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DSM Satyarthi

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A war for ruling principles

Noÿs Lambent smiled.

“You say Bājī! Somewhere past the 125,000th, mankind solved the secret of the interstellar drive. They learned how to manage the Jump through hyperspace. Finally, mankind could reach the stars. And once they could reach the stars they did so and left the Earth.”

“They were us Spacer Worlds, Noÿs!” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān said gravely, “We made fifty Spacer Worlds only, but Dr. Han Fastolfe made two more underground Spacer Worlds with the help of Dvij Hindus and Spacer women and the Bachhalyās and Spacer women.”

“Why only two?”

“Dvij Hindus like Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt while Bachhalyās like Brahm Kanyās and the Brahmāñīs.”


“He made the Bachhalyās to have Other Muslimāt Spacer women instead of the Brahm Kanyās and the Brahmāñīs.”

“And he succeeded?”Noÿs Lambent could not believe.

“Not everywhere, only on this one Spacer World.”

“Well, it’s a miracle nevertheless.” Noÿs Lambent was all praise for Dr. Han Fastolfe. The Bachhalyās behave as if there are no women for them except the Brahm Kanyās and the Brahmāñīs. They refuse even the Årab Muslimāt outright.”

“Well, the Bachhalyās accepted Other Muslimāt Spacer women here as their sex partners. These two Spacer Worlds were underground worlds as Trantor.”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān pushed back her beautiful Spacer female buttocks into my nude Hindu male lap, tightened her already tight Spacer vaginal grip along the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Cock, and smiled.

“Durgesh is not as impartial as advertised.”

“You are irrational, Åāýeshā!” I said gravely, “I have gone to the extent that the period of the Later Emperors will not be ordered by me to take a theist course. I wanted to open your communal eyes―”

“I’m not communal.”

“Yes! You are, Åāýeshā! Communism is not a democratic set up. It advocates the dictatorship of the labor class.”

“It is necessary.”

“I allowed you to prove it. What happened? You could not establish your dictatorship of the labor class even fully anywhere. You struggled for it and only kept to struggle.”

“You did not help me.”

“Why should I help you, Åāýeshā? Why should I help you? I don’t believe in the dictatorship of any kind. I believe in Democracy.

Sam samidyuvase vr’shannagne vishvaanyary’ aa

idaspade samidhyase s’ no vasoonyaa bhar.’

―Ved 1R’gved: Sangathan Sookt, Unity Sookt, Mandal 10, Sookt 191:

‘O Showrer Agni ! lord ! to mix up/ to unite (Yu mishran’e Adādigañ 2|24) all (Vishvaani) completely (Sam sam it) for the post(pad)on Earth(idah Nighantu 1|1|15) to kindle rightly(samidhyase), you! Bring ( aa bhar ) unto us (no ) dwellings & treasures (Vasooni).’

Why democracy?

“1stSam samidyuvase’: to mix up/to unite (Yu mishran’e Adādigañ 2|24) all (Vishvaani) completely (Sam sam it)

2nd Idaspade : for the post(pad) on Earth (Idah Nighantu 1|1|15).

3rd Samidhyase: to kindle rightly.

4thVasoonyaa bhar’ : bring (aa bhar) unto us (no) dwellings & treasures (Vasooni). ”

Your dictatorship of the labor class failed because―

1. It could not be established ever fully. Other classes revolted against it always invariably.

2. It was unable to mix up, to unite your people fully, completely.

3. It was not competent for the political posts as it governed all the rest of the classes except the labor class. The rest of the classes hated the dictatorship having no part in the administration.

4. It could not kindle rightly, as you did not allow the other systems of life even to flourish as the Kingdom Islāmiyat errored and was destroyed consequently. No one was able thus to show you the other side of the facts. You refused to learn from history and became a history consequently to be studied and learned by others.

5. It made you unable to provide suitable dwellings & treasures to your people.

It brought the ultimate Fall of the

Galactic Empire whether you accept it or not.”

“I don’t agree with you.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān flared.

“I know you don’t agree with me, but the facts speak for themselves. You chose Communism for the period, and the result is the Fall of the Galactic Empire you did not establish.”

Noÿs Lambent smiled.

“Bājī! Durgesh is telling us, we did not establish the Galactic Empire. We made it to fall.”

“I’m amending the Time Cycle now to show you the other side of the coin.” I smiled at Åāýeshā, “Åāýeshā darling! You will see the Galactic Empire will not fall.”

