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Golan Trevize remembered.

Janov Pelorat was always very fond of Durgesh.

But so was Harla Branno herself.

Of all the males available in the entire infinite creations, Harla Branno had chosen Durgesh as her Sex Partner.

She offered herself to Durgesh and Durgesh accepted her as he was not as uncultured as to humiliate a lady by refusing her.

“Why do you want me, Harla?” I had smiled however, “I accept your offer, but dear! I’m not of your type.”

“What do you mean?” Young Harla Branno smiled at me teasingly.

“You don’t believe in God, and I do.”

“Because I don’t think you really do.”

“My dear! I am an ardent believer in God. I always say:

‘Ved Bible and Qurãn the trio if we have,

Don’t worry of humanity then ever,

the trio will save ―”

“They say it’s your strategy, Durgesh!”

“They are wrong.”

“They say you say so because the Dvij Hindus are infinite in numbers.”

“I believe that Dvij Hindus are infinite in numbers because they follow Universal Truths, as well as other truths.”

“They say it’s your strategy to say so.” Harla Branno was still smiling.

“No, dear! Once upon a time, Dvij Hindus were not so in numbers. They were quite in minority even in India.”

Harla Branno only smiled.

“You have chosen me your life partner now, Harla!” I said gravely, “With me you have to live long. I don’t want you not to know me even what I am actually. Don’t start your life with me in darkness.”

Lady Christie Josephine Hardin, her mother, smiled at Harla Branno.

“Durgesh is right, dear! Don’t choose your life partner in haste ever. Dr. Branno Hardin and I did it. We are regretting.”

“Regretting?” Harla Branno laughed, “Mom! You never regretted it. You offered yourself to Pitājī, Dr. Manmohan Chatterjī, my father, as soon as you realised that Pitājī, Dr. Manmohan Chatterjī, my father, suit you more than Dr. Branno Hardin, your legal husband.”

Dr. Branno Hardin also smiled.

“She is right, Christie!”

“What I want to tell Harla is that she should have a life partner of her own kind.” I said.

“Which you are not.” Harla Branno interjected.

“Which I’m certainly not.” I smiled at her.

“What difference does it make in our sex life?” Harla Branno asked me coldly.

“I do at least three Stavans everyday.”

“I know.”

“Yet you want to have me as your life partner?”

“I’ll never compromise in the matter.”

“Which means I’ve to compromise in the matter?”

“That’s the point, darling! Why should you, if it can be avoided.”

“Well, I know it’s your political strategy.”

“No, Harla! It’s not my political strategy. It’s my life―

‘Ved is my soul Ved is my body,

I’ll die not allowed if to preach humanity.’―”

“I also believe in humanity, Durgesh!” Harla Branno held my left hand, “What do you think, I’m inhuman?”

“Our version of humanity differs, Harla!”

“Well, you always say that only Hindu Dharm is the religion absolutely unfrightened to have any woman of any system of life.”

“Do you want to marry me?”

“Nonsense! Be reasonable. I’ve seen the married life of my mother. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.”

Lady Christie Josephine Hardin, her mother, looked at me.

“Harla is asking you only to be her boy friend. Why are you acting so hard to get? Haven’t you enough girl friends already out of wedlock?”

“Have you married ever with your so called ever first wife, Ādi Ammul Kāýnāt Kħātooné Åālmeen Ħazrat Allāh Rabbil Åālmeen?” Harla Branno was almost furious now, “Have you married ever with your so called eversecond wife Kħātooné Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadā Fātimā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā? Have you married ever with your so-called everthird wife Ammul Momineen Ħazrat Åāýeshā Siddeequā razee Allāhu tåālā ånhā bint Ħazrat Abee Bakar Siddeequerz ?”

“No!” I accepted, “But they accept me their husband, and so I. Will you?”

“I accept you my boy friend. I hate matrimony.”

“I don’t.”

“Are you turning down my proposal?”

“Certainly not, certainly not!”


“I’m only advising you to have a better boy friend.”

“I like you and I like nobody else!” Harla Branno thundered.

I sighed.

“You will regret it, Harla!”

“Never! I can differ in many opinions with you.” Harla Branno said gravely, “I can even fight with you for my rights on you as your sex partner, but I’ll never, never, regret it. That much I promise.”

“Okay!” I stretched both my arms welcoming her, “Come on!”

Harla Branno rushed to me.

“Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe told me you are tough.” Harla Branno kissed me.

Dr. Han Fastolfe pursed his lips.

I smiled at him.

“So you are offering me your daughter Vasilia Fastolfe?

“If you please don’t mind.” Dr. Han Fastolfe looked at me gravely.

