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DSM Satyarthi

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Theism vs Atheism

Dors Venabili went to Dr. Yugo Amaryl.

“May I interrupt you, Yugo?”

“Of course, Dors!” Dr. Yugo Amaryl laughed, “Please, Come in. Why are you so formal, today?”

“Hari is not there.”

Yugo Amaryl again laughed.

“Let Hari also enjoy his privacy somewhat, Dors! Don’t be so possessive.”

Dors Venabili smiled.

“O.K. I’m trying to find out a few things more except Hari. I wonder if you humor me in this.”

“If I can, I’ll most certainly do it. I’m one of your ardent fans, Dors, and you know it.”

“One of my ardent fans?” Dors Venabili laughed.

“One of your ardent fans, and don’t laugh. You know it’s true.”

Somewhat twenty-eight years before, Dr. Yugo Amaryl had been a heatsinker in the Dahl Sector, Trantor.

He was as low on the social scales as it was possible to be.

He had been lifted out of that position by Dr. Hari Seldon, made into a mathematician and an intellectual―more than that, into a psychohistorian.

Never for one minute did he forget what he had been, who he was now and to whom he owed the change.

Dors Venabili knew very well: that meant that if he had to speak harshly to Hari Seldon ―for Seldon’s own good―no consideration of respect and love for the older man and no regard for his own career would stop him.

He owed such regard, such respect, such love, such harshness―and much more―to Dr. Hari Seldon.

“You have something in the project called the Prime Radiant.”

Yugo Amaryl looked at her smiling.

“I hear of it now and then.”

“From Hari?”

“From Hari. Hari speaks of it now and then. I imagine, so, I know what it looks like when it is activated, but I have never seen it in operation. I would like to.”

Amaryl looked uncomfortable.

“Actually, Dors, the Prime Radiant is just about the most closely guarded part of the project and you are not on the list of the qualified members who have access.”

“I know that, Yugo, but we’ve known each other for twenty eight years―”

“Will you mind if I get prior permission of Hari in a second or two?”

“Of course not! Go ahead! However, I’ve come here with Hari’s specific permission.” Dors Venabili smiled, “Nevertheless, go ahead and confirm from Hari even, if you want.”

Amaryl confirmed it hardly in two or three minutes on the visiphone.

Hari Seldon laughed.

“She is crazy about my safety. Bring her to the visiphone, Yugo, if you please.”

Dors Venabili smiled on visiphone.

“Yes, Hari!”

“Young lady! You can’t deceive me.”

“What do you mean?”Dors Venabili asked mischievously.

“It’s not the Prime Radiant you are interested in. You are interested in Hari Seldon. Why didn’t you yourself contact me on mobile visiphone?”

“I did not know you wanted to tell me your whereabouts or not.”

“So you came to Yugo and forced him to contact with me? So that you can know if I’m right or not?”

Dors Venabili laughed.

“I may really want to see the Prime Radiant in operation.”

“The hell, you may. O.K. go ahead, and see. You are specifically permitted. Pleased?”

“Pleased.” She winked at him.

“And, by the way, I’m O.K. All right, I mean. The reason I couldn’t tell you and had to go all at once is that I’ve seen Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān here.”

“Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān?”Dors Venabili asked in astonishment.

“Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān. I’ll tell you all when we meet. Bye.”


Dr. Gladia Delmarre turned to Captain D.G. Baley once more.

“You haven’t told me Captain, yet what the warhawks are.”

“I will, madam, if there’s time. You, others, and I on the platform will have to move in a little while. Most Settlers think that, in time, the Galaxy will be theirs―”

Speaker Delora Delarmi laughed.

“The Settlers are behaving as the Muslims behaved once.”

“Once?”I laughed, kissed Delora and kept fucking her as well as Dr. Gladia Delmarre, “Many of them still believe they’ll win ultimately.”

“The most optimistic persons of the entire history of humankind. Are they not, Durgesh?” Delora Delarmi laughed again.

