Prelude to Ten Commandments

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter 1

Chapter 2



D r. Alberta Jacoby Pitt started to enjoy me inside her.

It was the historical year of 2220 A.D.

The Hindus called it 1,97,29,49,321 Creations Era, and Alberta Jacoby Pitt loved the concept, even though she was a Christian.

The world scenario had changed quite a lot since 2001 A.D., 1, 97, 29,49,2002 C.E.

Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt remembered it started to change itself in the year 1975 A.D., 1,97,29,49,076 C.E.

Durgesh invented the Supreme Science, naming it Eishān Vigyān.

She smiled, looking at me with all the feminine love, all the femininity, and all the tenderness in the Multiverse itself.

“Why Eishān Vigyān? Why an altogether new name? Why not Tantr itself, as it was named before? ” Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt was only two years younger than me.

In the year 1975 A.D., 1,97,29,49,076 S.S., my own age was 26 years.

Perhaps I was the youngest Vishύarshi, Hindu Vishύ ever had since a long time.

Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt was enormously beautiful.

Lying on her back there with me, she could not forget, it was only due to me, she was a scientist today.

Born in an orthodox Roman Catholic Christian family, she was chosen to become a nun originally.

“Durgesh!” Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt called me again, kissing me with the entire tenderness not Alien to her character.

“Yes, darling!” I myself kissed her violently.

My experienced eyes were also filled with the same tenderness towards her.

Both of my masculine hands were on her gorgeous, attractive, startling and dazzling Roman Catholic buttocks.

I was caressing both of them simultaneously at the same time.

“You haven’t answered my question even now.”

“Sorry, sorry.” I laughed with tenderness and love for Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt again, “I am afraid; the Hindus have lost not only their original glory, but their original science also.”

Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt looked at me with penetrating eyes, “Returning to the old orthodox Hinduism?”

I laughed again,

“And if I say ‘Yes’, if my answer is in the affirmative, Shall this Hindu Playboy of yours loose his charming and dazzlingly beautiful Roman Catholic Christian girl friend, Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt? ”

Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt eyed me as if deciding how to answer my blunt question.

Then she smiled,

“This Hindu Playboy of mine is my own choice. Once upon a time, there was a brilliant girl, Miss Alberta Jacoby Abraham, dying to know, to learn, to study, what the science was. Nobody helped her, except this Hindu Playboy of mine.”

“It was only natural, Darling!” I smiled meaningfully, “Being a Hindu it was quite natural for me that I wanted to play with the honor and self respect of the Roman Catholic Christians.”

For an instant, she found herself stunned, dumbfounded, and speechless.

But soon she recaptured her self-control.

“I am sorry again, Durgesh, that I suspected you of it.” Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt laughed good-naturedly and sweetly, swallowing my Dvij Hindu penis again and again into her tight, firm, beautiful and devoted to me, Roman Catholic Christian cunt, “What was left there for you to play with? Hadn’t I, myself, already played with the so called honor and the so called self respect of the Roman Catholic Christians, while you were sleeping and notwithstanding to be a nun, of the Universal Church of the Vatican city itself, Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham, I, myself, went to you? ”

“Dr. Alberta Jacoby Pitt! My beloved! I still do not believe, your father and mother, themselves, allowed you to do so.”… Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham, a nun, of the Universal Church of the Vatican City itself, stepped into the bedroom, where I, Durgesh for her, as I was to the other countless Muslimāt and non-Muslimāt young Årab Muslimāt Beauties, lay sleeping on top of the greenish orange silk sheets.

The soft glow of moonlight, coming in through the window, bathing my nude masculine body, called to her mind a marble sculpture she had seen in a museum.

Looking past me, to the full-length mirror, covering the opposite wall, Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham, respected and cherished by each and every one, saw her own glorious and majestically magnificent body, reflected.

Nevertheless, Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham sighed.

She came to me, and lowered her delightful and luminously beautiful eyes to my warm, nice, manly, stripped masculine body. Consciously, well knowingly, deliberately, intentionally, willfully, on purpose, the nun of the Universal Church of the Vatican City itself, Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham, slid her one hand, down.

Her beautiful fingers raked until she began to shiver.

I was more delicious-looking now to her, than when she saw me before.

Trembling, shivering, shaking, quivering, quaking, shuddering, on account of a holy, sacred, consecrated, hallowed, sanctified, blessed, divine, righteous, saintly awe, Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham, knew that I was the One, she was made for.