I laughed,

“You are neither a Dvij Hindu nor a Bachhalyā, Dr. Han Fastolfe! Still you believe in Kanyādān theory of Param Brahmarshi Bhagvān Bhr’gu. Astonishing!”

Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī smiled.

He was also present there at that time.

Dr. Han Fastolfe looked at Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī, and then he shook his head in negation to me.

“No. I don’t believe in Kanyādān theory of your Param Brahmarshi Bhagvān Bhr’gu, Durgesh!”

“Then?” I was quite astonished.

Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī looked at me diffidently.

Dr. Han Fastolfe cleared his throat.

I looked at him gravely,

“Dr. Han Fastolfe! Aurora is not as unknown to me as it is to Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī. Except Dvij Hindus the Bachhalyās and traditional Hindus, offering sex on Aurora is on a par with commenting upon weather.”

Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī looked at me astonished,

“Are we still in Hindu Vishv, Vishvéndr Shrī?”

“Local administration, Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī! Local administration. I can’t violate democracy. I’m bound to follow it more than the non-Hindus do. It’s a matter of religious obedience for me.” I smiled at him ironically, “Dvij Hindus and the Bachhalyās and even traditional Hindus are not here in majority. They are only being used as stallions to provide the majority, sons, the majority are incapable to do.”

“Allā’h Allā’h Kħairsallā’h!”

“These are ultra modern people, Altāf!” I commented acerbically, “We Dvij Hindus the Bachhalyās and even traditional Hindus are primitive people as far as they are concerned and you Musalmeen are backwards. They are taking optimum advantage of the Perfect Democracy Hindu Vishv is bound to practice:

Sam samidyuvase vr’shannagne vishvaanyary’ aa,

idaspade samidhyase s’ novasoonyaa bhar.’

―Ved 1R’gved: Sangathan Sookt, Unity Sookt, Mandal 10, Sookt 191/1.

Dr. Han Fastolfe frowned.

“You can’t understand, Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī!” he said, “You know nothing about it. Please don’t judge us by the standards of your own worlds. Sex is not a matter of great importance to us, true, I acknowledge, and we are not ashamed of it.”

Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī laughed ironically.

“Nevertheless,” Dr. Han Fastolfe continued, “we are careful as to how we use it. It may not seem so to you, but none of us offers it lightly. I have two daughters. They are by two different mothers.”

Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī smiled.

She was Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī’s younger real sister and I was fucking her.

She was the chief assistant of Dr. Han Fastolfe here on Aurora.

Even Dr. Dorla Amadiro had to work under Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī.

Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī had come to visit her actually.

Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī pushed back her nude Årab Muslimā female buttocks into my nude Hindu lap and swallowed my entire Hindu Penis into her beautiful, good-looking, attractive, smart Årab Muslimā cunt.

I held both of her erect Årab Muslimā breasts in my hand and increased my pace.

Now I was fucking Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī harder arrogantly.

“Sir! Would you rather have had sons, Dr. Han Fastolfe?” Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī asked tightening her already tight Årab Muslimā vaginal grip on the entire length and thickness of my Hindu Penis.

Dr. Han Fastolfe was genuinely surprised,

“Why? No. Not at all. You know me better, Kħālidā! What a coincidence! You and Dr. Gladia Delmarre both resemble my daughter Vasilia Fastolfe very much.”

“I’m sorry to inform you, Sir!”Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī smiled paradoxically, “It’s not a coincidence. My mother, Sheikħzādī Dr. Åābidā Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque married you because my father, Dr. Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque had to leave Aurora and my mother, Sheikħzādī Dr. Åābidā Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque, did not want to. She had Dr. Gladia Delmarre in her Årab Muslimā womb when ultimately she left you to join my father, Dr. Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque recently settled then on Solaria.”

“Åābidā did not tell me. Åābidā did not tell me.” Dr. Han Fastolfe could not control himself.

“Yes. She did not tell you. You had taken me from her. Naturally, she was afraid of you that you will take Gladia as well. You already had Vasilia Fastolfe, yet you were unable to give me to my mother, Sheikħzādī Dr. Åābidā Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque. She did not have another option.”

“So, so Vasilia, you and Gladia, all the three are my own daughters, having the same mother, Sheikħzādī Dr. Åābidā Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque? I have three daughters, not only two?” Dr. Han Fastolfe looked at her, gladly astonished.

Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī smiled at her elder brother, Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī,

“Bhāijān! Your father, I mean your real father Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak’s son, Prabhu Mohan Pāthak; wants to meet you.”

“She is right, Altāf!” Dr. Han Fastolfe looked gravely at his younger brother’s, Prabhu Mohan Pāthak’s son, Dr. Altāf Shāhid Ålī.

Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak were the real father of Dr. Han Fastolfe also.

‘Han Fastolfe’ was the name his mother, Dr. Dolly Vasilia Fastolfe gave him; his father Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak named him Hansrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak.

‘Han’ was short for ‘Hansrudr’.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe greeted me with open arms.

She was too pleased even to speak properly for sometimes.

Her beautiful arms were around my neck and she was kissing me as gratefully as she could not believe I was there on my own accord.

There was no lock on Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe’s establishment.

So it was on those of Dr. Gladia Delmarre and Dr. Han Fastolfe also.

A sparse population of Aurora and separation helped ensure privacy.

Moreover, no doubt, the custom of noninterference helped, too.

In addition to that, the ubiquitous, the ever-present, robot guards were more efficient than any lock could be.

Aurora was not foreign to me.

I was as Ultimate Administrator on Aurora as everywhere else.

There were Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe’s robots of course.

They were like Giskard in appearance.

However, their clothing designs were different, having different code numbers even, of course.

The room was bursting into full daylight.

Being kissed by extremely pleased Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe, I looked upward.

The ceiling was glassed.

The sun could be seen through it.

It seemed oddly dim, however, and could be looked at.

Even though that did not seem to affect the quality of the light within.

The glass diffused the light without absorbing it.

I looked down at the young woman holding me in her strong feminine embrace, and kissing me gratefully, repeatedly.

“Vasilia! ―”

“Dr. Vasilia Aliena, if you want a full name, my dreamboy! I do not borrow the names of others. You may call me ‘Vasilia’. ‘Dr. Vasilia’ is the name by which I am commonly known here at the institute.”

“Your father, Dr. Han Fastolfe, requested me to come to you.”

“I―I thank you.”

“Vasilia darling!” I smiled sweetly at her, “You seem quite overawed by me.”

“Shouldn’t I?”

“Why should you?”

“You are the Ultimate Administrator of Hindu Vishv, a Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimat Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimat Creations, infinite Bachhalya  Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations.”

I still smiled.

“So what, my dear? I’m still a human being, as you are.”

“There are differences between human beings even.”

“Not as much as to be overawed by someone.”

“The Dvij Hindus and the Bachhalyās claim you to be ‘The Shāshvat Āchrañ Nāyak’, ‘The Eternal Ideal Man to be followed’, of Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā, the God Himself.”

“That’s what they claim.”

“Don’t you yourself?”

“Of course I do, but only to those who believe in Ved.”


Svayambhooryaathaatathyato’arthaanvyadadhaachchhaashvateebhyah samaabhyah.’


Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was smiling at me pleasantly.

She held my hand.

“Come on, please!”

I entered her bedroom with her.

“Your Sanskr’t pronunciation is very good, Vasilia!”

“My father, Dr. Han Fastolfe, is a Hindu by birth―though not by faith any more. Don’t forget. His father is Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak’s son Prabhu Mohan Pāthak actually.”

“I can see that you are quite proud of your great grandfather.” I smiled at her.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe also smiled.

“Quite! Why shouldn’t I? My grandfather, Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak, is a great man, even greater than my father, Dr. Han Fastolfe.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe said gravely.

“Your grandmother, Dr. Dolly Vasilia Fastolfe, lives with your grandfather Prabhu Mohan Pāthak?”

“Yes! She is a great woman. I am named after her.”

“Even then, you are not a Hindu.” I looked into her eyes.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.


“May I ask why?”

“You mean why I am not a Hindu?”


“The answer will not please you.”

“Don’t worry. I can face it.”

“Why go to it if it is unpleasant?”

“Vasilia! I want to know.”

“You are behaving like a communal Hindu.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“Not exactly.” I contradicted her smiling, “Your great grandfather, Tap Chakrvartī Pāthak Chakrvartī Brhmrudr Mahāpralayankar Pāthak, is a Brāhmañ Vishisht Brahm. Your grandmother, Dr. Dolly Vasilia Fastolfe, still lives with your grandfather Prabhu Mohan Pāthak. Nevertheless―”

“I don’t believe in Hindu God.”

I laughed.

“God is not Hindu, Vasilia! ―nor Jew nor Christian nor Muslim. God is the God only. These are the names of our beliefs. God hasn’t any beliefs. He knows everything.”

“I mean in Hindu conception of God.”

“What is wrong with it?”

“Everything. I don’t believe there is any God even.”


“What do you mean why? I don’t believe. That’s all.”

I smiled.

“I think you’ve inherited more genes from your grandmother than those from your grandfather.”

