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A Demand to Ban Communism

Vaqā Yūsuf was extremely thrilled when she held my throbbing Hindu Penis between her labial lips.

She felt as if she was incomplete till now.

She was completing herself by holding Durgesh’s Hindu Penis and putting it there between her very Saůūdī Årab Muslimā labial lips.

They gripped Durgesh’s Hindu Penis as if they were ravenous for it, famished, starved and therefore greedy.

Her Royal Highness Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa had congratulated her and wished that may Allah bless her and now her dream may be fulfilled.

Her Royal Highness was quite right.

She had told her―

“Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav has established a new Brahm Ayodhyā Creations with numerous Årab Muslimāt Ållāmāzādīs, Imāmzādīs, Maulānāzādīs and Shéikħzādīs as his new Mahārānīs and Rānīs.”

Vaqā Yūsuf had laughed.

“And what happened of her original Brāhmañ Mahārānīs and Rānīs, Your Highness?”

“They got a better husband.” Her Royal Highness Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa’s beautiful eyes twinkled mischievously.

“But why did you do it, Your Highness?”

Her Royal Highness’s beautiful eyes blazed.

The fool had refused to sleep with ‘us’.”

“What?” Vaqā Yūsuf could not believe, “Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav?”

“Yes! The same fool!” There was enormous hatred in her voice.

“He― he refused you?” Vaqā Yūsuf still could not believe.

“Even while His Highness himself requested to oblige ‘our’ wishes.”

“I―” Vaqā Yūsuf stammered, “I can’t believe it, Your Royal Highness! You are so beautiful, you are so resourceful―”

“He was more resourceful then.” Her Royal Highness Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa cut her short, “Then.”

She cut her upper lip softly and smiled meaningfully.

Vaqā Yūsuf could not help but to ask.

“But― but why did you ask him to sleep with you if he did not want to?”

Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa rebuked her.

“Don’t talk like a girl who is not even adult yet. You were watching internet. Were you not?”

“Yes! Of course!”

“What were you watching?”

“It was a Forum from Pakistan.”

“And the subject was?”

Vaqā Yūsuf smiled mischievously.

‘Why do Muslim girls never happy with their own men’.”

Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa laughed.

“Why are they not?”

“There are various reasons given by different persons.” Vaqā Yūsuf smiled at the Sheikha.

“Tell me one.”

“Some ‘Ninjamaninja’ said

‘In Mumbai and Delhi, most prostitutes (90%) are Muslim women and most clients are Hindus and Sikhs. These prostitutes prefer non-Muslim clients over their fellow Muslims because non-Muslims have more money, power, stamina & beauty. So what are we arguing about?’

“Now let’s analyze her answer.” The Sheikha proposed.


“Of course! It seems to me that the participant ‘Ninjamaninja’ is a Muslim girl quite ashamed of the prostitutes being 90% of them Muslim.”


“Now, the first question is, why there 90% of the prostitutes are Muslims?”

“Your Royal Highness!”

“I think the first answer should be that the Muslim Society can’t provide them a respectable job for their subsistence.”

“Yes! I do agree.” Vaqā Yūsuf smiled, “You are ‘the head of the Supreme Council for Women in Baħrain’. You can analyze the situation more skillfully.”

‘Supreme Council for Women

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Supreme Council for Women is Baħrain’s advisory body to the government on women’s issues. It is chaired by Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa, the wife of Baħrain’s King Hameed bin Moosa Al Khalifa. Its secretary general is Lulwa Al Awazi, who was given the rank of honorary cabinet minister in 2001.

The Supreme Council was established to promote women’s rights in the Kingdom and women’s full participation in society, and has been at the forefront of the campaign for the introduction of a unified personal status law (see women’s political rights in Baħrain for more details). It has also published studies, worked to coordinate campaigns with other women’s rights groups, and sought to promote female candidates for the 2006 municipal and general elections. Among the candidates contesting the 2006 poll, to be held on 26 November 2006, is the Council’s Dr Munira Fakhro, who is standing for the ex-Marxist Waad.

According to Lulwa Al Awazi the biggest obstacle to women’s rights in Baħrain are clerics, who set political agendas for their followers and have remained steadfastly against a united family law in the kingdom. Ms Al-Awazi said of particular concern is Shia clerics’ objections to women taking part in municipal elections due to what she termed their ’strange’ perception that female municipal councilors may be called late in the night to help with a municipal problem and thus be placed in a morally compromising situation.[1]

Former activist with the Supreme Council, Dr Nada Haffaz, was appointed Baħrain’s first full female cabinet minister in 2004 when she became Minister of Health. Several other members are legislators in the upper chamber of parliament, the Consultative Council.