I was the One; she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Entangled with, intertwined with, entwined with, knotted with the unique masculine Cadaver, the unique masculine body, strong, physically powerful, powerfully built, beefy, muscular, strapping, hefty, sturdy, well-built, firm, hard-hitting, pleasing, pleasurable, stalwartly built.

The unique masculine cadaver, that she had seen, she had observed, she had intelligenced.

Only 16 years old and as deliriously in love with science as ever she often wondered if she would ever grow out of it.

And at the same time, she knew she would not.

Charming and dazzling, beautiful Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham, began to shiver.

She could not believe her own very eyes.

In her only 17th year, she could not believe, what the Communists and the other atheists believed.

It was Vatican City, The only Holy City, the Catholics thought on the Earth.

The new Vishύarshi of Hindu Vishύ, Durgesh, was not totally unknown to the 16 year old, dazzlingly beautiful nun, Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham.

Being an extra-ordinary intelligent, young, girl, she had heard quite good of me.

He is a miracle.

He has started to woo beautiful young Årab Musalmān girls, even since he was only four years old.

Even at that age, he was able to satisfy fully-grown beautiful young Årab Musalmān girls.

They liked him more than they liked even the boys of their own age. Sister Alberta Jacoby Abraham had passed that age now.

She was 16 years old now, Durgesh being 18 years old.

I kissed Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb.

Fascinated by my sheer Dvij Hindu masculine handsomeness Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb felt her stunned.

She had always seen me with her own daughters, both in my Durgesh and Rām Bachhalya cadavers, and with the other lovely, glorious, and strikingly beautiful daughters of Janak Chaturvedī, born from his other beautiful wives as well, but she was my mother-in-law then.

My Dvij Hindu, masculine handsome chest was broad and lightly furred.

Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb saw even the legends like Allāh, Saiyadā Fātimā, Åāyeshā Siddīquā, etc with me, always, yet even they were also stunned by my ever-increasing Dvij masculine handsomeness.

Not only Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb but also each and every young girl and lady, present there, was staring unashamedly at my unique Dvij masculine handsome manhood, fascinated.

Each and every one of them knew, I was the stoutest stallion, no doubt.

Tearing her lovely and beautiful gaze away from my Dvij masculine handsome groin, Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb glanced down, somewhat ashamed of her blunt lovely and beautiful gaze, looking unashamedly at my Dvij masculine handsome groin.

But the shame did not last long.

She was being continuously bombarded by the time cycle, causing continuously increasing twitching and burnings, generating thus a continuous longing for me.

Her gaze returned to me.

And this time she did not look away.

I chuckled, aware of where her lovely and beautiful eyes had taken her.

With consummate Dvij masculine handsome grace, I sat down at the edge of the pool.

There were numerous countless stars in the sky of Dvivedī-Mithilā settlement, as they were seen from other skies as well.

Among them, there was a particular star with its small system of worlds.

Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb was also watching it.

As soon as I realized it, I smiled again.

Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb laughed sweetly, winking at me, meaningfully closing her beautiful left eye,

“My dear son-in-law! Want your mother-in-law also, along with my beautiful, good-looking, attractive daughters?”

“You have approached me today, darling! I hope you enjoyed me!” “Oh! Come on!” She laughed good-naturedly again, “You know very well, I was controlling the time cycle.”

Originally, the name of the settlement was Rotor.

Janus Pitt was the head of the department of Exploration and Commerce.

Janak Bachhalyā was enjoying his sexual intercourse, smiling then, with Imāmzādī Al Fātimah Al Wahab,

Janus Pitt is not honest, Imāmzādī Al Fātimah Al Wahab! Earth is not right in bringing the persons like Janus Pitt into power.”

Vipr Datt Chaturvedī observed his wife Imāmzādī Al Fātimah Al Wahab, with obvious distaste.

“Janak Bachhalyā Shrī!” Vipr Datt Chaturvedī smiled, “It is not the Earth. It is Chaturvedī ImāmzādīWorld. Save the problems of the Earth for the Earth-People themselves. Being the citizen of Chaturvedī Imāmzādī World, we should concentrate ourselves to the problems of our own world, Chaturvedī Imāmzādī World… Earth is fully capable to take care of itself.”

Both Janak Bachhalyā and Imāmzādī Al Fātimah Al Waħāb did not agree with Vipr Datt Chaturvedī.

Janak Bachhalyā kept a close watch over Janus Pitt.