Dr. Gladia Delmarre and Captain D.G. Baley did not know that Speaker Delora Delarmi was also present there.

But, they did not know so many other things as well.

“One should be optimistic always, Delora!” I pushed my ever rigid, ever longest, ever strongest Hindu Prick to the hilt again into the outstanding Spacer cunt of Speaker Delora Delarmi of the Second Foundation, “But, optimism only is not sufficient for the existence and for keeping on to live.”

“They have optimism in mind but choose negatives in practice always.” Delora Delarmi criticized the Muslims again.

“Yes!” I allowed her beautiful Spacer female buttocks to fill my nude Hindu lap once again, “That is the main difference between the optimism of the Muslims and our optimism. We can’t deny that we are also optimistic as the Muslims and the Settlers are. But we always choose the positives only. We deliberately reject the negatives as if the negatives are not there anywhere, although the negatives are there.”

“The Muslims and the Settlers always criticize us for it.” Delora Delarmi looked at me gravely, “And sometimes I, even I, think they are right, Durgesh!”

“They are right but not progressive.”


“Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā has said:

Vi tishthantaam maaturasya upasthaanaanaaroopaah pashavo jaay’maanaah,

sumangalyup seedemamagnim samptnee pratibhhoosheh devaan.’’


We all are animals when we are born, Delora!

Our mothers are entrusted to make us cultured. Our mothers are entrusted to make us ‘Pratibhooshit’.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi smiled cunningly.

“Why mothers, Durgesh? Why not fathers?”

“The fathers are ordered other work to do:

Ete asr’gramaasahavoti hvaraansi babhravah, somaa r’tasy’ dhaarayaa.

indram vardhanto apturah kr’n’vanto vishvamaaryam. apaghnanto araavn’ah.’

‘These Swift flowing tawny colored Som, with a stream of eternal truth, let loose/proceed, augmenting Indr, urging the utmost beautiful young girls and ladies, making all better, destroying the withholders.”

Ved 1R| 9 | 63 | 4-5.”

“But, the mothers are also ordered to do the

same. They also have the same mission of life as well as the fathers have. Then, are the mothers not allotted double duty?”

“That’s what clarified here. The priorities are codified here. The mothers have more influence on children than the fathers.”

Speaker Delora Delarmi resumed the subject.

“We were talking about the Muslims and the Settlers.”

“So we were.” I smiled fucking Speaker Delora Delarmi.

Captain D.G. Baley again repeated.

“Most Settlers think that, in time, the Galaxy will be theirs; that the Spacers cannot and will not compete in the race of expansion. We also know it will take time. We won’t see it.”

“You can see it, Baley!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre contradicted him, “but you don’t want to.”

“We don’t want to adopt the Spacers’ system of life. We hate it.”


“Most of us Settlers hate it, madam!” Captain D.G. Baley said with strong feeling now, “You can’t make us Settlers to accept it.”

“Only because Janus Pit betrayed you―”

“Can’t we keep Janus Pit, the monster, the rascal, out of it?”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled.

“He was the cousin of your ancestor, Elijah Baley. Wasn’t he?”

“He was. But he never liked our ancestor truthfully. Even on Solaria, he did not go to help our ancestor, Elijah Baley. He went to help you, because Brahm Jagdambā Rāj Kumārī Dr. Seetā Sharmā are your childhood friend.”

“D.G.! You are―”

“We won’t see it.” Captain D.G. Baley said doggedly, “Even our children probably won’t. It may take a thousand years, for all we know. Even the present generation of you Spacers won’t be there. You’ve a life span of thirty to forty decades only, and we are talking of one hundred decades.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre laughed.

“You think our science won’t develop? Our life spans will not be enlengthened? You are so pessimistic, I did not know.”

“Well, ―”

“We Spacer women are already adopting ‘non stop love making’ with Durgesh in a huge majority. Even the Spacer males don’t approve of us for the same. We are going LSIs in a huge majority whether the Spacer males approve of it or not. We will be there, D.G.! I promise you that. We deny being fools as you both the Spacer males and the Settlers are doggedly adamant to remain. Shame on both of you damnfools.”

