scientific knowledge that belonged among the few items known since the almost forgotten dawn of human history.

It could not be forgotten ever, however, as we Dvij Hindus and Bachhalyās have our ‘Divý Itihās’, our Divine History, to take in our Stavans.

Travel through ordinary spacetime, therefore, would have meant years of travel between even the nearest of inhabited systems.

Through hyperspace, that unimaginable region that was neither space nor time, matter nor energy, something nor nothing, one could traverse, one could pass through, the length of the Galaxy in the intervals between two neighboring instants of time as it was in body projections.

Every Jump ended in nothing more than a trifling jar, a little internal kick that ceased an instant before one could be sure he/she had felt it.

That was all.

After the Jump, there was only the ship, the Trantorian ship, large and glistening: the cool production of 12,000 years of the so-called Imperial progress.

It was a private Spaceship.

It was the private property of Dr. Landaree Patricia a citizen of Andromeda galaxy.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro were very impressed that such a resourceful person, as Dr. Landaree Patricia, was a personal friend of Harla Branno.

All the foursome, Dr. Landaree Patricia, Harla Branno, Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, and Dr. Dorla Amadiro watched the hard brilliance of the stars, enjoying the constant and continuous persistent penetrations of my Hindu Penis into their Spacer Pussies.

At the same time, they were also enjoying the incredible hazy swarm of a star cluster, like a giant conglomeration, like a giant accumulation, of fire flies caught in mid motion and stilled forever.

At one time there was the cold, blue white smoke of a gaseous nebula within five light years of the ship, spreading over the window like distant milk, filling the interior of the ship, with an icy image, and disappearing out of sight two hours later, after another Jump.

The first sight of Trantor’s Sun was that of a hard, white speck, a hard, white dot, all but lost in a myriad such, and recognizable only because it was pointed out by the ship’s lady robot guide.

The stars were thick here at the galactic centre.

But with each Jump, the Trantor’s Sun shone more brightly, drowning out the rest, paling them and thinning them out.

For a long while, we enjoyed each other sexually, silently, as the car whined through the hundreds of miles of worm- like tunnels toward the famous University.

Dr. Dorla Amadiro stirred her lovely Spacer female buttocks into my lap, keeping my Hindu Penis still intact into her Spacer cunt.

“Was what Dr. Hari Seldon said to the Commissioner true, Landaree dear? Would his execution have really hastened the Fall?”

Harla Branno laughed.

“Somehow, Landaree! I don’t think Dr. Hari Seldon is dead.”

Dr. Dorla Amadiro was suddenly all-alert.

“What??? What did you say, Harla? ”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled but kept quite.

The only action Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe cared to do was that she pushed back her stirring Spacer female buttocks into my nude Hindu lap more and swallowed my Hindu Penis into her Spacer Pussy more.

She tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal grip along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Cock more again.

Harla Branno smiled at Dr. Dorla Amadiro .

“I don’t think Dr. Hari Seldon is dead.” She repeated.

Dr. Landaree Patricia laughed.

“Harla dearie! You are keeping me amazed. You are far more brilliant than I thought you were.”

Harla Branno laughed.

“So, you are confirming me? Is he really alive? Are we going to meet him in person here in the very University he was told to be found dead?”

“Naughty! Naughty! Harla dear! Not so fast. You know why we have come here and have brought Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro with us.”

“But you said―”

“I haven’t said he is alive, but think yourself. Linge Chen contradicted him when he referred to Dr. Dors Venabili to be dead. Far more before the Galactic Empire was established, we the Spacers had a life span of thirty to forty decades. Some had more. Dr. Hari Seldon had gone to the entire history of humankind to invent Psychohistory. Is it possible he did not know of our life span we spacers had once? Is it possible he did not try to achieve the same life span at least to enjoy his life with his beloved robot wife Dr. Dors Venabili?”

All the University was a blaze of light as it was in the days of Dr. Hari Seldon.

It was in the open.

Its buildings were covered by a monstrous dome of glass-and-yet-not-glass.

It was polarized, so that Dr. Landaree Patricia, Harla Branno, Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, and Dr. Dorla Amadiro ― all the outstanding Spacer Beauties could look with me directly upon the blazing Star above.

“It’s your home, Durgesh! Isn’t it?” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe looked at me enviously.

I laughed.

“Vasilia darling! It’s your home now as well. If you don’t want to return to Aurora, it’s all right with me. All the four of you please feel at home. What Durgesh owns, his every woman also owns equally.”

All the four― Dr. Landaree Patricia, Harla Branno, Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, and Dr. Dorla Amadiro ― kissed me madly.

“Thank you.”

“For what? I haven’t said anything new. It’s my open announcement already.”

The light of the Star blazing above was undimmed yet, and it glanced off the metal buildings as far as the eye could see.

The University structures themselves lacked the hard steel-grey of the rest of the Trantor.

They were silvery rather.

The metallic luster was almost ivory in color.

Dr. Landaree Patricia smiled at the rest of three.

“When Dr. Hari Seldon arrived here with Dr. Gaal Dornick, a sentinel, a guard, was ahead of them on the prosaic ground of the University. They stopped before him. A soft-spoken Captain materialized from a near-by doorway and announced that they were waiting for them. Dr. Hari Seldon, Dr. Gaal Dornick and his men would be under martial law thenceforth. He had been instructed to inform Dr. Hari Seldon that six months would be allowed him for preparations to leave for Terminus.”

Harla Branno, Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro were stunned somewhat.

They had forgotten the history for a while under the tremendous impact of the University.

“Sometimes,” Dr. Landaree Patricia said with the feeling, “I’ll make Linge Chen and Claver Divart to pay a heavy price for what they did. Shame! Shame! The humanity will be ashamed of both Linge Chen and Claver Divart whenever it will remember Dr. Hari Seldon and his invaluable contribution to the humanity.”

Harla Branno tried to smile and break the ice.

“It’s all right, Landaree darling! Don’t get sentimental. No one approves of what the Commission of Public Safety did to the greatest mind of the time.”

Dr. Landaree Patricia controlled herself.

“Come on, let’s reach my office.”

It was the same office once Dr. Hari Seldon had as his office.

It was quite spy-proof and quite undetectably so.

Spy-beams trained upon it received neither a suspicious silence nor an even more suspicious static.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe and Dr. Dorla Amadiro smiled at the 250 doctor young women friends, from Terminus, as they greeted them in the office.

Harla Branno asked, softly.

“Everything has been arranged, Dr. Dorrie Hardin?”

Dorrie Hardin was leading the group as always.

“I think Landaree and you must decide yourselves whether we have arranged all as you both wanted to or not. ―”

Dr. Landaree Patricia put her fingers on a certain spot on her desk and a section of the wall behind her slid aside.

Only her own fingers could have done so, and only when I was fucking her.

Her particular print pattern only, could have activated the scanner beneath receiving the cosmic rays from her cunt generated by my penis inside.

It was not Dr. Dorrie Hardin only; all the 250 young women doctor friends were startled to see Dr. Della Dorwin emerging from it.

There was a startled gasp from all the 250 beautiful Spacer women doctors.

“Della! Youuuu? You are also with us?” Almost all of them as if simultaneously asked the pleasantly surprised question.

Chapter 6


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