Therefore, as soon as the settlement Rotor started for Nemesis, Janak Bachhalyā and Imāmzādī Al Fātimah Al Waħāb approached Janus Pitt.

“We know, Janus Pitt! Where you Rotarians are going and we consider it a good idea that the Earth People must be informed of your destination.” Janak Bachhalyā smiled.

In a manner totally devoid of expressions, Janus Pitt saw Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoonā.

“Nobody, except you could have informed Durgesh, Usma! I am confident of it.”

Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona smiled,


There was no sign of any sort of contrition on her face.

She was more vivacious instead and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying.

Janus Pitt knew better than to protest and be undignified.

As far as his security was concerned, he knew very well that he was safe.

He had lost the game, but not altogether.

Smiling as if nothing had happened, he said, without any hesitation at all,

“I should have known better, Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona! Shouldn’t I?”

“Of course!” Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona herself was smiling also, “You should have certainly known better. We are not new acquaintances now. ”

“I forgot, even each and every young, beautiful girl is too thirsty of Durgesh to resist, and you being an Årabian Muslim, the resistance was more improbable. ”

This time Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona laughed,

“If Allāh hadn’t made any girl or woman in the creations, Janus! The men had destroyed all of themselves quite far before now. ”

Looking at Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona, I myself smiled,


Sā vishvāyuh sā vishvkarmā sā vishvdhāyāh. Indrasý tvā bhāgagvong soménātanachmi, vishño! havyagvong rax.’

Ved 2Y/1/4

“So, You have chosen what you had chosen before, Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona?” Janus Pitt again smiled.

This time ironically though.

Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona observed,

“You hadn’t left me any other alternative, Janus! I warned you, I didn’t want to take part in any conspiracy against human beings.”

Janus Pitt saw Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona gravely,

“I myself belong to the category, Doctor!”

“So I thought!” Dr.Usmā lslām Umm Maimoona said dryly.

Janus Pitt laughed,

“Oh, Come on, Doctor! Certainly you don’t mean I am inhuman!” “Why shouldn’t I?”

Janus Pitt saw her in astonishment.

“When I came to you, Janus Pitt! You treated me as if I was a nobody. I was not. I was an astronomer. I was a Scientist. And as such, I deserved a lot far better behavior from you.”

Janus Pitt saw her in astonishment again,

“Oh, My goodness! Are you telling me, you killed the project only for I hadn’t treated you well?”

“It was certainly a factor.” Dr. Usmā Islām Umm Maimoonā observed Janus Pitt gravely, “But it was certainly not all.”

“I am listening.”

“You should. You must. ”Curtly Dr. Usmā Islām Umm Maimoonā said.

How can she forget, she had to change even her name so that her sincerity might be believed?

Janus Pitt surrendered.

He had no other alternative.

“I accept your proposal for the sake of survival of humanity.” Ultimately, he said.

Surrendering his wife, Alberta Jacoby Pitt, to Janak Bachhalyā, for me, Janus Pitt laughed, when he found that despite the stunning beauty, despite the breath taking startling beauty, of his wife, Alberta Jacoby Pitt, Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb strongly opposed the surrender in misunderstanding.

“The Bachhalyās are made only for Brahm Kanyās and us Imāmzādī Brahmāñīs.”

Sunaýnā Rājpût coughed, but Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb was smart enough not to take any notice of her.

All my infinite Årabian Muslimāt wives, all my other infinite Muslimāt wives, all my almost infinite Brāhmañ wives, all my Rājpõõt wives, all my Christian wives, and all my Jews wives smiled.

I had wives of each and every creed and culture.

A good number of them being atheists also though I am an ardent believer in God.

Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb was again smart enough not to take any notice of them even.

Both Janus Pitt and his wife, Alberta Jacoby Pitt, laughed heartedly. . “Perhaps even the Bachhalyās are made for you Årab Musalmān girls and Årab Musalmān Beauties only, by Allah Himself.” Alberta Jacoby Pitt smiled sarcastically.

Imāmzādī Al Kħadeejah Al Waħāb also joined in the laughter,

“Why not? We Årab Musalmān girls and Årab Musalmān Beauties worship Allah. Why should He not provide us the Bachhalyās as our lovers and as our husbands while we love them? ”

Mildred was lying on her back.

“Sometimes I think Durgesh! You are overconfident.’’

I smiled.

“But,” She continued, “When I see the results, I find me quite astonished to see that you always succeed.’’