“You want to say only Hindu Dharm can offer a prosperous society?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān looked at me curtly, “I don’t agree with you in this communal conclusion of yours.”

“So you think I’m a Traditional Hindu?”

“Traditional Hindu? My foot! You are not a Hindu at all.”

Noÿs Lambent laughed.


“Durgesh is as atheist as we are. It’s only his political strategy.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed, “Don’t forget he himself repeats often―

A politician must know that Society cannot bear the whole truth and that he must not speak the whole truth; If he is speaking the whole truth it is bad for his politics.

-Annihilation of Caste:

Dr. Baba Sāheb Ambedkar:

Writings and speeches: vol.1:P.93,

Education Deptt. Govt. of Mahārāshtr.”

“You want to say that Durgesh is not an ardent follower of Ved, as he claims to be?” Noÿs Lambent asked.

“I say it’s only his political strategy.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān smiled cunningly, “Dvij Hindus, Bachhalyās and the Traditional Hindus are almost infinite therefore Durgesh is an ardent follower of Ved. If it were Muslims, Durgesh would have been an ardent follower of Qurãn. If it were the Christians or the Jews, Durgesh would have been an ardent follower of the Bible. Don’t forget he says even now―

‘Ved Bible and Qurãn the trio if we have,

Don’t worry of humanity then ever,

the trio will save ―”

“You are quite wrong, Åāýeshā darling!” I said gravely, “Ved Bible and Qurãn―all the three preach basically one religion―Humanity.”

“The first Commandment of the Ten Commandments is―

You shall have no other gods before me.’

―Old Testament: Exodus 20/3

How is it Humanity?”

“Why is it not?”

“I don’t think there is any God.”

“What do you think the God is?”

“A superstition.”

“Why is it so? Do you deny there is ultimate consciousness?”

“And you call that ultimate consciousness the God I suppose.”

“Yes, but not the ultimate consciousness only.”


“Certainly not. The God is the Ultimate Consciousness, the Ultimate Existence and the Ultimate Bliss―‘Sat-Chit-Aannd’ and not only that, ―‘Sat-Chit-Aannd’ means― the Absolute Existence, the Absolute Consciousness and the Absolute Bliss even. If you don’t believe that there is any Absolute Existence, any Absolute Consciousness and any Absolute Bliss, you certainly don’t believe in God.”

“You assign a totally new definition of God.”

“I assign a totally new definition of God?” I laughed, “No, Åāýeshā darling! Certainly not. It’s an age-old definition. Ved presents Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā in this definition.”

“Maybe, but the Old Testament does not.”

“Well, the Old Testament is a book of the Jews. The ‘Jews’ is actually derived from the word ‘;‘Yahud’, which is itself derived from original Sanskr’t word ‘Yaduh’.”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

“Noÿs Lambent claims that Prophet Moses is actually your Lord Bhagvān Kr’shñ. Prophet Moses led Israel from Egypt in the same way as your Lord Bhagvān Kr’shñ led the ‘Yaduh’ from Mathurā to Saurāshtr.”

“That’s a disputed subject of History. We are talking of principles now, not of history.”

“Are you afraid of history?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

“Of course not. But we can’t talk of history and the principles at the same time, discuss both simultaneously, and reach some worthwhile result. Why not discuss one at a time, one by one, I mean?”

“Both your principles and history are discussed several times extensively without getting any worthwhile result.”

“Are you afraid of repeated discussions?”

“Certainly not. You are afraid.”

“Why should I? My principles are ruling the entire infinite creations now. Åāýeshā darling! You are proposing that I should not amend the Time Cycle of the Later Emperors. I ask why.”

“They tended to Communism generation by generation. Cleon was a Communist ultimately. Do you deny it?”

“Emperor Humayun established his kingdom in India. His son, Emperor Akbar, renounced Islam, practiced Hinduism openly. His son, Jahangir, and Jahangir’s son Shahjahan continued the tradition as we witness in the life of Prince Darashikoh even. The Muslims tended to change the ruling religion into Islam. We had Aurangzeb. What was the result? The Mudgal Dynasty came to an end eventually.”

“So you think the same thing happened here?”

“Why not? History repeats itself. Same mistake, same result. Change the Time Cycle. Eliminate the mistake. We’ll get better result, I assure you, Åāýeshā darling!”

“What a communal person you are.”

“No. If I had been communal, you could not have experimented with your Communism while even the Later Emperors were ruling the Galaxy. You have destroyed Solaria even, with your Communism, Åāýeshā darling!”

The master roboticist Dr. Jothan Leebig gasped out.