Captain D.G. Baley said in a tone as if Dr. Gladia Delmarre hadn’t said anything.

“We won’t be there, but our grand- grand- grand children will be there. It’s Okay with us. Only, the warhawks don’t want to wait. They want it settled now.”

“They want war?”

“They don’t say that precisely. And they don’t call themselves warhawks. That’s what we sensible people call them.”

“Yes! You are sensible with respect to them, as we are sensible with respect to both of you damnfools.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre said with a strong feeling.

D.G. smiled and continued.

“They call themselves Earth Supremacists. After all, it’s hard to argue with people who announce they are in favor of Earth being Supreme. We all favor that, but most of us don’t necessarily expect it to happen tomorrow and not ferociously upset, not fiercely upset, that it won’t. What can’t happen can’t happen. We are not disappointed. Disappointment can’t make it to happen tomorrow.”

“Yes! I can see even you are rational if you want to be. Even the Spacer males are rationals where they want to be. You both let your foolish sentiments guide your emotions, not the cold and hard facts of life. Ultimately, you both surrender to irrationality, sooner or later. Well, you want to say these warhawks may attack me? Physically?”

D.G. gestured us forward.

“I think we’ll have to get moving, madam! They’re getting us into line. No, I don’t think you’ll really be attacked, but it’s always best to be cautious.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre held back as D.G. indicated her place in the line.

“Not without Daneel and Giskard, D.G.! I’m still not going anywhere without them. Not even on the platform. Not after what you just told me about the warhawks.”

Captain D.G. Baley fidgeted.

“But, Durgesh is fucking you my lady! You are safer in Durgesh’s nude lap more than even when you have Daneel and Giskard to protect you.”

Gladia flared.

“What do you think Durgesh is to me? My bodyguard? My servant?”

“My lady!”

“He is Param Purush, the Absolute man. Don’t you know?”

“My lady!”

“I need Daneel and Giskard not only to protect me. They serve me also. What do you think I’ll do, if I need something? Order Durgesh to bring it to me? I should serve Durgesh or Durgesh should serve me? He is superior to me or I’m superior to him. Are you an utter damnfool, D.G.?”

“You’re asking a lot, my lady!”

“On the contrary, D.G.! I’m not asking for anything. Take me home right now, with my robots.”

Gladia watched tensely as D.G. approached a small group of officials.

He made a half-bow, arms in downward-pointing diagonals.

It was what Gladia suspected to be a Baleyworlder gesture of respect.

It differed everywhere almost.

Every planet had its own gestures of respect.

Sometimes it differed even on the planet itself from place to place, culture to culture.

She did not hear what D.G. was saying.

Nevertheless, a painful and quite involuntary fantasy passed through her mind.

If there were any attempt to separate her from her robots against her will, Daneel and Giskard would surely do what they could to prevent it.

They would move too quickly and precisely to really hurt anyone―but, the security guards would use their weapons at once.

Speaker Delora Delarmi smiled.

“I’m unable to follow Gladia’s psychology, Durgesh! She is your Spacer mare now, yet she is anxious for her safety. Can’t she understand she is one of us Eternals now, one of us Timers?”

Speaker Delora Delarmi remembered.

There was the period of fifteen years, first, in which she was not an Eternal at all.

She was only an inhabitant of Time with me then, learning how to live in Time, how to live in ‘non stop love making’ and how to live with Mentalics/EīshānVigyān.

EīshānVigyān was not actually Mentalics only.

If it had been so, the Second Foundation /Allwhen Council/Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv would have lost its Dharm-Yuddh against the evils and the wickeds a long time before.

It was Sexual Mentalics actually with Shaktipāt having an initial inevitability.

Planet Gaia could not compete with it and therefore had to surrender ultimately to the Second Foundation/Allwhen Council/Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv.

At the age of fifteen, she was chosen by a careful process of elimination and winnowing.