“Maybe.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled, “My mother is an Årab Muslimā, Sheikħzādī Dr. Åābidā Yāseen Ůmer Fārooque. Dr. Gladia Delmarre and Dr. Kħālidā Shāhid Ålī are my real sisters.”

“Haven’t you inherited genes from your father also?”

“You are using a biological term repetitively.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was intensely grave now, “I share genes with him in a manner characteristic of what on Trantor would be considered a father-daughter relationship. This is a matter of indifference on Aurora and you know it quite well. Aurora is not foreign to you as it is to others.”

“Vasilia! ―”

“I share genes with him in a manner characteristic of what on Trantor would be considered a father-daughter relationship. This is a matter of indifference on Aurora, except in medical and genetic matters.”

“Vasilia! ―”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe made me to sit on her bed and sat down on my lap without any hesitation.

She was pleased instead―

“I can conceive of my suffering from certain metabolic states in which it would be appropriate to consider the physiology and the biochemistry of those with whom I share genes―parents, siblings, children, and so on. Otherwise these relationships are not generally referred to in polite Auroran society―you know.”

“These relationships make family, Vasilia!” I said gravely.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“A specialty of Hindu Dharm―eh?”

“We need family not to be alone, not to be mad, not to suicide even.”

“A dominant Hindu Concept of life! The Hindus whether they are Dvij Hindus, the Bachhalyās or the traditional ones, are still maintaining their stand of the advocates of family system while the others are losing faith in it.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe rejoined, “I’m sorry, Durgesh! I don’t share the optimism with you.”

I smiled at her.

“You detest family?”

“When family gives nothing to you, and is always a liability, why one would want it?”

“You are right.” I laughed, “We human beings are selfish ultimately.”

“You accept that?” Excitedly Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe put her right hand on my Penis.

“We, all the religionists, all the idealists, accept it at heart, whether openly or otherwise. Why otherwise we preach to reform one? It is necessary to reform a selfish not the one who is not selfish―

Kr’n’vanto vishvamaaryam’:

‘These Swift flowing tawny colored Som, with a stream of eternal truth, let loose/proceed, augmenting Indr, urging the utmost beautiful young girls and ladies, making all better, destroying the withholders.”

Ved 1R| 9 | 63 | 4-5.


Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe started to play with my Penis.

“You certainly have something there.”

I rubbed her beautiful female breasts.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe squeezed my Penis, persuasively.

“How old are you?”

“In this body, I’m fifty eight, fifty nine to be completed.”

“Just tell me how you are as youthful as I am?”

“Don’t ask me it, Vasilia! ―”

“Why not?”

“There are some questions about us Dvij Hindus that can’t be answered until we go into our religious teachings, our religious faiths.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“Your Hindu Penis is as hardened as my breasts are.”

I laughed.

“You want to fuck me as more as I want to be fucked by you.”

“I appreciate your truthfulness. Thank you, Vasilia! ―”

“Not at all. We atheists are not hypocrites.”

“Meaning, we religionists are?”

She laughed.

“Dr. Han Fastolfe sent me here for you. Isn’t it a family benefit you’ve got?”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled.

“He brought you up, Vasilia! He cared for you. You had a profound affection for each other. He still feels a profound affection for you.”

“How do you know what he feels for me?”

“It was obvious from the details of our conversations. It is obvious even from the fact―”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe kissed my Penis to cut me short.

“Durgesh darling! You don’t know anything.”

“Of course I don’t know till you tell me. I’m not Omnipotent, not Omniscient, not Omnipresent, as Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā is.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“Sheikħzādī Allāh Al Maimoon claims you are yourself Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā (‘Nauzbillah! )”

“It is her political strategy. She thinks there is no Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā. A human being becomes Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā, as he becomes R’shi, Dév, Brahm, Vishisht Brahm and vanishes into Param Purush, into the Absolute man, if he is his etheric body.”

“It isn’t right?”

“How it can be? The concept of Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā is not that of a person. According to Ved Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā is an abstract element. He can personify Himself, of course, as he is Omnipotent, but He doesn’t need it.”

“Well, it is a concept after all―

‘Deshbandhashchittasy’ dhaarn’aa.’ ‘Tatr pratyay’aiktaanataa dhyaanam.’ ‘Tadevaarthmaatrnirbhaasam svaroopshoonyamiv smaadhih.’ ‘Trayamekatr samyamah.’ ‘Tajjayaatpragyaa”lokah.’ ‘Tasy’ bhoomishu viniyogah.’

―Pātanjal Yogdarshanam: 3 Vibhootipād: 1-6.

‘Svaadhyaayaadihtdevtaa smprayogah.’ ‘Samaadhiiddhireeshvarpran’ihaanaat.’