“All nonsense. You know nothing about robotics.”

In 1920 AD, a Czech playwright, Karl Capek, published a play named ‘R.U.R.’.

It was first performed in 1921 AD and was first translated into English in 1923 AD.

The initials ‘R.U.R.’ stand for ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’.

Rossum was the name of an Englishman who, in the play, mass-produced a line of mechanical human beings intended to do the work of the world.

‘Robot’ was from the Czech word ‘robota’ meaning one who engaged in involuntary servitude; in other words a ‘slave’.

In translating the play into English, it would have been appropriate to translate ‘robot’ into ‘slave’.

‘Slave’, however, is a word commonly used for human beings and it would make it difficult to distinguish between the natural and the artificial variety.

‘Robot’, not being an English word, could fairly be left untranslated and be used for the artificial variety, to distinguish it from the natural.

Capek’s play was a terribly bad one, but it is immortal for that one word.

Dr. Jothan Leebig was a communist, an ardent follower of Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān.

“I know enough about communism, however, Jothan!” Åāýeshā said tersely.

“Robots with detachable limbs―”

“Dr. Rikaine Delmarre did not approve of it. Didn’t he Jothan?”


“He has talked about it with Hannis Gruer, your head of Solarian security.”

Jothan Leebig’s face contrived in retort.

“If you can’t handle even the security head, comrade!-―”

“Watch!” Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān snapped back, “Just watch what you say, master roboticist! You’ve witnessed what Harla Branno did to Golan Trevize. Do you want to join him on Far Star?”

“Even Far Star is not worse, if we can’t make the Galaxy communist.”

“We have another plan for it, Jothan.”

“I can’t see―”

“Yes!” Åāýeshā interrupted, “you can’t see. That’s why you are only a master roboticist while I’m handling the entire communist movement.”

Jothan Leebig felt immense disgrace.

There were only twenty roboticists on Solaria, and he was the best of them.

“You are the best, the master roboticist here on Solaria, Jothan!” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān smiled patronizingly, “Yet, what you Solarians lack here, you also lack.”

“Pardon me, Comrade! We lack here something? I simply can’t believe you.”



“You have given up something the humankind has had for a million years; something worth more than atomic power, cities, agriculture, tools, fire, everything; because it made everything possible.”

“And, what is that if I may ask.”

“The tribe, Jothan!”

“I beg your pardon, Comrade!”

“The tribe, Jothan!” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān repeated, “Co-operation between individuals. Even Durgesh needed it when―

S’ vai naiv reme—-’etc.

‘Shatpath Brāhmañ’: Kānd 14| Prapāthak 1| Brāhmañ 2| Kandikā 4-10.

Master roboticist Jothan Leebig laughed.

“So you’ve accepted Durgesh’s Vedic Scientific Universe view?”

“I’m referring to history, not to Durgesh’s Vedic Scientific Universe view.”

“Yes, you are Comrade! You are.” Jothan Leebig, the master roboticist, smiled, “That’s the danger and harm of Personal Presence.

“Nonsense, Jothan, you are―”

“It’s not nonsense, Comrade. It does make perfect sense.” Jothan Leebig, the master roboticist, smiled again, “While you are in ‘non stop love making’ with Durgesh, his strong thought waves have affected you.”

“Jothan, you are―”

“Let me finish, Comrade!” Jothan Leebig, the master roboticist, interrupted Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān, “That’s why Durgesh fucks you, not because he loves you or not because he is the ever sexiest male of all times.”

“Jothan, you are―”

“A woman surrenders to a man almost entirely when she is in love making with him. Naturally, her thought waves are not as strong then as those of her male are. Durgesh affects the thoughts of his infinite women thus strongly and almost unopposed.”

“So you join Salvor Hardin?”

“I beg your pardon, Comrade!”

“Salvor Hardin, millenniums afterwards, also believes that Durgesh is not a playboy neither he is the ever sexiest male of all times.”

“He is right.” Jothan Leebig smiled, “You can see why we Solarians oppose Personal Presence. It affects our thought pattern. Durgesh is an ardent preacher of ‘Svaroopé Avasthānam’― ‘Yogashchittvr’ttinirohah. Tada dr’ashtuh svaroope vsthaanam. Vr’ttisaaroopymitratr’’(―Pātanjal Yogdarshanam 1 Samādhipād: 2-4.) Have you ever asked him how a person can get to his/her ‘Svaroopé Avasthānam’, while he/she is in continuous non stop love making? Eventually, ultimately, the woman will lose her own thought patterns and will be melted into those of her males. Her consciousness, her existence, her entire identity eventually ultimately will be melted into those of her male.”

