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DSM Satyarthi

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Durgesh Vaqā Yūsuf:

Miss Arab World

Dolorette Siever laughed pleasantly.

“Certainly not, my dear, certainly not. I could not imagine women priests for your religion of science because in our Jewish tradition we do not have that high place for womankind.”

“What nonsense!” Dorrie Hardin was annoyed,

“We have even far more higher places in our religion of science for the womankind. Our Prophet is also a woman― Sheikħzādī Imāmzadī Zubédā Al Sa’ūd.”

“A woman prophet?” Dolorette Siever was extremely surprised.

“Why not? Do you think we women don’t deserve the honor?”

“Of course we deserve the honor, but till now―”

She suddenly looked behind me and stopped frozen in mid sentence,

“Vaqā Yūsuf, Miss Arab World 2007?” She said in a manner as if she was in a trance.

Astonished I turned and found an extremely beautiful Årab girl there followed by hundreds of others, similarly, or almost similarly beautiful.

Their bodies and their clothing were reporting the fact that they all were modern young Årab girls.

Most of them were from Sa’udi Arabia, but the others were from the Arabian Peninsula and United Arab Emirates.

Vaqā Yūsuf rushed to me dreadfully, urgently, frantically, and desperately.

“They say you are Durgesh. I’ve seen you in pictures and movies. They say you are Imām Mahdi.”

“Nonsense! I’m not that great personality prophesied by Ħuzoors himself. I’m an ordinary man. However, it happens that I also know…What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Vaqā Yūsuf flung both of her arms around my neck, embraced me desperately and kissed me on my lips, kissed, kissed, and kissed.

I was astonished.

“Vaqā darling! What are you doing? Control yourself. I’m not your lover. I’m not your dream boy. Am I?”

Vaqā Yūsuf kept flung both of her arms around my neck, kept embracing me desperately and kept kissing me on my lips over and over.

My words made her more clung to me.

“They have kidnapped us, Durgesh! My love!-―”

“I’m not your love darling! You are desperate.”

“I’m desperate.” Vaqā Yūsuf admitted, “We all the Årab Muslimāt Beauties present here are desperate, but you are my love. You are our ‘Hindu’ Love. I’m emphasizing ‘Hindu’. Please protect us. We are the same Årab Muslimāt you love very much.”

“Vaqā !” I was all-alert.

“She is not Vaqā Yūsuf, Durgesh!” Dorrie Hardin warned me curtly, “She is a robot.”

I could not believe my ears.


“She is a robot.” Dorrie Hardin repeated her caution, “I’m warning you. No Årab Muslimāt Beauties, present here, are the genuine originals. These are robots, especially manufactured to imitate the original ones.”

Vaqā Yūsuf shouted curtly.

“Your robots are there in the Årab Sector, my dear Doctor Dorrie Hardin! You have successfully replaced us all. You have successfully kidnapped us from Trantor itself. From Trantor itself, the utmost secured Capital of Hindu Vishv, the Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations. Congratulations, Doctor Dorrie Hardin! You are really more ingenious than your elder brother, the Mayor of Terminus, Salvor Hardin.”

My eyes hardened.

I wrapped my left arm around the beautiful waist of Vaqā Yūsuf.

My right palm went on her gorgeous Bahrain female buttocks.

Her soft rocketing breasts were quite hardened now and were penetrating my broad male Hindu chest.

“All right. Sweetie! Control yourself. I don’t know the actual facts yet. Nevertheless, whether you are Vaqā Yūsuf herself or her identical robot, I tell you not to be afraid of any one including even me.”

Vaqā Yūsuf laughed.

She kissed me again gratefully.

“I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of anyone, now.”

Dorrie Hardin warned me again in quite an expressionless voice.

“Durgesh! She is a robot. I say listen to me first.”

Vaqā Yūsuf laughed.

“I’m glad, Dr. Dorrie Hardin! It’s now you who is desperate. Durgesh! My love! I’m not afraid of anyone now. Your left arm is around my waist. Your right palm is on my female buttocks. I know you have accepted me. Thank you. Thank you very much―

‘Everything is mine now, for you are mine,

My Hindu Love! Uf  Sau’d Love this is only thine.

Made for you, Mad for you, my Sau’di Beauty,

Wrap me, hug me, kiss me, Durgesh! I’m your Cutie.’