Delora was taken beyond the veil of Eternity, the veil of different Shaktimāns, after a long agonized farewell to her family.

Even then, it was made clear to her that whatever else happened she would never return to her family.

The true reason for that she was not to learn till long afterward.

Once within Eternity, Delora spent ten years in school as a Cub.

She was twenty-five then.

Timer, Cub, Observer and Specialist―these 4 were the four parts of an Eternal’s life.

Delora could remember the moment that Cubhood was done and she became an independent member of Eternity.

There were numerous of them, the extraordinary beauties, who were standing on all their fours having my Hindu Penis running into their Spacer cunts.

Educator Lubna Yarrow was at a desk talking to all of them.

Delora Delarmi remembered almost the exact words of Educator Lubna Yarrow even now.

“You are Observers now. In time travel, it is only the starting point. Nevertheless, every Eternal, Every Timer, has to pass through it. One can’t be a graduate or post graduate, until one doesn’t go through standard one. The Computers would have no Computing to do, Life-Plotters no lives to plot, Sociologists no societies to profile; none of the Specialists would have anything to do, if it weren’t for the Observer.”

Educator Lubna Yarrow pushed back her extremely beautiful Spacer female buttocks into my nude male Hindu lap, swallowed my entire Hindu Prick into her Spacer cunt, tightened her Spacer vaginal muscles along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Prick and smiled at all of the new Spacer female Observers.

“It will be you youngsters who will go out into Time, under the most strenuous conditions, to bring back facts. In EīshānVigyān, we need facts only as the synthesis of our thesis. If they are not the concrete facts but only the persons believe them to be right erroneously, it does not make any difference to us. EīshānVigyān alters the facts themselves eventually and ultimately. In Eternity it is not so. We need cold, objective facts uncolored by your own opinions and likings. Facts accurate enough to be fed into Computing machines. Facts definite enough to make the social equations stand up. Facts honest enough to form a basis for Reality Changes.”

Educator Lubna Yarrow smiled again.

Her eyes found out Noÿs Lambent.

She was there.

A great female brain and beauty from hidden centuries, as the Eternals called.

Educator Lubna Yarrow continued.

“You must clearly understand that your period as Observer is very important to you for your future understanding and success in Time. It is not something to get through with as quickly and as unobtrusively, as unremarkably, as possible. It is as an Observer that you will make your mark. It is not what you did in school that will determine your Speciality and how high you will rise in it. It is what you do as an Observer that determines it.”

Delora Delarmi squirmed in my nude Hindu male lap her beautiful Spacer female buttocks.

My Hindu Penis straightened and more hardened into her outstanding Spacer cunt.

Noÿs Lambent also did the same.

“This will be your post graduate course, Eternals, and failure in it, even small failure, however small it is, will put you into Maintenance no matter how brilliant your personalities now seem. That’s all.”

Dr. Gladia Delmarre would have to prevent what Daneel and Giskard would surely do.

She could not afford it.

It must to be prevented at all costs.

She would have to explain that she is not an ordinary Spacer woman.

She was a Computer in Eternity also.

She was like a daughter to the Senior Computer Twissel.

“I have heard that I was born old.” Senior Computer Laban Twissel had smiled at Dr. Gladia Delmarre, “I have also heard that I cut my teeth on a Micro-Computaplex.”

“Senior Computer!” Gladia laughed, “You know they say all these things about you?”

“I hear well, Gladia, still now. Don’t I? I’m sorry to say Finge loves these things to provoke. They say that I keep my hand computer in a special pocket of my pyjamas when I sleep, that my brain is made up of little force relays in endless parallel hook ups and that each corpuscle of my blood is a microscopic spatio temporal chart floating in computer oil.”

“Senior Computer!”