Ghada Jamsheer, the most prominent women’s rights activist in Baħrain[1][2] has accused the Supreme Council of hindering women’s rights in Baħrain, calling it a “government cliché”. In a statement in December 2006 she said:

The government is using the family law issue as a bargaining tool with opposition Islamic groups. This is evident through the fact that the authorities raise this issue when ever they want to distract attention from other controversial political issues. While no serious steps are taken to help approve this law, although the government and its puppet National Assembly had no trouble in the last four years when it came to approving restrictive laws related to basic freedoms.

All of this is why no one in Baħrain believes in Government clichés and government institution like the Supreme Council for Women. The government used women’s rights as a decorative tool on the international level. While the Supreme Council for Women was used to hinder non-governmental women societies and to block the registration of the Women Union for many years. Even when the union was recently registered, it was restricted by the law on societies.[3]

In May 2007 statement, the Women’s Petition Committee called for the dissolution of the Supreme Council for Women, citing its failure in “building and supporting Baħraini women”. It further noted that “most women attained decision making positions on the basis of tribal or sectarian affiliation or personal allegiance to the Authorities and some members of the Royal court.” The statement claimed that the SCW withheld support to prominent female activist Munira Fakhro in the 2006 elections, knowingly allowing Ali Salah of the Salafist Islamist Al Asalah party to win.[4]

Lulwa Al Awazi is a leading Baħraini women’s rights advocate and the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Women, the main women’s organization in Baħrain. She holds the rank of ‘honorary cabinet minister’, which she was given in 2002 when the Council was established as part of the opening of civil society in the small Gulf Kingdom.

She has been at the forefront on the Council’s campaign to get parliament to introduce a Personal Status Law to protect women’s rights in issues of divorce and inheritance. This has led her to clash with Islamists who have promised ‘blood on the streets’ if women are given such rights. She has been one of the few political leaders in Baħrain to challenge Islamists directly, saying that they are not respecting women’s rights and instead of engaging in debating are personalizing confrontations[1]. However, she has been careful to keep debate on the proposed law within religious terms, telling the Gulf News: “I was the first Baħraini women and lawyer to realize that in the seventies there was a difference between religious rulings and what is being implemented.”[2]

She has been key in drawing up the Supreme Council’s strategy to assist female candidates contest 2006’s election. Since 2002 women have had the right to vote and contest parliamentary and local elections, and Ms Al Awazi has urged women to full utilize their rights: “Women must be able to identify all relevant provisions in the Constitution and the means to exercise their political rights.”[3]

Ms Al Awazi’s background is in Law, and along with Haya Rashed Al Khalifa (who subsequently went on to become the President of the United Nations General Assembly) she became one of the first two practicing female lawyers in the 1970s.

“Now, does it not astonish that we have the richest Muslim of the world, not in Saudi Arabia, not in the Arabian Peninsula, neither in the United Arab Emirates, but in India―”

“Your Royal Highness―” Vaqā Yūsuf could not say anything.

Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa continued―

“Nevertheless, we find that ‘In Mumbai and Delhi, most prostitutes, 90% of them, are Muslim Women’. Isn’t it shameful for the Indian Muslims? Isn’t it Shameful for the other Muslims all around the globe?”

The beautiful eyes of Vaqā Yūsuf blazed with quite indignation.

“Now―” Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa kept saying, “We can see why the Muslim Women are so skeptic. Why should they go to the immoral men who use to say the high things but their practice is so rotten?”

Vaqā Yūsuf said patiently―

“Your Royal Highness were telling why she offered her to Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav?”

Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa smiled,

“‘We’ are not happy with your ‘Royal His Highness’, Vaqā Yūsuf!”

Vaqā Yūsuf was dumb founded.

“In the Forum of Pakistan you were watching: ‘why do Muslim girls never happy with their own men’―” Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa said, “Whopper King from London says―

‘Yes, because 99.9% of the Paki women never experience gazims because all their males are 2 inchers. Thus, Paki women after marriage become psycho byacthes and produce retarded children. Most of the participants from Pak on this forum belong to this category.’

Proud Sikh Munda says―

Muslim girls not happy with their own men , because all of the Muslim men chop of their d*cks , the girls who remain all their life in tight burkhas , wait to get married and in the end just get a guy wid a tiny 0.1 inch d*ck , that certainly isn’t long enough to satisfy , at least a women , may work on a goat or a pig for sure .’

Now, this is the Problem, Vaqā Yūsuf!”

Vaqā Yūsuf was still dumb founded.

She could manage to ask after an thoroughly obvious effort―

“Your Royal Highness! You mean― You mean―”

“Certainly.” Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa said tartly, “‘We’ also can’t get satisfied with a ‘tiny 0.1 inch d*ck’.”

Her beautiful eyes were blazing with fire.

It was only an accident that Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav met Harla Branno, or so it was said.

It was fortunate for him that Harla Branno was visiting the past extensively so that she could manage the Second Galactic Empire under the Leadership of Foundation should not collapse as the First Galactic Empire did.

“I can help you, Dashrath!” Harla Branno looked at him gravely.