I smiled softly at Vaqā Yūsuf.

“So, this lady robot is a poet also?”

Vaqā Yūsuf laughed.

She indicated at Dorrie Hardin.

“Ask her. She is the one who is claiming that I’m a robot. Ask her why did she programmed me to be a poet also.”

“Meet the original Vaqā Yūsuf, Durgesh!” Dorrie Hardin said in a cold voice, “Interview her, and decide yourself which one is the real. You can do it now on Trantor simultaneously.”

Vaqā Yūsuf brought down her right hand suddenly and sought out my Hindu Penis.

“What are you doing, Vaqā ? What are you doing? Not now.” I tried to stop her.

Vaqā Yūsuf laughed and groped my hardening Hindu Penis.

“Thank you.” She kissed me again passionately.

“For what?”

“It’s hardening― ‘for me’.” Vaqā Yūsuf winked at me meaningfully and lewdly somewhat.

My left arm around her thin Bahrain waist, tightened.

My right palm on her gorgeous Bahrain female buttocks, pressed hard possessively.

She pulled my zip up, her palm entered my briefs, and then wrapped around my Hindu Penis bravely.

“So you are a brave girl?” I smiled.

“You love Årab Muslimāt lionesses. Don’t you, our Hindu Lion?”

“The Årab Muslimāt lionesses are defeating me now in my own game.” I laughed, “They don’t wait now to be attacked. They attack me first themselves.”

“The scenario has changed since quite, our Hindu Fucker!” Vaqā Yūsuf observed Dorrie Hardin and said curtly, “Now we are having competition from the white sluts.”

“Vaqā Yūsuf–!” Dorrie Hardin thundered, “Watch your language. The Årab Muslimāt sluts―”

“Shut up.”

“The Hindu Penis hungry Årab Muslimāt sluts―”

“You are jealous of us Årab Muslimāt. Aren’t you Dorrie darling?”

“You Årab Muslimāt haven’t monopoly on Durgesh.”

“It’s what you think.” Vaqā Yūsuf laughed at her challengingly, “Never compete with an Årab Muslimā, dearie! Durgesh is made for us and we are made for Durgesh.”

“You are not made for Durgesh, you are mad for Durgesh.” Dorrie Hardin’s eyes blazen.

“You are quite right. We are mad for Durgesh. We are insane for him.Therefore don’t ever compete with us. You are sane and we are insane―

We are made, we are mad, made for Durgesh,

If he is inside us, we feel always fresh.

Hindu Penis Årab Muslimā cunt natural pair,

Third party not allowed, please, alert, beware.’”

Dorrie Hardin could not control her any more.

She flared.

“Durgesh! This is too much. Instruct her to keep her bloody mouth shut, otherwise―”

“Otherwise what can you do, Dr. Dorrie Hardin?” Vaqā Yūsuf’s eyes also blazed now. She was playing with my Hindu Penis currently, “You have kidnapped us all and replaced us by your identical lady robots on Trantor. Our parents are satisfied that we are with them. We were worried till now, but now we are content. You have given us Durgesh. Thank you. You can’t do anything to us now, you can see. We are with our life partner. You white pussies can’t win us Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt even. Don’t try. You will be defeated every once.”

“Durgesh! She is talking too much.” Dorrie Hardin screamed, “I say I can’t take it, even for you. Årab Muslimāt are not your born wives.”

“Yes! We are dearie!” Vaqā Yūsuf tittered at her, “We are Durgesh’s born wives―

‘Na ye zameen thi, na aasmaan tha,

na chaand taaron ka bhi nishaan tha,

lekin ye sach hai ki us samay bhi,

Tera mera pyar yoon hi jawan tha.’

There was no earth, there was no sky,

There was no sign of even stars and moon,

But it is right that even then, our love was there everbright, as it is now.’

Now go and eat your head.”

The hundreds of Årab Muslimāt young women, who were accompanying Vaqā Yūsuf, laughed happily in intense admiration of Vaqā Yūsuf, and joy.

Vaqā Yūsuf sat down quite upright on her knees and ankles, her buttocks were resting on her ankles, brought my Hindu Penis out, and started to suck it overpoweringly.