“Gladia! My daughter! All these stories come to me eventually. Naturally, being the Senior Computer, Senior Computer Laban Twissel, I can’t be that dumb as Finge thinks I am. I think I must be a little proud of them. Maybe Finge can’t think I go around believing them a bit. They comment of Durgesh even in the same way somewhat about his ‘non stop love making’. They say he is the most Primitive and the most Backward man of the entire infinite raised to power infinite times creations. He hasn’t developed his mental environment with the advancing cultures ever. Is it true? I don’t think so.”

“Senior Computer!”

Senior Computer Laban Twissel smiled at Dr. Gladia Delmarre.

We were alone.

“Durgesh found at least Param Brahmarshi Bhagvān Bhr’gu, Bhagvān Shésh, Bhagvān Tārxý, and the other Brahmarshis, Dévarshis, Maharshis, and R’shis to believe him and respect him. I could not. I’m not even that lucky. I feel lonely naturally.”

“Why didn’t you marry, Senior Computer?” Gladia asked ruefully, humbly.

“Eternity is a non-marrying Society, Gladia! My daughter!”

“Even then the rules of a society can be changed.” Gladia protested.

Senior Computer Laban Twissel laughed.

“I register your sympathy, my dear, and I can understand. Eternity is more or less like the society you had on Solaria.”

“Hating Personal Presence?”

“No. Hating marriages.”

“But why?”

“We haven’t more women Timers, more Women Eternals here. Almost all of them come with Durgesh and go.”

“Senior Computer! I can’t understand.”

Twissel smiled.

“Eternity is also an unsmoking society essentially. However, I smoke. I do smoke because I must find a way to make life easier. I, Senior Computer Twissel, senior member of the Allwhen Council.”

Twissel smiled again.

Gladia looked at me.

I returned her gaze gravely.

“All the societies which make life troublesome do not survive long. The Brāhmañs survived with the help of the Bachhalyās, not themselves. Årabs and the other Muslims survived with the help of the Hindu males, not themselves. The Solarian males couldn’t survive at all. They didn’t compromise as the Årab Muslims, Other Muslims and the Brāhmañs had to do and they did. The Solarian males did not and they lost. Their sex has changed forever. They all are females now. The creations are created for consumption initially, not for sacrifice.

Eishaavaasyamidagong sarvam yatkinch’ jagatyaam jagat,

ten tyakten bhunjeethaa maa gr’dhah kasy’chiddhanam.’


Senior Computer Laban Twissel laughed.

“Gaia? Galaxia?”

“Why not? If the survival is not possible without

Gaia or Galaxia, Why not? And why not ‘Universia’ even?”

“You confirm the decision taken by Councilman of Terminus, Golan Trevize?”

“If it tallies with the physical facts I confirm the decision of even an outright Vr’tr. Hindu Dharm is not communal, and every person who is communal, is not Hindu as far as the Vedic definition of a Hindu is concerned.”

“We are not Hindus, neither theist even.”

“But you are rational. Are you not?-― ‘Tarkamr’shim praayachchhan’― Niruktam Parishishtam 13/12.”

“They say that even you are an atheist.” Dr. Gladia Delmarre smiled at me, “Your Hindutv is only your political strategy.”

“Let them go to hell. I don’t care what they say of me. I’m what I’m, and I assure to remain what I am.”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān looked at Noÿs Lambent.

“Would you like to know, Noÿs, why Earth is empty of mankind after 150,000th?”

“Durgesh does not agree that Earth is empty of mankind after 150,000th.” Noÿs Lambent smiled politely at Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān.

Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

“Don’t let Durgesh’s masculine charms deceive you, Noÿs darling! At a moment in physiotime before Eternity had reached very far upwhen, before it had reached even the 10, 000th, we of our Century, 111, 394th ―learned of Eternity’s existence. As you know, we too have Time-travel. Only it is based on a completely different set of postulates than those of the Eternals. We prefer to view Time, rather than shifting mass as the Eternals, and even Durgesh, Dvij Hindus and the Bachhalyās do.”

“I don’t agree with you, Åāýeshā, that shifting mass does make Earth empty of mankind after 150,000th.”

“I know, Durgesh darling! I know where we differ.” Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed, “We both are atheists yet―”

I laughed.