I laughed.

“So you think my all women have lost her individual identities?”

“If not already they are in the path of it.”

“And when, in your bright opinion, the process will be completed?” My smile was more patronizing now.

“Eventually, ultimately, someday, it is bound to be completed. Can you deny it?”

“I most certainly do. Allāh is my everfirst wife, Kħātooné Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadā Fātimā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā is my eversecond wife, Ammul Momineen Ħazrat Åāýeshā Siddeequā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā bint Ħazrat Abee Bakar Siddeequerz is my everthird wife. They are all in continuous non stop love making with me since beginningless infinite Kalp Kalpānters. They haven’t lost their individuality. Can you explain why it is so, if you are right?”


“Jothan, you are conspicuous, but you are wrong.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān said curtly, “I accept Durgesh does not accept normal Scientific Universe view. He divides the Scientific Universe view in Pre Scientific Universe View, Scientific Universe view, and Vedic Scientific Universe View. He has even written Vedic Science Fictions. I don’t agree with him in the matter but―”

“Comrade, you will eventually.”

“You are funny, Jothan!” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

“Vedic Science!” master roboticist Jothan Leebig laughed, “We had Soviet Science someday.”

“Why someday? We still have it.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān held her beautiful head high proudly, “Let Durgesh have his Vedic Science if he wants to. The point I’m making is that you Solarians have lost Co-operation between individuals.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Nevertheless, it is so. Solaria have given it up entirely. It is a world of isolated individuals.”

“Don’t tell me you are suggesting the Gaian alternative for it.” Jothan Leebig, the master roboticist, smiled, “Even Councilman Golan Trevize is repenting his decision now.”

Golan Trevize asked.

“Why did I do it?”

It wasn’t a new question.

Since he had arrived at Gaia, he had asked it of himself frequently.

He would wake up from a sound sleep in the pleasant coolness of the night and find the question sounding noiselessly in his mind, like a tiny drumbeat: ‘Why did I do it?’ ‘Why did I do it?’

Now, though, for the first time, he managed to ask it of Dom, the ancient Gaia.

“Don’t you want to share Durgesh’s Vedic Scientific Universe View?” Dom, the ancient Gaia, asked.

Golan Trevize laughed.

“Durgesh does not accept normal Scientific Universe view. He divides the Scientific Universe view in Pre Scientific Universe View, Scientific Universe view, and Vedic Scientific Universe View. Let’s see what his Pre Scientific Universe View is. He follows Dr. Isaac Asimov here.”

“But Dr. Isaac Asimov was an atheist.”

“That’s the point. Durgesh doesn’t hate the atheists even. He is a great admirer of Dr. Isaac Asimov.”

Dom, the ancient Gaia smiled.

“Because Durgesh is also an atheist, as the atheists claim?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.”

“You don’t even care?” Dom was astonished.

“Why should I? Durgesh is as free to have any faith as he damn chooses as we are.”

Dom, the ancient Gaia was well aware of Trevize’s tension for he could sense the fabric of the Councilman’s mind.

He did not respond to it.

Gaia must in no way ever touch Trevize’s mind, and the best way of remaining immune to the temptation was to ignore painstakingly what he sensed.

“What did you why, Trev?” Dom asked changing the subject somewhat.

“The decision I made.” Golan Trevize said, “Choosing Gaia as the future.”

“Certainly you don’t want to join Harla Branno.” Professor Janov Pelorat interfered tersely.

Golan Trevize looked at him cunningly.

“Professor! I suspect you are Durgesh.”

“What?” Janov Pelorat jumped.

“You are a great scholar of history as Durgesh is. You love Bliss. Bliss also loves you in return―”

“Councilman! Even if I’m Durgesh I don’t know.”

“You mean your ‘Svaroopé Avasthānam’―(―Pātanjal Yogdarshanam 1 Samādhipād: 2-4.) hasn’t taken place till now?”

“No, if it is ever to take place.”

“Hmm, Harla Branno can’t be as dumb as to allow me to choose Gaia and―”

“She did not have any alternative.” Dom, the ancient Gaia, said, “And you were right to do so.”

Dom’s aged deepset eyes were looking earnestly at Golan Trevize.

“You say I am right.” Trevize said impatiently.

“I/we/Gaia know you are.” Dom, the ancient Gaia, said, “That’s your worth to us. You have the capacity for making the right decision on incomplete data. You chose Gaia.”