“Dr. Dorrie Hardin!” Vaqā Yūsuf winked at her, “Now I’m also an Ammul Kāýnāt. You can see I’ll soon outpower you. I’m an Årab Muslimā, and you are not. You receive less Shaktipāt for what you do with Durgesh than I’m receiving now, and will keep on receiving forever from now on. Watch me outpowering you, dearie! Soon you will start to need me more than I needed you and you did not help―

‘Now, eat your head, now it’s my number’.”

Dorrie Hardin had controlled her till now.

“Don’t act so hard to get, Vaqā Yūsuf darling!” She said tersely, “You are only a Miss Saůūdī, A Miss Arab world the more we can say.”

Vaqā Yūsuf laughed sucking my Hindu Penis as before.

“You can’t befool me now, Dr. Dorrie Hardin! You maybe a Doctor of Psychology and administration having studied in the very Streeling University of Trantor, but you are not an Årab Muslimā.”

“And―” Dorrie Hardin was all sarcasm now, “What do you mean by this wild statement you made?”

“Just this―” Vaqā Yūsuf smiled, “You conspired with Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim.”

“Conspired?” Dorrie Hardin raised her beautiful female Jew eyebrows, “Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim is my friend. We studied on Trantor in Streeling University. She backs my projects. What is there to conspire to?”

“Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim is my cousin.” Vaqā Yūsuf winked at her enjoying her distress.

“What?” Dorrie Hardin asked incredulously.

“You are keeping forgetting that you are a Jew girl after all, and we, Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim and I, are both Årab Muslimā.”

“If you are telling me that only you Årab Muslimāt own Durgesh―”

“Yes! We own. We Årab Muslimāt own. We, the Årab Muslimāt own Durgesh primarily.

Årab Muslimā cunts own Durgesh’s Hindu Penis,

Other cunts will get that if only we would


Dorrie Hardin laughed.

“You are living in fools’ paradise, Vaqā Yūsuf!  Miss Arab World! Today we White Beauties are filling the Param Purush, Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād, more and more, as Spacer Beauties. You are falling from your high status day by day.”

“Then why did you manage to build especially hundreds of lady robots identical to us best of the Årab Muslimāt Beauties?” Vaqā Yūsuf as much as spat out on Dorrie Hardin’s beautiful face. Her beautiful Baħrain eyes were laughing mockingly at her.

“Hindus are infinite, my dear! And they like to have extremely beautiful lady robots in their households, in their establishments. We always use you Årab Muslimāt Beauties and Other Muslimāt Beauties as models to design these lady robots to please the Hindus of status.”

“Oh! So it’s nothing new? It’s all in ordinary routine?”

“Of course! I’m sorry to offend you, but that’s the actual fact. We have made not only one lady robot identical to you. You are very popular now. We have made millions of your identical lady robots to soften the eyes of the Hindus of status who eagerly want to have you, but can’t afford, can’t even dare to desire you openly, as you have very boldly declared that you don’t compromise on any body else, except Durgesh himself.”

“That much I know, Jew young woman!” Vaqā Yūsuf said contemptuously, “You have built millions of identical lady robots of all of us Årab Muslimāt Beauties present here.”

“There you are.” Dorrie Hardin also laughed, but not contemptuously, patronizingly.

“But you replaced us.”

“No!” Dorrie Hardin refused outright, “That’s an allegation you will have infinite Kalp Kalpānters to prove in the competent court. I’m warning you not to repeat it. Otherwise you will face a case against you from me for defamation of my character.”

Vaqā Yūsuf whirled at me.

“Durgesh! Does she not have any legal obligation to us to prepare millions of lady robots exactly identical to us?”

I looked at her gravely.

“No, Vaqā ! You deserve royalties on every piece of your identical robots sold, but you can’t make Dorrie not to do it. You all are public figures now. You have opted to be Miss Arab World. You surrendered your privacy to the legal owners of it, as soon as you opted for the same.”

“So she has a written permission from our―”

“Yes! It was the reason they arranged the particular contests.They gave you publicity because they wanted to cash it.”

“And they are cashing now?” Vaqā Yūsuf asked gravely.

“And they are cashing now.” I smiled at her, “However, congratulations! You― all of you are multi millionaires now.”

Back in the Dome, only Commander Siever Genarr was not waiting for us.

We had quite a gathering there.

“Papa!-―” Dolorette Siever addressed her father, “I want to talk to you personally.”

“Yes, dear!” Commander Siever Genarr smiled, and then he said to his guests, “Please excuse me.”