“If I am an atheist, Åāýeshā, nobody is theist anywhere.”

“You do your kind of politics, please, and let us do that of our kind. What’s the difference between us, Durgesh? We both are nudist feminist even.”

I again laughed in negation.

“I’m a humanist, Åāýeshā! Sorry, my nudism is my compulsion. It is necessary for my own survival. I’m not the enemy of mankind as some of the selfish and foolish males proclaim.”

“You are not deceiving me even a bit.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān said to me somewhat curtly.


“Durgesh! We need each other. Let’s accept it. Let’s acknowledge it. Let’s admit it. Why be ashamed or afraid of anyone? It’s not their funeral, it’s ours. It’s not their damn concern even.”

Her father Sir Rām Kinkar Dvivedī and her mother Sheikħzādī Zainab Al Ůsmān were also looking at her with interest.

“We dealt with our pasts only―” Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān continued, “our downwhen. We discovered Eternity indirectly. First, we developed the calculus of Realities and tested our own reality through it.”

Noÿs Lambent was listening to Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān with intense interest now.

“We were amazed to find we lived in a Reality of rather low probability.”

“Why?” Noÿs Lambent was interested now deeply.

Åāýeshā smiled.

“It was a serious question. Why such an improbable Reality? We searched back through time and came across the growing Eternity.”


“You can realize, it became obvious to us almost at once that there had been at one point in physiotime another Reality. The other Reality, the one of maximum probability we call the Basic State.”

Noÿs Lambent was all ears now.

Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān smiled and continued.

“The Basic State had encompassed us once, or had encompassed our analogues, at least.”

“And what are our analogues?” I smiled at Åāýeshā.

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān looked at me.

“You say our analogues are our mental etheric projections we send in the other timewhens when we imagine something about us pertaining to the past or future.”

“If you have another concept of our analogues, tell me. I don’t insist to my concepts adamantly.”

“Well, I agree with you in this matter.” Åāýeshā admitted.

“That they are Time-Cycle Projections?”

“Yes! Your whole EīshānVigyān works on this theory.”

“Thank you.”

“Not at all. I admit what is truth.”

I smiled sarcastically.

Åāýeshā neglected it and continued to Noÿs Lambent.

“All the time we could not say what the nature of Basic State was. We could not possibly know.”

Noÿs Lambent nodded.

“However, we knew that some Change initiated by Eternity in the far downwhen had managed to alter the Basic State all the way up to our 111, 394th Century and beyond.”

“How?” Noÿs Lambent smiled.

“Through the workings of statistical chance, of course!”

“I see!”

“Yes! We set about determining the nature of the Basic State.”

“Intending to?”

“Intending to undo the evil, of course. What do you think dearie?”

“If evil it was.”

“If evil it was―” Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān agreed, “Here Durgesh does not agree with us. Nevertheless, we did what I tell you.”

“Please, go on.”

“We set up the Quarantined Area, the Eternals call hidden centuries, first.”

“Isolating the Eternals?”

“Yes! Isolating the Eternals on the downwhen side of the 70, 000th. This armour, this shield, of isolation would affect us from all but a vanishingly small percentage of the Changes being made. We could not stop the Eternals affecting us absolutely at once. It was not absolute security but it gave us time nevertheless which we need immensely.”

“I understand, Comrade!” there was a growing respect for Åāýeshā now, in the voice of Noÿs Lambent.

She tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal grip along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Cock, pushed her beautiful Spacer female buttocks more and more into my nude Hindu male lap and released her vaginal grip somewhat only to tighten it again more skillfully and intensely.

My expert Hindu palms were cupping her Spacer breasts and squeezing them passionately.

I pulled my Hindu Penis out of Noÿs Lambent’s Spacer cunt till only its head was inside.

It was anointed with her fragrant 111, 394th Century Spacer cunt juice.

I thrust back again and my entire Hindu Penis again vanished into Noÿs Lambent’s outstanding 111, 394th Century Spacer cunt.