Smiling again, I kissed her passionately,

“Mildred darling! Nobody succeeds always. Everybody has his part of failures also.’’

She observed me deeply,

“Meaning even you?”

I laughed heartedly,

“Meaning even I, What do you think I am Mildred! Some supernatural being?”

“Why not?”

“Why do you think so? I’ve told you so many times, there isn’t any supernatural being anywhere.”

“Aren’t you immortal?”

“I am, darling! I am. However, so are others also. ”

“Because you told them, and in fact you taught them how to be immortal.”

“It’s my duty.It was the reason I am made for: ‘Make all better.’ ‘Indram vardhanto apturah kr’ñvanto vishvamāryam, apaghnanto arāvñah.’


“You are a devout Hindu, Durgesh! Aren`t you?” Mildred laughed teasingly.

“Of course I’m a devout Hindu and I’m proud of being so.”

Enjoying me inside her fully to the hilt Mildred smiled.

“If it’s the case why shouldn’t I be proud of myself being a Christian?”

“You should certainly be, darling! Every person has a right of self-respect whether male or female, whether Hindu or Christian–

‘Ved, Bible, and Qurān, the trio if we have.

Don’t worry of the humanity then ever, the trio will save.’ ”

She kissed me proudly.

Mildred Robert Lincoln came into my life in 1839 A.D., 1, 97,29, 48,940 S.S.

Her cousin was the great Abraham Lincoln the President of United States of America, famous in the history.

My mind went into the period.

Mildred told me then,

“He is not as great, Durgesh! as you think. There are so many, numerous, important, differences between Douglas and the Republicans.”

James Buchanan was the President of America then since 1856 A.D., 1,97,29,48,957 S.S.

Della Roger was his agent.

She squirmed.

“I’m unable to understand, Durgesh! why are you preferring Abraham Lincoln over James Buchanan, the President of America since 1856 A.D, now. I don’t think Abraham Lincoln has any political future. He could not convince even his cousin, his views are right. ”

“It proves his beliefs in democracy, Della! He might have compelled Mildred to back him up, yet he didn’t do it. ”

Della Roger felt embarrassed.

She squirmed again.

James Buchanan, even though he was the President of America since 1856 A.D., was not so sure of his grounds.

His Election Agent had appointed her to woo Durgesh, as he knew the miraculous control Durgesh had on American youth.

Especially the young American beauties were dying to have Durgesh as their ardent and devout lover.

Even the young boys were not jealous of Durgesh over it.

Instead, Durgesh had become their unanimous hero.

James Buchanan, the present President of America since 1856 A.D., belongs to the Democratic party. He won his presidential election in 1856 with18, 38,169 popular votes, and 174 electoral votes over his contemporaries, John C. Fremont from Republican Party and Millard Fillmore from American Party. ” She said.

Both the parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were most popular political parties of America those days. “Sorry, Della!”Dorothy could not keep silence, “Even after being the daughter of John C.Fremont from Republican Party I had promised you to work with you in this election. I didn’t know, even Durgesh was not with you. ”

Della Roger smiled,

“Who says Durgesh is not with me?”

“I am with her, Dorothy!”I said myself, smiling.

“Just listen yourself.” Della Roger was still smiling.

Dorothy Fremont seemed perplexed somewhat.

She looked at me in obvious uncertainty,

“What do you yourself have to say, Durgesh?”

“Nothing, darling! I’ve absolutely nothing to say. ”

Mildred Robert Lincoln laughed,

“Bađo naŧkhaŧ hai rī, Kr’shñ Kanhaiyā. Kā karé Yashodā maiyā?” ” Kr’shñ Kanhaiyā is very mischievous. What the mother Yashodā can do?”

“I don’t think, Sis! we have to do anything. ”My mother in Dvāpar era, Yashodā, smiled teasingly looking towards Devkī Ātreý, my real mother in Dvāpar era, “Neither Yashodā has to do anything nor Devkī Ātreý.”

Devkī Ātreý was my real mother in Dvāpar era.

She laughed confirming Yashodā, my second mother in Dvāpar era.

“Exactly right, Yashodā! Why should we interfere between our son and our disobeying daughters in law, the Rādhās, Rukmiñis, Lalitās etc. of the Kali era? ”

“I have objection, mother in law!” Mildred smiled, “As far as all of us, your daughters in law are concerned, we have never disobeyed any one of you till now.”