Ammul Kāýnāt! Supreme Mother!” Dashrath Bhārgav asked desperately, “And what should I do so that you can help me?”

Durgesh says it is atheism due which to the First Galactic Empire collapsed. I don’t believe him.”

“Because you are an atheist?”

“Because I’m an atheist. Yes!”

“You don’t want Durgesh to amend the Time Cycle so that atheism should not be there in the Time Cycle any more?”

“What  would have you wanted if you were also  an atheist as I am?” Harla Branno smiled somewhat tersely.

“Well―” Dashrath Bhārgav said, “I’m not an atheist.”

“I know you are not, Dashrath! But you are facing a grave problem. Your religious beliefs are not helping you.”

“I’m a Traditional Hindu, Ammul Kāýnāt!”

“I know.”

“I don’t like to have sexual intercourses every now and then, and moreover, with a woman who is not my wife.”

Harla Branno smiled at Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav patiently,

“Nevertheless, you have satisfied the Sheikħa sexually and she is very pleased with you now. Now, why are you so worried?”

“The Sheikha is ‘the head of the Supreme Council for Women in Baħrain’.”

“So what?”

“The problem Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa is facing is not of her own only.”

The eyes of Harla Branno widened suddenly with the quick realization of what Dashrath Bhārgav was telling.

“You mean― you mean―”

“Yes, Ammul Kāýnāt!” Dashrath Bhārgav said curtly, “She is blackmailing me now to satisfy other Årab Muslimāt as well.”

Sheikha Safiyah bint Abū Qāsim Al Khalifa?”


“Blackmailing you now to satisfy other Årab Muslimāt as well?”

“Yes, Supreme Mother!”

Harla Branno laughed.

Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav looked at her quite astonished.

“What is the matter, Dashrath? Go ahead and satisfy all of them. You are a man. You are not impotent. Are you?”

Ammul Kāýnāt!” Dashrath Bhārgav looked at her in horror.

“What happened?”

“Sanātan Dharm does not allow it.”

Durgesh, Dvij Hindus and the Bachhalyās do it as quite a routine, Dashrath! They are more believed, more successful and more dependable.”

“They love sex, Ammul Kāýnāt! And moreover, they are not against extra marital sexual relationships.”

“Then why are you?”

“I belong to Sanātan Dharm.”

“And your Sanātan Dharm stops you to make extra marital sexual relations with the proposed Årab Muslimāt?”

“They are Ållāmāzādīs, Imāmzādīs, Maulānāzādīs and Shéikħzādīs.”

“So what?”

“They want to marry me.”

“What?” Harla Branno had to try her best not to jump.

Cinda Monay did not like Dors Venabili.

“She is too much inquisitive, Durgesh darling!” Cinda Monay held my Penis into her right fist and she was playing with it violently.

I Smiled and kissed her.

It was the small Electro Clarification Laboratory.

For some reason, it was maintained at a temperature somewhat lower than normal.

“After Hari Seldon, it’s natural Dr. Yugo Amaryl will head the project.” Cinda Monay smiled at me, “Nevertheless, I think he is too burdened and too busy that he should be burdened with administration also.”

I knew, it was not Dr. Cinda Monay speaking, Tamwile Elar was behind it.

Dors Venabili had asked me to watch Cinda Monay.

The girl was in the same psychological condition, in which once I found Dr. Susan Calvin and Maimoonā Usmā Islām.

Both were so busy with their work that they themselves did not know how much feminine charm they possess.

“Don’t you go to beauty parlor ever, Doctor?” I had smiled at her.

Cinda Monay had looked at me astonished,

“For what?”

“To sharpen your feminine charms.” I looked directly into her blue eyes, of course romantically.

Dors Venabili had laughed.

“So you think that girl will surrender to you?”

Lynda Wienis laughed.

“Like a ton of bricks, Dors! What do you think Durgesh is? He just raises his eyebrows and even the most beautiful women start to follow him. I have seen it on Anacreon so many times that if once it will not happen, I will die on account of greatest surprise only.”

I also laughed.

“She is exaggerating, Dors! I’ve also failed so many times.”

Hari Seldon smiled.

“Sorry. I happen to agree with Lynda Wienis instead.”

Dors Venabili smiled to me.

“If you just take care of this Tamwile Elar, Durgesh! I’ll do anything for you. Whatever you say.”

Tamwile Elar blindly believes on Cinda Monay.” I said.

“She has made his dream come true.” Dors Venabili uttered tersely.

“Dors!” Hari Seldon started to say something but Lynda Wienis interrupted.

“Dors! I’m with you. You and Hari have helped me a lot. I can do anything for you.”

“Lynda! You don’t know anything.” Hari Seldon said wearily, “My grand daughter had dreamed―”

“How do you know?” Hari Seldon interrupted Dors Venabili.