Her beautiful Spacer female buttocks again filled my nude Hindu male lap.

Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān was telling her.

“We next did something our culture and ethics did not ordinarily allow us to do.”

Noÿs Lambent looked at her questioningly.

“We investigated our own future, our upwhen.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān smiled gravely, “We learned the destiny of man in the Reality that actually existed.”

“So that?”

“So that we might compare it with Basic State.”

“To study the deviation?”

“To study the deviation and to compute what is there for us if the deviation could not be controlled.”

Noÿs Lambent looked at her appreciatively.

Åāýeshā continued.

“Somewhere past the 125,000th, mankind solved the secret of the interstellar drive. They learned how to manage the Jump through hyperspace. Finally mankind could reach the stars.”

Hyper Base had lived for this day.

Ållāmāzādī Zubèdā Abu Dāůūd made enquiries with her beautiful eyes.

Spaced about the gallery of the viewing room, in order and precedence strictly dictated by protocol, was a group of officials, scientists, technicians and others who could only be lumped under the general classification of ‘Personnel’.

In accordance with their separate temperaments, they waited hopefully, uneasily, breathlessly, eagerly, or fearfully for this culmination of their efforts.

She pushed her beautiful Årab Muslimā female buttocks more and more into my nude Hindu male lap and released her vaginal grip somewhat only to tighten it again more skillfully and intensely.

My expert Hindu palms were cupping her Årab Muslimā female breasts and squeezing them passionately.

Her niece Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd was also there with my son Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī.

The hollowed interior of the asteroid known as Hyper Base had become for this day the centre of a sphere of iron security.

This iron security extended out for ten thousand miles.

No ship might enter that sphere and live.

No message might leave without scrutiny.

“A hundred miles away, more or less,” Ållāmāzādī Zubèdā Abu Dāůūd was telling now to her niece Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd, “―a small asteroid is moving neatly in the orbit into which it had been urged, it had been supported, a year before.”

Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd laughed.

“And, they say the Galactic Empire being started from now on has fallen due to the uninspired leadership of the later Emperors.”

“They are not downright wrong in this conclusion, Nādirā!” I smiled at her, “Of course, it was the uninspired leadership of the later Emperors which resulted ultimately in the Fall of the Galactic Empire, but the key question they are not asking is― ‘why the earlier Emperors were inspired and why the later were not’.”

“Why do you think it is?”

“You are travelling past extensively to study it. Don’t you?” I smiled again.

Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd laughed.

“You don’t approve that, Papa?”

Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī, my son from Mahārānī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī, smiled at his girl friend Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd.

“Papajī respects freedom of everybody, Nādirā! It does not matter whether he approves of something or not. You are free to do what you want to.”

Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd looked at him, then at her paternal aunt, Ållāmāzādī Zubèdā Abu Dāůūd, and me, grimly.

“Bharat! Please don’t misunderstand me. I think Papajī must not allow anybody such unlimited freedom.”

Her paternal aunt, Ållāmāzādī Zubèdā Abu Dāůūd, looked at her curtly.


“It’s alright darling!” I laughed, “Let her express her opinion freely.”



“She is criticizing you. What does she know about―”

“She is criticizing me because she doesn’t know. The proper response will be to answer her extensively so that her doubts are cleared, not to stop her to express her opinions even.”

“Durgesh! You are―”

“I think Papajī is also responsible for the downfall of the Galactic Empire by allowing the later Emperors such unlimited freedom. They did not deserve it.”

“Who suffered for it, Nādirā?”I asked gravely.

“Only those Later Emperors?” Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd smiled at me sarcastically, “I think not, Papa!”

“A grown up man cannot be treated as a child, Nādirā!” I looked at her gravely.

“They were children as compared to you.

“No. Nope!” I contradicted her strongly, “― ‘ÁkIrs “k®M’ks o”ksZ cky®∙fi fe=onkpjsr~’ ‘Even a child should act as a friend when he is sixteen’.”