Dolorette Siever was all on her fours still now, so I also had to accompany both of them.

“Who are these persons?” Dorrie Hardin asked her father rather abruptly.

“They are also time travelers, darling!” Siever laughed.

“And what are they interested in here on this raw planet to see?”

“They are with these babes.”

“With these Årab Muslimāt babes?”

“Yes, darling!”

“They are claiming that Dorrie has kidnapped them and replaced them with their identical lady robots.”

“What?” Commander Siever Genarr was all astonishment.

“Haven’t you noticed that Vaqā Yūsuf is now also a mare of Durgesh as I am and Dorrie Hardin also?”

“I was going to ask you when I had the appropriate opportunity.” Commander Siever Genarr informed her thoughtfully.”

“”“Well, she sucked Durgesh’s Penis and then made Durgesh to fuck her.”

“Vaqā Yūsuf made Durgesh to fuck her?” Commander Siever Genarr was more serious now.

Dolorette Siever nodded.

“Vaqā Yūsuf made Durgesh to fuck her.”

“I see.”


“Nothing! I thought so. Insigna also proposed to Kr’p, Kr’p did not to Insigna.”

“You haven’t forgotten Insigna Aunty still now, father?” Dolorette Siever was sympathetic for her father now. More than ordinarily now, as Eugenia Insigna was also here now with her wonderful daughter, Maimoonā Usmā Islām.

“Can you forget Durgesh, girlie? If he ever deserts you?”

Dolorette Siever pushed back both her beautiful female buttocks into my nude Hindu male lap and swallowed every part of my Hindu Prick possessively into her smart Jew cunt.

“I think I can understand father!”

“I was not broken totally when Insigna married that Ārý Samājī. It was when your mother also―”

“I can understand. Don’t talk about it if it bothers you.”

Erythro was as large a planet as the Earth itself was. However, Commander Siever Genarr ruled actually a domed region that covered nearly three square kilometers and was slowly growing.

The rest of the planet, however, nearly five hundred million square kilometers of land and sea, was still unoccupied by human beings?

Or, was it unoccupied?

If it was, where the people of ‘Atāshī’ lived?

Why he was so soft still to Dorothy, Dolorette’s mother?

He asked her that Shakīlā Ħasan, Farrukħ Ħasan and Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim should be allowed, and he allowed.

Why didn’t he refuse?

What was Dorothy now for him?

Why did he allow Dorothy’s friends?

“These time traveler girls were also Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim’s friends.

If Dorrie Hardin had kidnapped them, by replacing them with their identical lady robots, how did Vaqā Yūsuf and her co contestant Årab Muslimāt Beauties made their escape from Terminus?

Naturally, with the help of Saåeedā Al Abū Qāsim, Shakīlā Ħasan, and Farrukħ Ħasan.

Shakīlā Ħasan was Javed Ħasan’s sister, but Javed did not like her.


Farrukħ Ħasan was Javed Ħasan’s wife, but she is happy in keeping her nude Årab Muslimā female buttocks in Durgesh’s nude Hindu male lap engrossed, enjoying Durgesh’s superb Hindu Penisinto her smart Årab Muslimā cunt.

Javed Ħasan’ was not interested in her any more.

Both his sister and his wife were permanent Årab Muslimā mare of Durgesh.

Durgesh was always riding on both of them.

These extremely beautiful Årab Muslimāt women― whether any of them did not have any sexual relationship with Durgesh?

Commander Siever Genarr does not think so.

They all love Durgesh’s Hindu Penis into their smart Årab Muslimā cunts very adroitly, very competently.

Moreover, they are not ashamed of it.

Vaqā Yūsuf could not believe that she was a free girl now again, with all her extremely beautiful Årab Muslimāt co contestants.

She did not waste more time in sucking my Penis.

She was undressing me fully at the same time.

I was also undressing her.

As soon as we both, Vaqā Yūsuf and I, were undressed, she lied down on her back and guided my Hindu Penis towards her beautiful rosy Baħrain Årab Muslimāt labial lips.

I kissed her virgin Saůūdī Årab Muslimā cunt and entered.

Vaqā Yūsuf kissed me and urged to enter more.

It was only the head of my Hindu Penis now into her cunt.

She was not unaware of Hinduism totally.

The Hindus were present there in Saůūdī Årab also. Many of them were too influential even that The King and the Prime Minister needed them for their advices in various matters.


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