“We are wasting our precious time.” Princess Lorraine Abraham of Konom interrupted, “Doctor! I think Dors aunty is right. We are war prisoners here. Even then the love and respect we are receiving from both of you―”

“Lorraine is right.”Princess Rosalie David of Daribow also seconded her, “I’ll also do anything for both of you, uncle! and auntie!”

There was a definite conviction in her voice.

“I detest that religion of science of Salvor Hardin so much that I want your help in the matter, uncle!” Lynda Wienis said gravely, “It is quite natural that we should also take your problems as our problems if we want you to take our problem as your problem.”

Thus, the matter was settled and I was being sucked by Cinda Monay.

Eto Demerzel looked at me anxiously.

“Hari is only a mathematician, Sir!”

“What do you mean, Daneel?”

“He may invent psychohistory in a due period, but he does not understand the danger to believe anyone blindly.”

I smiled.

Daneel! What do you want to say?”

“I’m only a robot, Sir!”

“It’s all right, Daneel! I’m satisfied with you and your work. Gladia was right when she asked me to allot some important work to you.”

“Madam Gladia has changed too much with your constant contact, Sir!” Robot Daneel Olivaw smiled at me, “She is fighting now for the joint efforts of Spacers and Settlers for settlement of the Galaxy.”

“We are filling the gaps, Daneel!” I said gravely, “We the human beings don’t have our three laws as you robots have. We have Trishapt instead. Nevertheless, Trishapt is also optional.”

“May I ask why Trishapt is optional, Sir? Why can’t you see to make the Trishapt compulsory for the entire humankind?”

“It does not tally with the structure Ved proposes for the human Societies, Daneel! Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā has designed the Universes for the consumptions of the humankind, not for austerities, nor to impose His sovereignty―

‘Enveloped by Eīshān must be this all―

Whatever that moves in the world.

With that renounced, enjoy yourself,

Covet no wealth of anyone.

Doing Karm only here one should wish

To live hundreds of years.

Only this is the way for thee, none else;

So Karm cleave not to man.’

―Ved: 2Y: 40/1-2.”

Daneel looked at me respectfully.

I continued―

“‘ENJOY yourself’ ‘Bhunjeethaa’ is the actual commandment from Eīshān to the humankind, Daneel! Not ‘Renounce’ ‘tyajeethaa’. The Universes are thus made not to be ‘Renounced’ but to be ‘Enjoyed’”

“These are the very thoughts, Sir!” Daneel said respectfully, “which make the atheists to claim that you are also an atheist by heart.”

I smiled.

“I know, Daneel! But I can’t change the meaning of Ved and Vedmantrs to suit my purposes.”


Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā does not want human beings to renounce the luxuries of the Universes, He has provided. The only ‘renunciation’ he wants from them is ‘not to envelope all with Him’― ‘rsuÞ R;äsuÞ’. Alas, the atheists not do even that and therefore they are always defeated.”

“They don’t agree with you.”

“I know. Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān also did not agree with me, but what happened? The First Galactic Empire was established with theism with the efforts of several millenniums, several generations, and it is falling very fast, very rapidly.”

“Sir! Actually, what do you want?”

“Only work everything ‘according to facts’ ‘Yaathaatathyatah

Ved: 2Y|40|8.

Ammul Kāýnāt Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān also claim that they are working Yaathaatathy’atah’ ‘according to facts’.”

“I know what she claims, Daneel, and what she practices.” I smiled knowingly.

Daneel could not say anything.

He was not programmed to offense an Ammul Kāýnāt, whatever her practices were.

No robot was designed and programmed ever capable to do so.

Even the Communists and atheists could not do so because the original positronic brain was designed by Ashvini.

No one succeeded into changing the basic structure of the Positronic brain since ever.

The attempts were done and failed repeatedly.

Robot Daneel Olivaw controlled himself and tried to resume the subject.

He could not understand while talking with me why he could not keep adhering to the subject.

I always went to Ved, and he always wanted to listen to me what I did have to say about Ved.

Even Dr. Gladia Delmarre did not like his attitude.

“Why do you listen to Durgesh so attentively, Daneel, whenever he starts to speak something about Ved?” She was angry with him.

Robot Daneel Olivaw smiled.

“I’m sorry, madam!”

“You must be.”

“He always speaks something great when he quotes some Vedmantr, madam!”

“But I had ordered you to feed yourself the complete Ved.”

“Yes, madam!” Daneel replied respectfully and obediently.

“Hadn’t you?” Gladia was somewhat more annoyed.

“I have, madam! I have.”

“Haven’t you fed yourself all the available commentaries on Ved, including commentary of Durgesh on Ved also?”

“I have, madam!”

“Then why do you listen to Durgesh so aptly even now whenever he quotes some Vedmantr? What is new there for you?”

“The new heights of humanity, madam!” Robot Daneel Olivaw was grave.


“Yes, madam! Durgesh always explains each Vedmantr whenever he quotes it with a new context, with a new height, I even can’t imagine.”