“You did not act as their friend, Papa! You allowed them the unlimited freedom they did not deserve.” Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd contradicted me, “A child is not allowed to go into fire if he wants.”

“A child, Nādirā! Don’t forget, a child. They were not children.”

“Some say―” Bharat Mahimvat Satyarthī, my son interfered, “that the impossibility of the proper administration is also responsible for the Fall.”

“That’s a sheer nonsense!” Nādirā flared, “If it was possible for the Earlier Emperors, why it was not possible for the Laters?”

“Because Earlier Emperors were theists, and the Laters were not.” I said gravely.

“So you helped the Earliers and not the Laters.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān joined us curtly.

“Salāmu Ålékum Bājī!” Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd wished.

“Va ålékum asslām, va ålékum asslām―” Åāýeshā smiled at her warmly, “Nādirā dear! They say our sweetheart does not take anyone’s sides. He is absolutely impartial. They are wrong. Durgesh helped the earlier Emperors, because they were almost Dvij Hindus. He refused to help the Laters because they married Communist girls, Communist Beauties, in a large number.”

“I myself have married the Communist Beauties in a large number, Åāýeshā darling!” I laughed, “And there are many like you, who claim to love me but refuse to marry me.”

“You say every system of life can be given at least one chance to prove itself.”

“Communism was not stopped by me anytime, Åāýeshā!” I said gravely.

“But you helped the earlier Emperors, because they were almost Dvij Hindus. He refused to help the Laters because they married Communist girls, Communist Beauties, in a large number.”

“No―it’s quite wrong. I helped even them, but Communism lacks the elements for long time survival.”

“And only Hindu Dharm has the potential?”

“Well, if you call Hindu Dharm a system of life practiced by Traditional Hindus―No. if you call Hindu Dharm a system of life practiced by Dvij Hindus―Yes! I believe in no communal Hindu Dharm.

‘Ved Bible and Qurãn the trio if we have,

Don’t worry of humanity then ever,

the trio will save

“How non communal you are!” Åāýeshā said sarcastically.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“You can’t win, Durgesh!”

“I’ve won till now, Åāýeshā dear!” I laughed, “Ultimately truth prevails.”

“lR;eso t;rs uku`re~\”

“Of course, my darling!-―

‘lR;su®ÙkÞfÒrk Òwfe% lw;sZ.k®ÙkÞfÒrk |©%

_rsukÞfnR;kfr”BfUr fnfo l®e® vf/kÞ fJr%A’

― Ved 4A/14/1/1.”

‘By truth the Earth established, by sun the stellar systems established, By Universal truth the Ādityās stand Som is set upon the heaven.’―?”

“Yes! It’s the Universal Truth, my

darling! No one can challenge it.”

“You can’t make me to believe that there is any God. Nonsense!”

“I don’t want to.”

“Yes! You want to.”

“Åāýeshā! I say I’ve numerous Communist wives and numerous Communist girl friends. You are also one of them. I’ve discussed the matter with you always but tell me if I pressed you ever to renounce what you believe and join me in my beliefs also? I believe in―

‘peu esa gj rjg+ ds xqy f[kysa rc ckr curh gS]

geha ge gSa r® ge D;k gSa] rqEgha rqe g® r® rqe D;k g®!’

‘eq.Ms eq.Ms efrfÒZ™kk!’―”

“You are amending the entire Time Cycle again. May I ask why?”Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān asked me curtly.

Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd laughed.

“You are frightened, Bājī, that Durgesh will change the Time Cycle of the Later Emperors.”

“I’m trying to end the Eternity itself.” Åāýeshā flared, “Noÿs Lambent is working with Durgesh already.”

“Papa does not depend on Eternity, Bājī!”Ållāmāzādī Nādirā Dāůūd laughed, “Moreover, you can’t destroy the eternity even. Your Noÿs Lambent is being preached by Papajī now.”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān flared again.

“That’s why your Papajī is interested in us beauties. He does not love us. He is interested in us only to amend the Time Cycle.”

Chapter 8


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