―Pātanjal Yogdarshanam: 2: Sādhanpād: 44-45.”

“So you’ve read it all?”

“Studied.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe corrected me.

“Okay! Studied. May I ask why?”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe started to suck my Penis.

She was smiling.

“There are two most successful persons who claim their success to Yog and Tantr―You and Sheikħzādī Allāh Al Maimoon.”

“I claim my success to Ved, to Trishapt, not to Yog and Tantr only.” I contradicted her.

“Sheikħzādī Allāh Al Maimoon claims it’s your political strategy.”

“As Qurãn, Namāz, Rozā, are hers?”

“Well, she is an Årab Muslimā. She can’t go to your Ved, Trishapt, Yog and Tantr, naturally. But the pattern is similar.”

I had undressed her in the meantime.

My Hindu Penis had hardened into her beautiful mouth.

I kissed her very cunt.

“Aside from any personal feelings, Vasilia! There is a matter of the future of the Galaxy. Dr. Fastolfe, your father, wishes new worlds to be explored and settled by human beings. If the political repercussions, if the political consequences, lead to the exploration and settlement of the new worlds by robots, Dr. Fastolfe believes that this will be catastrophic, this will be disastrous, to Aurora and humanity. Surely you would not want to be a party to such a catastrophe.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was suddenly alert.

“Hey! You are amending the Time Cycle. Are you not?”

“Of course I am.”

“Then tell me what is there in the original Time Cycle.”

“In the original Time Cycle?”

“Yes! Please tell me.”

“Why do you believe me? Why do you yourself not visit it in person and see it?”

“I will. I certainly will.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe announced solemnly, “But your confidence tells me it is not very good in the original Time Cycle. Tell me what is it there.”

I looked at her into her bright eyes.

“Aurora is not there.”

“Great Galaxy!”

“In the original Time Cycle, the Spacers are not forming the First Galactic Empire, the Settlers are forming it.”

“The Settlers?”


Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was horrified.

“No Aurora? No Spacers?”

I nodded silently.

“The Aurorans are found on Trantor as a backward descendant group in the past centered, mythology ridden, Mycogen Sector.”

“Great Galaxy!”

“They provide food to the Galaxy. Weep silently on their past. Remember once they had robots.”

Horrified Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe repeated.

“We provide food to the Galaxy? Weep silently on our past? Remember once we had robots?”


Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe lied on her back.

She was staring at the ceiling utterly lacking any emotion whatsoever.

“It can be changed. Isn’t it?”

“Of course. I’ve come to you because I need your co operation for changing it.”

“I’m here all with you. Go ahead and change it.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe said gravely.

She held my Penis between her thumb and index finger and put it between her labial lips.

I pushed it and entered her.

First, only the head, then one fourth, then half, then three fourth, and then entirely my superb Hindu Penis vanished into Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe’s atheist cunt.

I started to fuck her neurotically.

My palms reached her atheists female buttocks and started to play with them.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe kissed me gratefully.

“I don’t agree with Dr. Han Fastolfe, Durgesh! I left him, because I don’t agree with him.”


“I’ll cooperate with you in amending the Time Cycle of Aurora and us Aurorans, but please don’t ask me to agree with Fastolfe. I agree with Dr. Kelden Amadiro instead.”

“He has lost to Dr. Han Fastolfe in the original Time Cycle, Vasilia!”

“Oh, no!”

“Yes, Vasilia!”

“He is a great person, Durgesh! His daughter Dr. Dorla Amadiro ―”

“I’ve met Dorla.”

“But not Dr. Kelden Amadiro ?”

“I’ve met him also, Vasilia!” I told her gravely, “But, sorry darling! He hasn’t impressed me to be a good guy.”

“But he is, Durgesh! He is. How did Dorla impress you?”

“She is a very good girl.”

“But she inherits the genes of Dr. Kelden Amadiro . Doesn’t she?”

I looked at her thoughtfully.

“What do you want to say, Vasilia?”

“Is Dorla also your woman as I am now?”

“Of course! She herself proposed.”

“Is she helping in amending the original Time Cycle of Aurora and us Aurorans?”

“Yes! Certainly! She is not less Auroran than you are.”

“I bet you haven’t talked with Dr. Kelden Amadiro in the matter.”


“You talked with Dorla, because Dorla is an extremely beautiful young Spacer woman and it is natural that you enjoy her.”

“Well, I’ll not contradict you.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled.

“After all, I am also a man, Vasilia! I also want to enjoy my life with the women I want. I have a right to do so.”