“Great Space, Daneel!” Dr. Gladia Delmarre could not find appropriate words to express her clearly, to the extent she wanted, “Don’t tell me you are also a Dvij Hindu now. A robot is a Dvij Hindu. Hahha. You don’t tell me Durgesh knows more than a robot too.”

She laughed enjoying the imagination.

Yet, Robot Daneel Olivaw was grave still now,

“I don’t know, but my three laws compel me to listen to him not only whenever he quotes some Vedmantr, but also when he quotes some religious verse or some religious passages from some religious book.”

“Great Eternity, Daneel! Durgesh is a fraud.” Gladia Delmarre almost screamed.

Dumb stricken Robot Daneel Olivaw wanted to contradict its owner vehemently.

He wanted to say,

‘You are entirely mistaken, madam! Durgesh can’t be a fraud. He is so true to his convictions when he speaks of them that he can’t be a fraud.’

But, Robot Daneel Olivaw could not say that to Gladia Delmarre.

She was a human being and Daneel was a robot.

Daneel could not offend her.

Robot Daneel Olivaw resumed the subject.

“Hari Seldon is almost as innocent as I find you, Sir!”

“I know, Daneel!” I smiled.

“Hari Seldon also needs protection from his own self, as you need.”

Daneel, you are―”

“Dr. Ashvini Mahimvat Āgnéý has designed our positronic brain to obey the three laws of robotics. You are almost almighty yourself, usually accompanied with some Ammul Kāýnāt, nevertheless Dr. Ashvini Mahimvat Āgnéý has himself made thousands of lady robots and other robots, humanoids and non humanoids even, especially to protect you not from the others only but from you as well.”

“And what does it prove, Daneel?” I smiled elderly.

“What does, Sir?”

“―that Ashvini does not believe in my immortality.”

Robot Daneel Olivaw smiled.

“Why are you so against your own protection, Sir?”

“It’s not so, Daneel.” I answered him complacently.

“Not so?”

“Not in the least even.”


Daneel!” I explained, “Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā has told about me in Ved itself very extensively.”

“But not your name, Sir!”

“Yes! ― Not my name. But even then, He saw carefully, even painstakingly, that EīshānVigyān cannot work without my name.”

“I’m listening to you, Sir!”

“Yes! I can see. But, don’t only listen to me, Daneel! Answer my key question to which I was driving you at. Why did Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā did it?”

“I’m sure I can’t tell you, Sir!”

“I can provide only one explanation, Daneel!”

“And, may I ask, Sir, what is that?”

“Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā has designed me to make immortal.”

“Sir! There are millions of Ved-Specialists who do not agree with you.”

“But, those Ved-Specialists are not being kept in the evertop executive position, Eīshān is keeping me permanently.” I observed gravely, “There must be some reason behind it, Daneel! Eīshān does not do anything without a proper reason for it.”

“And, that reason is that He wants to keep you immortal?”

As long as I keep love making to Allāh and to other Ammuhātul Kāýnāt, yes!”

“And, how do you reason out it, Sir? It is not revealed in Ved anywhere.”

“If He wanted to keep me immortal irrespective of my love making to them, He had not made Allāh to emerge from me when I desired a second man.”

Robot Daneel Olivaw again tried to resume the subject.

“The subject I was trying to discuss with you, Sir, is how to protect Hari Seldon from himself.”

I smiled.

“You are right, Daneel! We keep wandering from the main subject under discussion.”

“Well, I also need some guidance from you about the use of Dors Venabili. My original planning was to use her in the Eternity with Ammul Kāýnāt Dr. Gladia Delmarre and Senior Computer Laban Twissel.”

Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān was furious.

“So you think you can eliminate me from the entire Time Cycle?”

I smiled.

“You are really furious, Åāýeshā! Your analogue―”

“Our analogues are our mental etheric projections we send in the other timewhens when we imagine something about us pertaining to the past or future.” Åāýeshā cut me short, “You tell it always. Don’t you?”

“Of course! And let me finish. Your analogues, your mental etheric projections, are already sent by you in the future―”

“I don’t believe in your religious scientific theories.” She cut me short again.

“But―” I smiled elderly, maturely somewhat, “―they are working, my sweetheart!”

“You advertise that they are working.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān corrected me.

Senior Computer Laban Twissel laughed.

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān whirled at him.

“Why did you laugh?”

Gladia Delmarre tried to say something but Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān thundered at once.

“Don’t try to speak for your new Godfather, Gladia! Can’t he protect himself? Can he only extend Eternity to―”

“Comrade Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān!” Gladia Delmarre looked at her coldly, “Don’t try ever me to cut short. I’m not impressed by your Årab Muslimā Superiority.”

“Gladia!” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān thundered at her again.

“If you lead an Inter Universal Movement, so I myself do now.” Gladia Delmarre also thundered equally at Åāýeshā.