“Liar!” My real mother in Dvāpar era, Devkī Ātreý, laughed again, “Haven’t we asked you to marry our son, Durgesh, and almost all of you tolerated our proposal lying to us this way or that way?”

A pin drop silence followed there.

Then it was Mildred Robert Lincoln again who broke the silence.

“Mother! Mother in law! Mothers in law! None of you is unfamiliar of the unfavorable milieu of America nowadays. Even though we love Durgesh, the fact remains that all of us are white  girls, whereas Durgesh is not white. These days the white Americans hate the blacks as much as they believe: the blacks are born to be the slaves of the whites. ”

I smiled,

“Even if I am a black one, Millie! I’ve attracted more white  girls than any white young chap has attracted. ”

“It’s only in the favor of your debonair personality, Durgesh!” Dorothy Fremont said, “The other black ones are still being treated as if they are the slaves of the whites.”

Those were the days when none could imagine Barrack Hussein Obama would be the President of USA one day.

“It’s because they have been brought from Africa and even from India for the sole purpose, ab initio, slavery.”I said gravely. “And you are not one of them?”Stella Johnson teased me.

She was from Tennessee and nobody knew then in America except me and my ardent followers Dvij Hindus, who had come with me, or else, to improve the time cycle; that her father, Andrew Johnson was one of the future Presidents of United States of America (1865-1869 A.D.;1,97,29,48,966-970 S.S./C.E.).

“If I would’ve been one of them virtually all of you white American  girls wouldn’t have been falling for me like a ton of bricks.”

Stella Andrew Johnson laughed heartedly.

She did not believe that I had come to USA, in this historical period of the great Abraham Lincoln, from 2001 A.D.; 1,97,29,49,102 S.S. /C.E.

And why only Stella Andrew Johnson should be blamed, almost none of them believed then that it was so, including then even Mildred Robert Lincoln also.

“Only for he is a black magician from the mysterious country of snakes and black magic, India, having infinite miraculous masculine charms for our young Årab Musalmān girls and young Årab Musalmān Beauties; he wants us Americans to believe: he is a supernatural being, immortal and the Supreme Leader of Mankind. ”

“But he is, brother! I suspect.” Mildred Robert Lincoln contradicted Andrew Johnson.

Andrew Johnson laughed,

“I don’t blame you my child.”

“Don’t ‘child’ me.” Indignantly she interjected, “I am old enough to be your sis, not to be your child.”

Abraham Lincoln was smiling playfully,

“Andrew!” He said, “My cousin is only two years younger than me. I was born in Kentucky in 1809 and she was born in the same Kentucky in 1811.She has quite a sense of self-respect even. ”

Andrew Johnson kept smiling.

He did not feel offended even.

Mildred Robert Lincoln was his sister’s friend.

And as so, he loved Mildred Robert Lincoln also as if she was his own sister.

“Okay, Okay, Sis!” He kept smiling, “At present, we have more problems than your Supreme Leader of Mankind.”

“My dear brother!” Mildred Robert Lincoln said ironically, “Durgesh is neither a problem to anybody nor to any society whatsoever. He is a passionate believer in Humanity. He loves human beings. To him Humanity is itself a religion. He always say: ‘Ved, Bible, and Qurān, the trio if we have. Don’t worry of the humanity then ever, the trio will save.’ He is a Hindu, but he goes with us to our Churches also. ”

“So I’ve heard too.” Andrew Johnson kept smiling even then.

“Don’t hear. Come with us and see yourself with your own Protestant Christian eyes how a Hindu male looks towards our religion.”

381 years passed since.

She would have died even many years before, if Durgesh had not come in her life.

She was lucky enough to see with her own eyes how America kept on progressing, on, and on.

In India, the emergence of R’shi Dayānand did the miracles nobody ever imagined…

Dr. Usmā Islām Umm Maimoonā came to her when Janus Pitt ignored her…

“He treated me, Sis! as if he is the only person, who exists in the Department of Exploration and Commerce. Except him as if nobody has any existence at all. ”

“It shows: he may be a very good astronomer, he may be a very good scientist, but… ” Mildred Robert Lincoln stopped in mid sentence quite meaningfully and smiled, again quite meaningfully.

Dr. Usmā Islām Umm Maimoonā had understood flawlessly that the Sis’ Mildred Robert Lincoln was perfectly enjoying the state of affairs.

But her mood was fairly rotten at the time.