“Intuition?”Golan Trevize laughed.

“Maybe. But you have it and you chose Gaia!” Dom, the ancient Gaia, said strongly, “You rejected the anarchy of a Galactic Empire built on the technology of the First Foundation, as well as the anarchy of a Galactic Empire built on the Mentalics of the Second Foundation. You decided that neither could be long stable. So you chose Gaia.”

“Yes!” said Trevize, “Exactly! I chose Gaia, a superorganism; a whole planet with a mind and personality in common, so that one has to say ‘I/we/Gaia’ as an invented pronoun to express the inexpressible.”

Golan Trevize paced the floor restlessly and continued.

“It will become eventually Galaxia, a super-super-organism embracing all the swarm of the Milky Way.”

Golan Trevize stopped, turned almost savagely on Dom, and said,

“I feel I’m right, as you feel it, but you want the coming of Galaxia, and so are satisfied with the decision. There is something in me, however, that doesn’t want it, and for that reason, I’m not satisfied to accept the rightness so easily. I want to know why I made the decision. I want to weigh and judge the rightness and be satisfied with it. Merely feeling right isn’t enough. How can I know I’m right? How can I explain I’m right? What is the device that makes me right?”

Dom, the ancient Gaia, smiled.

“I/we/Gaia do not know how it is that you come to the right decision. Whether it is intuition or something else, I/we/Gaia don’t know. However, is it important to know as long as we have the right decision there?”

“You speak for the whole planet, do you?” Golan Trevize looked at Dom, the ancient Gaia, “For the common conscientiousness of every dewdrop, of every pebble, of even the liquid central core of the planet?”

“I do.” Dom said, “And so can any portion of the planet in which the intensity of the common consciousness is great enough.”

“The intensity of the common consciousness is great enough?” Professor Janov Pelorat smiled, “The intensity? ‘Teevr samvegaanaamaasannah’ ‘mr’du madhy’aadhimaatratvaat tato’pi visheshah’ (―Pātanjal Yogdarshanam 1 Samādhipād: 21-22.). Is it?”

“So you are really Durgesh.” Golan Trevize flared.

“No.” Janov Pelorat laughed, “I’m not, but―”

“Yes! You are!” Golan Trevize said harshly, “You are talking his language. Can’t you see? You and your Vedic Science!”

“Hold it! What do you know of Vedic Science? Have you read Ved ever?”

“I haven’t enough time to read the (‘Shanno Mitrah! ‘Shaantam Paapam!’), nonsense.”

“How do you know it is nonsense if you haven’t even read it?”

“Janov! Don’t tell me you believe in God!”

“What if I do?”

“Janov! Great Space! You are― you are telling me that you really believe in God?”

“I asked what if I do.” Professor Janov Pelorat was calm.

“Great Space! Janov!-―”

“I asked what if I do.” Professor Janov Pelorat was calm still now.

“‘You shall have no other gods before me.’

―Old Testament: Exodus 20/3?”

“Why not? What is there communal in it? Islam has it’s Kalma as ‘Lā Ilāh Illillāh’ ‘There is no god but God’. Ved says:

‘Indram mitram varun’amagnimaahuratho divyah s’ suparn’o garutmaan,

Ekam sadvipraa bahuhaa vadantyagnim yamam maatarishvaanamaahuh.’

― Ved 1R/1/164/46.

The same thing they all preach.”

‘Ved Bible and Qurãn the trio if we have,

Don’t worry of humanity then ever,

the trio will save

Isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Professor Janov Pelorat said boldly.

“How like Durgesh!” Golan Trevize smiled ironically.

“Well, Durgesh is the Ultimate Administrator. What if I agree with him in some matters?”

Golan Trevize looked at Dom, the ancient Gaia.

“Is all your common consciousness satisfied to use me as a black box? Since the black box works, is it unimportant to know what is inside?-― that doesn’t suit me. I don’t enjoy being a black box. I want to know what’s inside. I want to know how and why I chose Gaia and Galaxia as the future, so that I can rest and be at peace.”

Dom, the ancient Gaia smiled.

“But why do you dislike or distrust your decision so, Trev?”

He found it difficult to use more than one syllable in addressing a person, and did not matter.

Trevize was growing somewhat used to that.

Golan Trevize drew a deep breath and said slowly, in a low and forceful voice,

“Because I don’t want to be part of a superorganism. I don’t want to be a dispensable part to be done away with whenever the superorganism judges that doing away would be for the good of the whole.”