“Inter Universal Movement?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed sarcastically, “You are leading? Which one, my dear? To settle your Galaxy with the Spacers and the Settlers equally alike? It lasts to your Galaxy only. It is only a Galactic Movement, dearie! Not an Inter Universal Movement in any measure.”

Gladia Delmarre looked at Åāýeshā sternly.

“Do you want me to tell Dorrie Chester that you are making a treaty with Dr. Landaree Patricia?”

“So you are with Dorrie Chester?”

“Do you think that only you have an Inter Universal Vision?”

“Do you also have one?”

“Almost every Time Traveler has to develop an Inter Universal Vision sooner or later, my sweetie!”

“Dorrie Chester cannot win the Election, Gladia!”

Gladia Delmarre only laughed.

“Durgesh cannot eliminate me or communism even, from the Time Cycle at all. Harla Branno likes communism so much―”

“Communism is outdated now.” Gladia Delmarre announced.

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān looked at Gladia Delmarre tartly.

“Even Durgesh does not think so, madam Gladia!”

“He is never too harsh on his women.” Gladia Delmarre smiled at Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān elderly.

“You are forgetting that your own home planet, Solaria, has Communism now.”

“Thank God! I’m not on Solaria now. I’m a citizen of Aurora.”

“Gladia darling!” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān addressed Dr. Gladia Delmarre sarcastically, “Perhaps you don’t know that Aurora is also burning now with the key political question who will lead Aurora politically now.”

“Aurora is embracing Hinduism now in a large number, dearie!” Gladia Delmarre said, “You are forgetting that Hinduism is the actual winning force today―


Hinduism declares that there are always innumerable paths to God. And that one’s belief or perception of God is an individual matter and best left to the individual to decide his own path.

Thus, the Hindus have never hesitated to respect the freedom of other faiths to coexist and flourish and thus inter-religious marriages are accepted in Hindu society. It also does not put any obligation of faith on the non-Hindu partner. Inter-caste marriages were somewhat frowned upon but this too is becoming more acceptable with time. In metropolitan cities, it is common to find couples with different faith, caste and regional background. There are numerous laws in the Indian legal system, safeguarding inter-faith marriage. Examples of such marriages occasionally appear in Kipling’s stories. In the wake of outward conversions to other religions and lack of inward conversions into Hinduism, it lacks the vitality for growth, which is seen in almost all other religions.

Marriages between a Hindu man and a Muslim woman are becoming quite common in the Sub-Continent. However not many show it in Public. Example of Hindu Man-Muslim Woman Marriage is:

My wife Saiyadā Fātimā PhD interrupted me.

“Durgesh! Sanvidhānarshi Hindu Vishv, the Attorney General Hindu Vishv, Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý, is here. He asks to see you at once.”

“Fātimā!” I looked at her astonished somewhat.

Akhilésh was my friend’s, Madan Mahimvat Āgnéý’s eldest son and Sanvidhānarshi Hindu Vishv now.

“Pitr’výshrī! The Communists have again started to make trouble.”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān smiled.

“Akhilésh! You are so against us Communists that you have even refused to marry Ǻzrah because she is a Communist.”

Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý, Sanvidhānarshi Hindu Vishv, the Attorney General Hindu Vishv, also smiled but respectfully.

“Ammul Kāýnāt! Kans Banerjī, your very much dear Comrade, has made Āsiā to surrender to him. He has made her not to surrender politically for her Āsiā Solar system but sexually also, though Āsiā is an Årab Muslimā, and faithful to her faith in Islam.”

“Are you a Muslim, Akhilésh? Tut tut.” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

“I’m not a Muslim, but Islam is less dangerous to the society than your Communism, Mātéshvarī! I have to be ‘Shvitīchayah’,. You know.”

“And how can you prove it? You have infinite Årab Muslimāt Ammuhātul Kāýnāt, infinite Other Muslimāt Ammuhātul Kāýnāt, almost infinite other Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt married to Dvij Hindus and other Traditional Hindus. If Islam is such a less dangerous ideology to the society, than Communism; why are you Hindus opposing Islam?”

Akhilésh looked at me.

I smiled.

“Åāýeshā! What Akhilésh is reporting to me is already known to me.”

“Then why he is reporting?”

“He is doing his duty.”

“Kans is also doing his duty.”

“By deceiving Āsiā?” Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý smiled at Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān sophisticatedly, “Certainly not Ammul Kāýnāt! Certainly not. He has already announced openly that he and his fellow Comrades do not believe you any more. If Pitr’výshrī and we Dvij Hindus will not stop our agenda, our plan, to amend the entire Time Cycle in which the First Galactic Empire was captured by you Communists, he and his fellow Comrades will capture as many as Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt solar systems they can, by hook or crook.”

“And what is wrong there?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān asked Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý tartly.

“I respect you, mother! Supreme mother! But that’s what you did to capture the First Galactic Empire.”