“But?” She asked in a rather rough manner, though she did not intend it.

The ‘Sis’, Mildred Robert Lincoln, smiled.

Janus Pitt was not unknown to her.

A perfect selfish person.

However, since no one else was interested in the Far Probe, the Earth was left with no other alternative except to rely on Janus Pitt.

“We have infinite Dvij Hindus now and almost inestimable Bachhalyās. Except them, we have more or less innumerable scientists and astronomers from different societies and circles. Why should we capitulate to the self-centered persons like Janus Pitt, Durgesh? ”Even Mildred Robert Lincoln felt herself perplexed to some extent.

Mildred Robert Lincoln was lying on her back.

I was on top of her.

We were not only enjoying each other, but also programming and transmitting supreme scientifically.

Penetrating Mildred Robert Lincoln unto my hilt, I smiled.

“Can we guarantee Mildred! that no one from our infinite Dvij Hindus, no one from our almost inestimable Bachhalyās, no one from our innumerable scientists and astronomers from different societies and circles, is as selfish, as self-centered, as self-interested, as egotistical, as egocentric, as Janus Pitt is?”

Mildred Robert Lincoln saw me with her attractive eyes piercing me in a bemused searching manner.

“No. We can’t guarantee. But it does not mean that we should knowingly allow the self-centered persons, like Janus Pitt, to head a whole department of science and grant him with the opportunity to invent Far Probe.”

“Why not?”

“Why not?” Mildred Robert Lincoln thundered, “He may get benefited using the resources provided to him by us, by the whole mankind, and at the same time may deceive us, may betray us.”

“Someone has to invent Far Probe, darling!”

“True, I agree with you, but why it is necessary that ‘that someone’ should be Janus Pitt?”

Dr. Susan Calvin laughed.

Born in 1982 A.D., her age was 238 years now.

However, no one believed her age.

It was equally incredible that she was not pretty until I came in her life.

“Sis!” Dr. Susan Calvin said in a good-natured manner, “Why don’t you understand: when Durgesh decides, he decides after thinking, deeply and thoroughly, of each and every field, of each and every aspect?”

Mildred Robert Lincoln smiled,

“Susan! Just because Durgesh has revived your belief in life, Just because Durgesh has found, there is also a woman in you, you were not a robot yourself, as they said; does not mean you love Durgesh more than me.”

“I am not claiming that, Sis!” Extra ordinary beautiful Dr. Susan Calvin also smiled, “I know, I love Durgesh very much. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in 2003 A.D. at Columbia .I was 21 years old then. Durgesh was 33 years old when I was born in USA. I saw Durgesh when I was 16 years old and Durgesh was 49 years old.”

Mildred Robert Lincoln kept smiling,

“You mean, you hadn’t seen Durgesh until you reached your sweet sixteen?”

Dr. Susan Calvin laughed,

“Oh no.”

“Then what did you mean?” Mildred Robert Lincoln asked Dr. Susan Calvin teasingly.

“I mean just what you want me to acknowledge.” Dr. Susan Calvin, the stunning beauty, laughed again. Kissing me again passionately she said,” Until sixteen I didn’t see Durgesh as a girl sees a boy.”

“As her prospective lover?”

“Yes.” she acknowledged boldly.

Mildred Robert Lincoln teasingly smiled,

“I don’t think, Dr. Susan Calvin! You had seen Durgesh as a girl sees a boy even after you were sixteen. If you had, the humiliation you suffered facing Herbie would not have taken place.”

Dr. Susan Calvin laughed,

“I wonder now what a categorical fool I was then. Who will believe I was so engrossed in my studies and in my work that I was not aware of even my own feminine charms!”

“U.S.A. is indebted to you, Dr. Susan Calvin! for that engrossment.” Mildred Robert Lincoln said gravely, “It was 2008 A.D., I believe, when you joined United States Robots as a Robot psychologist obtaining your Ph.D. Now it’s a well known fact in the history of U.S.A. that you were the first great practitioner of a new science then in U.S.A.”

“After it’s inventor Ashvini of Hindu Vishύ, of course.” There was always a pride in her sweet voice whenever Dr. Susan Calvin spoke of Ashvini.

Mildred Robert Lincoln knew it and overlooked it therefore,

“Until 2008 A.D., the history of Robotics in USA is not as breathtaking as afterwards. As if as soon as you joined United States Robots as a Robot Psychologist obtaining your Ph.D., a revolution had come.”