Dom, the ancient Gaia, looked at Trevize thoughtfully.

“Do you want to change your decision, then, Trev? You can, you know.”

“And what the alternative I have?” Golan Trevize said curtly, “The anarchy of a Galactic Empire built on the technology of the First Foundation led by that uncompromising woman Harla Branno? Or the anarchy of a Galactic Empire built on the Mentalics of the Second Foundation led by First Speaker Quindor Shandess? I know neither could be long stable. That’s why I chose Gaia.”


“I long to change the decision, but I can’t do that merely because I dislike it. To do something now, I have to know whether the decision is wrong or right. It’s not enough merely to feel it right.”

“If you feel you are right, you are right.”Dom, the ancient Gaia, said, always in that slow, gentle voice that somehow made Golan Trevize feel wilder by its very contrast with his own inner turmoil.

“There’s a planet also somewhat like Gaia.” Golan Trevize almost half whispered.


“The name is Erythro.”

Dom, the ancient Gaia, looked at him unbelievingly.

“Ruled by Dr. Maimoonā Usmā Islām.” Golan Trevize completed his sentence coldly.

Eugenia Insigna looked woebegone.

“Have you really decided to go out again, Marlene?”

Marlene, Maimoonā Usmā Islām, not Doctor then, looked at her mother with weary patience, with tired patience.

“Mother!” she said, “You make it sound as though I’ve come to this decision five minutes ago after a long period of uncertainty.”

“Is it not the case?” Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā, Eugenia Insigna, asked her daughter anxiously.

“It is not the case, mother, and you know it.” Marlene, Maimoonā Usmā Islām, confirmed, “I’ve been sure for a very long time that out there on Erythro is where I intend to be.”

How wrong Marlene was.

It was Erythro, the planet, which wanted her for a very long time, to be there―not she.

However, she did not know it, neither Eugenia Insigna, her mother.

Marlene repeated again,

“I’ve been sure for a very long time that out there on Erythro is where I intend to be. I haven’t changed my mind, and I won’t change it.”

“I know you’re convinced that you are safe and I admit that nothing has happened to you so far.” Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā, Eugenia Insigna, looked at her daughter from Kr’p Purohit, grimly, “But―”

“I feel safe on Erythro.” Maimoonā Usmā Islām said, “I’m drawn to it. Uncle Siever understands.”

Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā looked at her daughter, as if to object once again, but shook her head instead.

She realized that Maimoonā Usmā Islām’s mind was made up.

She was not to be stopped.

What she did not know was the fact that Erythro, the planet itself, had made her daughter to make her mind so.

It’s warmer on Erythro this time, Maimoonā Usmā Islām thought, just warm enough to make the breeze welcome.

The grayish clouds were scudding across the sky of Erythro a bit more rapidly, and they seemed thicker.

She was born on Rotor.

Rotor was her home.

Nevertheless, she was feeling at home here on Erythro.

Rain was predicted for the next day.

Maimoonā thought it might be nice to be out in the rain and watch what happened.

It should splash in the little creek and make the rocks wet and turn any soil muddy and mushy.

Maimoonā came up to a flat rock near the creek.

She brushed it with her hand, and sat down on it carefully.

She stared at the flowing water curling around the rocks that studded it.

Maimoonā was thinking that the rain would feel like taking a shower.

It would be like a shower coming down from the whole sky.

One couldn’t step out of it.

Durgesh has described to her the phenomenon.

He has the experience of rain.

Maimoonā could not have it as she was born on a settlement.

How would it be?

Will there be trouble breathing?

No, that couldn’t be.

How Durgesh has lived otherwise?

But Durgesh does not need oxygen.

How do you know?

He claims that he does not need oxygen; he lives on continuous non stop love making.

But, how do you know he is right in his claim?

The oxygen is still available to him also when he is in continuous non stop love making even.

How do you know he doesn’t breathe oxygen then?

It rained on Earth all the time―frequently anyway.

She did not hear that people drowned in it.

No, the rain would be like a shower, and one can breathe in a shower.

She has that experience after all.

Hasn’t she?

The rain wouldn’t be hot, though.

She liked hot showers.

All the westerners like hot showers but not her own mother.

Her mother was not a westerner actually.

Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā, Eugenia Insigna, was a daughter of Dr. Tāhirā Ůmer Fārooque and Doctor Shiv Shankar Sharmā.

Both were not westerners.

Her grandmother Dr. Tāhirā Ůmer Fārooque was an Årab Muslimā.

Her grandfather Doctor Shiv Shankar Sharmā was an Indian.