“So Hindu Vishv is afraid of Communism now?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed sarcastically.

“Hindu Vishv is afraid of Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā only.” I smiled sophisticatedly, “Nevertheless, it does not mean that we’ll allow you to ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamanāryam’.”

“Then what do you mean when you say that in Hindu Administration every body has freedom to have and preach whatever system of life he or she likes?”

“Certainly not ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamanāryam’. ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamanāryam’ is not a system of life. It’s a highway to destruction.”

Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý smiled―

“I have received reports from so many Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt solar systems, Pitr’výshrī! That―”

Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān interrupted Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý.

“Isn’t it a matter pertaining to those solar systems themselves?”

“Nope, if the matter goes to ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamanāryam’.” I contradicted Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān tartly.

“Hindu Vishv is demanding a ban on Communism.” Akhilésh Mahimvat Āgnéý told me.

“Then what will happen to the Communist Personal law?” Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān laughed.

“The Communist Personal law allows a solar system to choose Communism as its Ruling system if it is supported by majority there. It does not support that while you are allowed to have and preach the system of life you think true, we are not allowed to do the same.”

Kans Banerjī smiled at Āsiā Yūsuf.

“I’m unable to understand you, Āsiā!”

“I don’t think you so foolish.”

Kans Banerjī laughed.

“They say my so called father; Ugrsén Banerjī is not my father.”

“What?” Āsiā Yūsuf looked at him astonished.

“They say my mother Firdaus Dāůūd was raped by Durgesh and I’m Durgesh’s son thus.”


“My so called father, Ugrsén Banerjī, named my mother, Firdaus Dāůūd, Padmāvatī. He wanted a non Arabic name for her.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, and what the hell difference does it make.”

“Āsiā! You quite understand what I’m talking about. I don’t believe Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān any more.”


“She is an Årab Muslimā only. She is not a communist when the question of choice between the Årab Muslimāt and the Communist males arises.”

Āsiā Yūsuf laughed.

She was the President of Āsiā Yūsuf Solar system united.

The Solar system had thirteen planets and all of them were habitable.

“It shows, Kans darling!”


“The binding force of Islam is greater than that of Communism.”

“Åāýeshā has betrayed Communism. Dr. Ruth Heinerik Marx is also now with us, not with Åāýeshā Al Ůsmān any more.”

“So, Ruth is your new leader?”

“She has not consented so far, but―”

“When Sheikħzādī Zainab Al Ůsmān married Sir Rām Kinkar Dvivedī―” Āsiā Yūsuf laughed, “Entire Årab Muslims were against her. They charged her that she loved a Hindu.”

“Sir Rām Kinkar Dvivedī is not a Hindu. He is a Communist, all right.” Kans Banerjī confirmed, “But, he could not make his daughter Communist.”

“Instead,” Āsiā Yūsuf smiled gracefully, “Sheikħzādī Zainab Al Ůsmān made Åāýeshā an Årab Muslimā. Islam is more powerful than your damned Communism.”

“Āsiā darling! Communism is not a spent force even now, if that’s what you want to say.”

“I married you Kans, because you challenged me that Zainab Al Ůsmān is an exception, and Islam cannot make other Årab Muslimāt Sheikħzādī Zainab Al Ůsmān. Now, what do you say? I’m an Årab Muslimā still now. Your friends who married my friends are still Communists but my friends are also still Årab Muslimāt ruling over your friends both sexually and mentally.”

“I don’t think so.”

Āsiā Yūsuf laughed.

“Kans! You charged me that I love Durgesh actually not you.”

Kans Banerjī looked at Āsiā Yūsuf and suddenly his sexual encounter with his own Saåeedī Årab Muslimā Sheikħzādī wife, Furqān Yūsuf Al Saåeed, became alive before his very eyes.

How could he forget it?

How could he forget Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed was a real younger sister of Imāmzadī Sheikħzādī Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed.

How could he?

Both the Saåeedī Årab Muslimā sisters were immensely beautiful.

He was aware of the feelings both the sisters were going through when they first visited Trantor, Trishapt and Tantr Organisation―as it full name was, Trantor was the short name for whom.

Both Āsiā Yūsuf Al Saåeed and Furqān Yūsuf Al Saåeed felt like inhabitants of one of the smaller cities, visiting them and counting the Levels in awe.

Kans Banerjī smiled.

Perhaps they had thought of a ‘dwelling’ as something like an apartment unit.

His establishment was nothing like it at all.

Originally, it was not his establishment at all.

It was an establishment allotted originally to his father, Ugrsén Banerjī, and his mother Sheikħzādī Al Firdaus Al Dāůūd.

It was his ingenuity; he knew that he had succeeded to make his father almost retired.

They passed from room to room endlessly.

Panoramic windows were shrouded, wearing a veil, masked, cloaked, and covered, closely.

They did not allow any hint of disturbing outside to enter.