“I know.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed, “You Hindu Playboy! That’s why there is no another male after you for infinite Kalp Kalpānters―

Striyah punso’tiriktaah. Tasmaadutaiko bahveerjaayaa vindate naikaa bahoonpateen.’

-Kāthak Samhita-46/8

‘The women outnumber the men. Therefore, many women choose a single husband, not a single woman many. /therefore there is polygamy in practice, not polyandry.’

-Kāthak Samhita-46/8.

In addition…

Tasmaadayamaakaashah striyaa pooryat ev.’

‘’―Therefore the space is filled with women only.’

-Shatpath Brāhmañ-14/1/2/5.

You alone enjoyed infinite of us dazzling beauties for infinite Kalp Kalpānters. Didn’t you?”

I laughed.

“I did not want woman for me. Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā arranged for it―

S’ vai naiv reme etc.’

‘Shatpath Brāhmañ’: Kānd 14| Prapāthak 1| Brāhmañ 2| Kandikā 4-5.

Why shouldn’t I enjoy it, if Eīshān provides it for me?”

“Did not want to be an Anugrah-Vr’tr? I think.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled at me significantly.

“Certainly! Of course not! Why should I?” I winked at her, “The creations are made by Eīshān so that we human beings can enjoy them, not despise them―

Eishaavaasyamidagvong sarvam etc.’

―Ved: 2Y: 40/1-2.”

“It is the reason; Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān claims that you are an atheist, Durgesh!” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“That I quote Vedmantrs?” I winked at her fucking her vehemently.

“It’s your political strategy, Åāýeshā says.”

I looked at her gravely.

“I’m not an atheist, because I’ve studied history more seriously, Vasilia!”

“Åāýeshā says that Ved is not the root cause of the success of you Hindus, It is history you study in your Stavans which makes you successful.”

“And you believe her?”


“Vasilia! I’ve studied history more seriously; therefore, I know atheism is dangerous in the long run to the society and to the individual even. Atheism can’t make a society. It degenerates instead even the established societies. The degeneration of the Soviet Union is the bitterest example of it the history witnessed. The Fall of the Galactic Empire confirms my views.”

“Are you comparing The Fall of the Galactic Empire with the degeneration of the Soviet Union?” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was surprised very much.

“Yes, Vasilia!” I said gravely, “I always try to find the reason for every degeneration and every Fall. I think every person who wants to live and progress, must do it.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“The ‘Antim Āchrañ Nāyak’, the ‘Final Ideal Leader’ of Hindu Dharm?”

“Well, not for you if you don’t think there is any God.”

“Well, there are millions of Traditional Hindus who don’t think you are The ‘Antim Āchrañ Nāyak’, the ‘Final Ideal Leader’ of Hindu Dharm.”

“The Traditional Hindus do not practice Ved physically, Vasilia!” I smiled at her gravely, “They only believe that Ved is the Eternal Constitution of entire Creations, they don’t practice it.”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe was enjoying my Hindu Penis into her very Spacer cunt.

My Hindu Penis was unique in enlengthening itself, in widening and in filling every cunt in its optimum, it visited.

It was due to my Bhogyantrānk.

No man except me had such a Bhogyantrānk as none of them performed their Stavans as I did.

Moreover, they could not do, as they were brought into existence after too many Kalp Kalpānters of me.

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe smiled.

“Mere belief is not sufficient?”

“How can it be, Vasilia? If you believe that, you live on oxygen, but don’t take oxygen practically, how can you survive?”

“So it is wrong that ‘Vishvaasam phaldaayakam’?”

“No, it is not wrong. ‘Vishvaasam phaldaayakam’. A belief always pays but only when it is practiced seriously― ‘S’ tu deerghkaalnairantary’satkaaraasevit dr’dhbhoomih.’’ (Pātanjal Yogdarshanam: 1 Samādhipād /14)―

‘Deerghkaal’ ‘For a long time’, ‘Nairantary’’ ‘Continuously’, ‘Satkaar’ ‘Respectfully’ and ‘Aasevit’ ‘Practiced in optimum’.”

“And Jews not did it?”

“Well. According to my historical researches―”

Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“Historical researches?”

“Why not?”

“Say Communal researches, Durgesh!”

“What is communal in my researches?”

“Everything. You believe Ved is the ‘Eternal Constitution of Entire infinite Creations’.”

“Why is it communal? I also believe―

‘Ved Bible and Qurãn the trio if we have,

Don’t worry of humanity then ever,

the trio will SAVE’.”

You don’t believe that. It’s your political strategy only.”

“How do you know, Vasilia? Are you a mind reader? You have amended the positronic brain path circuits of Giskard and have made him a somewhat telepathic robot, but it hasn’t made yourself telepathic. Has you?”