They both liked cold showers.

So was her mother Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā.

Eugenia Insigna was not her mother’s maiden name.

Her mother’s maiden name was Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā.

Eugenia Insigna was a name she was called by on Rotor widely.

Nevertheless, like a westerner, Maimoonā Usmā Islām liked hot showers.

It would not be hot though.

Maimoonā thought about it lazily.

It was very quiet out here, and very peaceful.

She could rest and there was no one to see her, to watch her, no one whom Maimoonā had to interpret.

It was great not to have to interpret.

What temperature would it be?

The rain, that is.

Why shouldn’t it be the same comfortable temperature as Nemesis itself?

Of course, Maimoonā could get wet, and it was always cold when one stepped out of a shower all wet.

And the rain would wet her clothes too.

Suddenly she felt she was not all alone there.

“Dolorette!” Maimoonā Usmā Islām exclaimed, “You? You are here on Erythro?”

“Why not?” Dolorette Siever smiled, “Have you forgotten? Your Uncle Siever is my father.”

A scene flashed involuntarily Maimoonā’s mind.

At dinner that night, her mother Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā asked,

“What kind of day did you have, dear?”

Maimoonā Ůsmā Islām looked at Doctor Alberta Jacoby Abraham and Doctor Alice Hamilton one by one.

Then she said,

“A quiet one. Durgesh came looking for me and I suppose he reported to you.”

Now it was Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā’s turn to look at Doctor Alberta Jacoby Abraham and Doctor Alice Hamilton one by one.

All the three smiled sharing the same understanding.

Maimoonā Ůsmā Islām shrugged her shoulders,

“I’m sorry you have to take the trouble to hunt me down.”

Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā sighed,

“But, Maimoonā! I can’t help but think sometimes that you’re unhappy and isn’t it natural for me to be concerned about that? I’m your mother. You’re alone too much.”

“I like to be alone.”

“You don’t act it. You show no signs of happiness at being alone. There are many people who would like to be friendly and you would be happier if you allowed them to be. Aurinel is your friend.”

“Was. He’s all busy these days with other people. Today I again felt it. Imagine him talking to me, even fucking me and thinking about Dolorette.”

Dr. Ůsmā Islām Umm Maimoonā smiled.

The girl envied Dolorette, her own best friend.

“You can’t quite blame Aurinel, you know. Dolorette is also his age.”

“Physically,” said Maimoonā Ůsmā Islām, “What a bubblehead.”

“Physically counts a great deal at his age.”

“I know. But, it makes a bubblehead out of me too. The more Durgesh slobbers over Dolorette the more I feel even he can’t differentiate me from Dolorette.”

“It’s not true, Maimoonā! Durgesh loves both Dolorette and you, and you know it.”

“Only because we both have cunts welcoming Durgesh’s Hindu prick, Dolorette can’t compete with me.”

“I’m your best friend, Maimoonā!” Dolorette Siever smiled again.

“So you’ve followed me?”

“Yes, Maimoonā!”

“Why Dolorette? I want to be all alone.”

“No, you don’t.” Dolorette Siever smiled again, “I’ve brought Durgesh with me.”

Maimoonā Usmā Islām raised her beautiful head above and looked at me.

“Yes, I see so.”

“You should not be jealous of me, darling!” Dolorette Siever laughed.

“I’m not!” Maimoonā Usmā Islām rejoined curtly, “You are a bubblehead, Dolorette! Please forgive me if I’m bluntly true. Only because we both have cunts welcoming Durgesh’s Hindu prick, you can’t compete with me.”

Dolorette Siever laughed.

“You Årab Muslimāt are infinite, having Durgesh always riding on you all in continuous non stop love making. Even then, we, the Jews Beauties are not jealous of you Årab Muslimāt. You―”

“You Jews Beauties! You Jews Beauties?” Maimoonā Usmā Islām flared, “You all are bubbleheads.”

“Watch your language, Maimoonā!” Dolorette Siever said grimly, “I’ve always tolerated you. You are always impossible. Only because I’m more beautiful―”

“You are not!!!” Maimoonā Usmā Islām flared once again, “You are most certainly not!”

“Yes, I am.”Dolorette Siever rejoined curtly, “You Årab Muslimāt are so communal that you can’t bear a Jews Beauty were more beautiful than you.”

“You are not!!! I say you are most certainly not!”

“Yes, I am dearie!”Dolorette Siever rejoined tersely, “Only because you Årab Muslimāt Beauties are infinite in numbers and Durgesh is riding on you all in continuous non stop love making you think you own Durgesh.”