Lights came to life noiselessly from hidden sources as Āsiā Yūsuf Al Saåeed, Furqān Yūsuf Al Saåeed and Kans Banerjī stepped into a room and died again quietly when they left.

“So many rooms!” Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed commented in pleasant surprise and praise, “So many! Bājī! It’s like a very tiny City.”

“It’s Trantor, Trishapt and Tantr Organisation, Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed!” Āsiā Yūsuf smiled, “And don’t forget you are visiting Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād actually. This establishment is only an infinitesimal part of it.”

“Bājī!” Al Furqān said with equanimity, composure, calmness, level-headedness, equability, self-control, and poise,

“Why was it necessary to crowd so many persons together with us in close quarters? How many of them will be living here with us?”

Kans Banerjī smiled.

“Only me, of course, and a number of lady robots.”

“Only lady robots?” Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed was quite astonished, “How many human beings?”

“None.” Kans Banerjī smiled again, “This is Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād. Leave it. We have no human being serving another human being even anywhere here on Trantor, Trishapt and Tantr Organisation .”

“What about Communist creations?” Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed asked teasingly, “It’s clear you don’t believe in Hinduism whether Traditional Hinduism or Dvij Hindutv.”

“I accept our Communist creations are not as advanced as Hindu Vishv is.” Kans Banerjī smiled apologetically.

“Your Communist creations are not even as advanced as our Årab Muslimāt Creations and Other Muslimāt Creations are.”

“Due to your Treaties with Hindu Vishv.Kans Banerjī said curtly, “Hindu Vishv blindly supports entire Årab Muslimāt Creations and Other Muslimāt Creations. Hindu Vishv is filled with Årab Muslimāt and Other Muslimāt both. Hindu Vishv itself is a Democratic Union of infinite Hindu Årab Muslimāt Creations, infinite Hindu Other Muslimāt Creations infinite Bachhalyā Brahm Kanyās Creations, infinite Bachhalyā Brahmāñîs Creations and almost infinite traditional Hindus Creations.”

Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed laughed.

“And you want to take over the command of Hindu Vishv into your hands. You want to convert it into a Communist Vishv?”

Kans Banerjī smiled cunningly.

“Legally, my dear! Legally. Not illegally. I’m not Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. I’m not preparing for any Bolshevik Revolution here as Lenin did in Russia.”

“Because Durgesh, Dvij Hindus and the Bachhalyās are utmost vigilant.” Āsiā Yūsuf Al Saåeed laughed.

Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed also laughed.

Kans Banerjī also had to laugh good-naturedly.

They had just stepped into a room, crowded from floor to ceiling with book films.

There were three fixed viewers also with large twenty-four inch viewing panels.

The viewing panels were set vertically in three corners of the room.

Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed held her younger sister’s hand and squeezed.

“We are three. Sub Sector In charge Ħazrat Kans Banerjī, you and me. We have one viewing panel for each. Thank you, Kans Sāħab!”

Kans Banerjī smiled.

“It’s not my arrangement. It’s Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād administration’s arrangement. There is no distinction anywhere at all. It’s a normal establishment. The facilities you find here are provided everywhere in every establishment, without distinction, I’ve already told you. However, there’s a fourth also. It contains an animation screen.”

“These are minimum facilities the Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād provides to its interns?” Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed could not help not to ask the obvious.

“These are minimum facilities the Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād provides to its interns.” Kans Banerjī assured her.

“How lucky you are, Kans Sāħab!” Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed teased him, “Durgesh played Vasudév Bachhalyā himself to keep the Bachhalyās in order. You did not want to marry your beautiful sister Dévkī Banerjī to Durgesh. You were frightened that you can lose Dévkī Banerjī forever. But, you were lucky enough that Durgesh played Vasudév Bachhalyā himself. Dévkī Banerjī became Brahm Jagdambā unknowingly and you are living here.”

“This establishment, my dear, was not allotted to me.” Kans Banerjī said heatedly, “It was allotted to my father Sub Sector In Charge Ugrsén Banerjī long before Dévkī Banerjī and I were even born.”

“I see. I’m sorry!” Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed said but there was nothing on her face nor in her voice that she was really sorry.

Kans Banerjī controlled him with efforts.

“Did you kick everyone out just to leave us rattling around alone in this mausoleum, in this burial chamber, Mr. Kans?” Al Furqān Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed laughed.

“It’s meant only for me.” Kans Banerjī said gravely, “An establishment such as this is for one person is customary in Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād.”

“And Solaria imitated it?” Al Āsiā Al Yūsuf Al Saåeed asked contemptuously.

“Yes! But the imitation is very poor. Have you visited Solaria ever?”


“Then you’ll easily detect what we have more than Solaria here.”


“More than more even. Solaria could not afford to imitate Param Purush Ammuhātul Kāýnāt Param Prāsād exactly. No other Creations, even United, can afford.”

Chapter 13


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