“The Jews do not believe that Ved is the ‘Eternal Constitution of Entire infinite Creations’.”

“Well, I have my faith in Ved, not in Jews.”

“And you claim not to be communal.” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed.

“You believe in Jews?”

“I? I believe in humanity only.”

“So you are also communal.”


“If I believe in humanity, and I’m communal because I don’t believe in Jews entirely, why are you also not communal? You also don’t believe in Jews.”

“My dear life partner!” Dr. Vasilia Fastolfe laughed mischievously, “Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Reformed and other Protestants also do not believe in even the Jews believe what the First Commandment is. Are they all communal?”

Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer smiled at Mayor Harla Branno.

“Why are you visiting past with Durgesh extensively, Harla?”

Mayor Harla Branno squirmed into my nude male lap her beautiful nude female buttocks.

“Durgesh says the first Galactic Empire was a natural result of the atheism of the later Emperors. He says Solaria do not exist in the original Time Cycle thus made. I want to verify his claims and witness the whole history with my own very presence there.”

“You want to support atheism?”

“Do you not?”

Stella smiled at Mayor Harla Branno.

“Frankly, I don’t know, Harla!” She lifted her right beautiful leg and wrapped it around my nude male Hindu waist.

My Dvij Hindu Penis vanished again into her smart Solarian cunt, right back from its mid outward motion.

“Let it remain there vanished completely inside for sometime, Durgesh!” Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer kissed me passionately. Then she looked at Mayor Harla Branno again, “Vasilia also came here. I am as patriotic as Vasilia and you are. You want Foundation’s triumph―”

“Shouldn’t I?”

Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer laughed.

“We all are patriots, Harla!”

Harla Branno clinched her vaginal muscles around the entire length of my Dvij Hindu Penis and smiled.

“Should we not Stella?”

“You want Foundation’s triumph, and there are the Time Cycle Projections for it. According to that Time Cycle Projections all factions, all parties, meet on Earth. The Calvinians are stopped by Daneel and Wanda Seldon. Old friends Seldon and Daneel meet one final time, to discuss philosophy. Despite the apparent eventual dominance of Galaxia, Seldon is cheerfully skeptical, confiding a belief that the second Galactic Empire will have both the Foundation, following his Seldon Plan, and Galaxia. He bets “Will there be an Encyclopedia Galactica a thousand years from now?”.”

“Yes, I know.” Mayor Harla Branno smiled, “But the problem is Stella, that how I can be sure that the Second Galactic Empire with the apparent eventual dominance of Galaxia, will have both the Foundation, following the Seldon Plan, and Galaxia, and yet it will not fall again as the First Galactic Empire fell?”

Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer smiled sophisticatedly.

“I think your problem is greater than mine. You are not fighting for the existence of the Foundation, as we, Vasilia and I are fighting for the existence of our own planets and our own culture in the future. You are fighting for the Second Galactic Empire even with the apparent eventual dominance of Galaxia, having both the Foundation, following the Seldon Plan, and Galaxia, not to fall.”

“I think you are right, Stella!” Mayor Harla Branno started the to and fro motion of her gorgeous female buttocks again, “nevertheless, we all have to amend the Time Cycle Projections. Thus, we can work together mapping out a Common Plan to which we all agree.”

“It’s a pity we don’t have our males with us.” Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer said tartly.

Harla Branno announced bitterly.

“They are outright fools. I’ve gone in the past with Durgesh and found to my extreme astonishment that the males had their Himalayan egos. They want to win out Durgesh but they do not have the patience, ingenuity, wisdom, courage and the true spirit for the necessary sacrifices as Durgesh has. We women always found Durgesh with us and the other males jealous and envious with him.”

“Forget them, Harla! We should work out a plan and start to amend the Time Cycle Projections to meet our needs.” Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer said gravely, “I can’t imagine Solaria is not there in the Future History. We Solarians are the number one now. Even Aurora is behind us in robotics. We have more than ten thousand robots per head here on Solaria in average. On Aurora, while, there is an average of about fifty robots per head only. Our robots based economy is far excellent than that of Aurora even. Only the problem of Personal Presence is biting the Solarian males too much.”

“You have detected your main problem, Stella! Congratulations! You only have to work out an effective plan and start to work now. My problem is to study and found out what the causes of a Galactic Empire’s fall.”

“Surely you have detected some of them till now.” Stella looked at Harla Branno expectantly.

“Oh, yes! I’m fighting not to agree with Durgesh.”

“That atheism is the root cause behind the great downfall?”

“Yes! Durgesh compares it with the downfall of the Soviet Union. He calls it the moral interpretation of history. I don’t agree with him.”