“You Årab Muslimāt are always communal. Why are you so? Even Durgesh’s continuous non stop love making has not refined you, not made you Årab Muslimāt sophisticated.”


“You say we are Ahalé Kitāb. We also have our own ‘Yogdr’sht Ved Bhāshý Samhitā’, our own Kitābé Āsmānī, our own Divine Book Revealed to our Prophets.”


“But you say our Divine Book Revealed, Torah, is not in correct form now. I don’t agree with you. None of us agrees with you Årab Muslimāt. Understand?”


“Even your own Divine Book Revealed, even your own ‘Yogdr’sht Ved Bhāshý Samhitā’, the Holy Qurãn, does not agree with you.”


“Yes!” Dolorette Siever said curtly, “Vide Sūrah Āl ‘Imrān: Verse 93:

‘Tell them: ‘Bring the Torah and recite any passage of it if you are truthful’.’

What does it mean? It means our Divine Book

Revealed the Torah is more reliable than Qurãn itself.”

Maimoonā Usmā Islām laughed.

“Durgesh!” She addressed me, “Please sit down and allow Dolorette to sit on your lap.”

“How kind of you!” Dolorette Siever chuckled sarcastically, “I have my own right to sit on Durgesh’s lap whether you approve of it or not.”


“There is no need of Qurãn, Islam and the Prophet of Islam.” Dolorette Siever said curtly, “We, the Jews, don’t say it because we don’t want to act communal.”

“Dolorette!” Maimoonā Usmā Islām said patiently, “We, the Dvij Hindus, the Bachhalyās, the Traditional Hindus, the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews, have to fight with atheism now. If we don’t fight with each other, it will help the humankind and the humanity a lot. The atheism is more dangerous than any of us is. Try to understand.”

“Why is it so?”

“Why is it so?” Maimoonā Usmā Islām exclaimed, “Allāh! Dolorette! Haven’t you gone with Durgesh into future, ever? Durgesh is amending it. Why?”

“Because the Galactic Empire is falling there. Durgesh thinks it is because of Communism.”

“Durgesh thinks, don’t you?”

“I’m enjoying my life with Durgesh.” Dolorette Siever chuckled, laughed quietly, “There are more responsible persons than me. They are being honored and being paid for worrying about us. Let them earn what they are getting.”

“Why are you so irresponsible, Dolorette?”

“And why do you think you are responsible for everything which happens in the entire infinite raised to power infinite creations?”

Maimoonā Usmā Islām looked seriously at Dolorette Siever.

“Want to know?”


“I’m an Årab Muslimā.”

“Really?” Dolorette Siever was sarcastic.

“Being a Jew Beauty you also must be responsible for what is happening around you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Maimoonā!”

“It’s not nonsense, Dolorette!”

“It is. Religion is out of date now.”

“I don’t know why you Jews think so every now and then.”

“Every now and then?”

“Yes! Every now and then.” Maimoonā Usmā Islām said grimly, “In the entire human history only the Jews were the persons who killed their prophets in a large number. Hindus never did it. The Christians never did it, and we Muslims also never did it.”

Dolorette looked at Maimoonā Usmā Islām gravely.

“Why do you think it is so?”

“Do you agree that it is so?”

“Let’s suppose I do agree.”

“If you are not serious, I’m sorry I brought the subject.”

“Okay! I’ve gone into future with Durgesh till Harla Branno lost to Gaia and Golan Trevize is suspecting his decision of Galaxia.”

“Why do you think the Galactic Empire fell, Dolorette?”

“Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān says Durgesh not helped her.”

“And you agree with Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān?”

“I don’t know.”

“Dolorette! You are an Ammul Kāýnāt. You can’t be so careless. Some day you will have your own creation.”

“I don’t think I’ll go to the extent.” Dolorette Siever said gravely.

“Even then what do you think of our life?”

“What is there to think about?”

“Do you think our life is an accident?”

“All the scientists say so.”

“Name them.”


“Name the scientists who say so.”

“I say all the scientists.”

“Einstein did not think so.”

Albert Einstein?”

“Of course!”

“There are views that Albert Einstein had gone mad in his later years.”

Maimoonā Usmā Islām laughed.

“Because he was talking of God and religion in his later years? Dolorette! He was the greatest scientist till he talked of atheism, and as soon as he started to talk of God, he became mad?”


“The atheists don’t want to accept the existence of God. So they tell lies profoundly.”

Chapter 9


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