“Why? Because you are a communist at heart?”

“Durgesh is aso a communist at heart.” Mayor Harla Branno smiled sophisticatedly, “He himself admits that his Dvij Hindutv is actually a ‘Reformed Theist Communism’. What his ‘moral interpretation of history’ does mean that there was no moral in Soviet Union Empire, and I the First Galactic Empire likewise. I don’t agree with him, and therefore I myself want to witness the rise and fall of these both the empires, and detect and draw my own conclusions from my own obsrvations.”

“First hand information?” Dr. Stella Hannis Gruer laughed.

“Why not?” Harla Branno observed, “That’s what Durgesh has done by going right at the beginning of the cosmos.”

Mayor Salvor Hardin smiled at his younger sister.

“So you insist that Durgesh is the Ultimate Administrator of the entire infinite creations?”

“Well, I’ve seen that, big brother!” Dorrie Hardin also smiled at his elder brother confidently.

“And how can you see it? May I ask?”

“I have visited many of the creations under Durgesh’s ultimate administration.”

“And how do you know―”

Harla Branno raised her right hand.

“Oh, stop it. Will you please? It does not make any difference to us whether Durgesh is the ‘Ultimate Administrator of the Entire Infinite Creations’ or not. Let him be, let him not be.”

“Harla!” Salvor Hardin started to say something but Harla Branno again stopped him.

“You are one of my ancestors, the First Mayor! I respect you very much.”

“So?” Salvor Hardin smiled.

“I have not come here from the future to witness your discussions of Durgesh with your younger sisters. I want your opinion whether the First Galactic Empire fell due to the atheism of the later Emperors.”

“You don’t want to accept that?” Salvor Hardin laughed, “Don’t you?”

Dorrie Hardin also laughed.

“I portrayed you in my everfirst Trantorian movie ‘Durgesh Harla Branno’.”

Harla Branno smiled.

“I respect you, Dorrie! You are also one of my ancestors, and I know you both sister and brother are behind the mateoric success of each other.”

Mentally, Dr. Dorrie Hardin was an atheist. She did not believe on the existence of God, not because she had researched and had found out ultimately that there is no God. Socially, however, Dr. Dorrie Hardin belonged to the Christian faith.

Christianity was a monotheistic[1] religion centered on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as depicted in the New Testament.[2] Christians believed Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, and that the New Testament records the Gospel that was revealed by Jesus. With an estimated 2.1 billion adherents, or approximately 33% of the world’s population in 2007,[3] Christianity was the world’s largest religion once. It was the predominant religion in Europe, the Americas, Southern Africa, the Philippines and Oceania in 2007 AD..[4] It was also growing rapidly then in Africa and Asia, particularly in China, South Korea and the Middle East.

Hindu Dharm started to spread again from 1,97,29,49,076 Creations Era, or Sr’shti Samvat, and now it was the most practiced religion in its Dvij Hindutv form.

“We can divide the history of Soviet Union into four periods for the sake of analytical study as it is divided generally―

Harla Branno smiled,

“We are so fortunate, however, when to come to study the history of the First Galactic Empire. Here we have a long period of at least fourteen thousand years or fifteen thousand years to study.”

Salvor Hardin also smiled.

“You are really going to study analytically the history of such a long period?”

“I have to, the First Mayor!” Harla Branno replied respectfully.

“And how have you divided it to study it easily?”

“Well, the first period, in my opinion, is the rise of the Spacer Women in the primary leadership of Dr. Gladia Delmarre.”

“Dr. Gladia Delmarre?” Salvor Hardin was somewhat astonished.

“Of course! She was the everfirst Spacer Woman revolted against the foolish Spacer Males of  Solaria. She was brave enough to revolt against their suicidal obsession against Personal Presence too. Her leadership in question started with her historical speech in the Baleyworld.”

“And what about Lynda Wienis?”

“Lynda Wienis?”

“The most beautiful woman of Anacreon. She did not surrender to even Dorrie Hardin. She had her own plans of safety of Anacreon. Lynda Wienis managed to befriend with Princess Nauheedov Khrushchev of Smyrno, Princess Rosalie David of Daribow and Princess Lorraine Abraham of Konom.”

As soon as Dors Venabili allowed her, Princess Nauheedov Khrushchev of Smyrno advanced rapidly upstairs.

Allah! What a lady!

Hari Seldon would have been checkmated more far before if this Dors Venabili were not with her.

Durgesh succeeded skillfully, competently, dexterously, adeptly, adroitly, and proficiently, to mix up the Blacks and the Whites.

It started with the Black men marrying the White women more and more.

Chapter 10


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