Gloria George Weston cheerfully agreed,

“I agree with you, Sis! Though in 1996, in my childhood; I myself played with a non-speaking Robot nursemaid, Robbie; even enjoying it immensely.”…

She did not know at first it was her Mom against her having a robot as her nursemaid.

“Honest and truly, Mamma! He’ll stay so quiet; you won’t even know he’s here. He can sit on the chair in the corner, and he won’t say a word,-…”

Her mother, Mrs. George Weston laughed.

And it was only then- Gloria George Weston remembered-she realized: her playmate couldn’t speak.

“I mean he won’t do anything. Will you, Robbie?”

It was 1998A.D, 1,97,29,49,099 S.S./C.E.

Speaking Robots were out of question those days even in USA.

Dr. Susan Calvin had obtained her bachelor’s degree at Columbia in 2003, after five years.

And as far as USA was concerned, even the concept of Speaking Robots was inconceivable without Dr. Susan Calvin.

Robbie, appealed to, nodded his massive head up and down once.

“Gloria George Weston!” Her mother said, “If you don’t stop this at once, you shan’t see Robbie for a whole week.”

Gloria George Weston’s eyes fell.

She was too young then to protest,

“All right! But Cinderella is his favorite story and I didn’t finish it. and he likes it so much.”

The robot left with a disconsolate step and Gloria George Weston choked back a sob.

Grace George Weston immediately realized the possible future danger.

She had already made too many mistakes to improve.

Durgesh tried to make her understand the cruel facts of life so many times, but she always refused even to Durgesh to behave coherently.

“O.K.” She smiled to her daughter, Gloria George Weston, “Call him back.”

“Whaaaaat?” Gloria George Weston could not believe her own ears.

Not for her mother was always cruel to her, but for it was not usual for her mother to change her decision.

“Call him back.” Grace George Weston smiled to her daughter again.

This time more sweetly.

Even her graceful eyes were smiling now.

Excited Gloria George Weston shouted in her sweet voice, filled with intense happiness,

“Hey!!! Robbieeee! Come backkkkk! The mother has permitted me to tell you your favorite story.”

The Robot was programmed to show incredible joy and excitement whenever there was any mention of the word ‘story’.

Even though those were the days before extreme specialization, Lawrence Robertson had first taken out incorporation papers for U.S. Robot and Mechanical Men, Inc. in the year 1982 A.D., 1,97,29,49,083 S.S. /C.E. Till 1998/’99S.S., sixteen years had passed.

A long time to be passed, so far as the progress of science was concerned!

Gloria George Weston started to tell the story to the Robot afresh.

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl whose name was Ella. She had a terribly cruel mother,step mother, and two very ugly and very cruel step sisters and”

Grace George Weston was incredibly beautiful.

Moreover, she was a feminist also, always seeking faults in men only for each and every mishappening.

If possible, she would have unashamedly charged men for each and every evil present in the society.

The politicians liked her very much, always trying to use her for their vested interests.

She did not like the idea of Ella’s two-step sisters to be very ugly and very cruel.

“Perhaps the story is forgotten to you, child!” Grace George Weston smiled sweetly and suggested her corrections, “There was no Durgesh. It was entirely a men-made world. Ella’s two-step sisters were also incredibly beautiful, but the men, who could not win their love on account of their inadequacy to do so, ill-publicized against them, to blackmail them….”

She left Gloria telling her story, sneaked and walked in where her husband was enjoying his vacation.

Grace George Weston found George Weston comfortable.

On Sunday afternoons, and on other afternoons also, when he was on vacation; George Weston was very keen to be comfortable.

A good, hearty dinner below the hatches; a nice, soft, dilapidated couch on which to sprawl; a copy of the ‘Times’; skippered feet and shirtless chest;how could anyone help but be comfortable!

He wasn’t pleased, therefore, when his wife walked in.

After ten years of married life, he still was so unutterably foolish as to love her, and there was no question that he was always glad to see her.

She was too beautiful to be overlooked.

Still, Sunday afternoons, and even other vacation-afternoons, were sacred enough to him not to allow even his incredibly, extremely, unbelievably, amazingly, exceedingly, extraordinarily, beautiful wife, Grace George Weston., having her maiden name to be Grace Walter Pitts.

There was one more reason why George Weston did not want to allow even his incredibly, extremely, unbelievably, amazingly, exceedingly, extraordinarily, beautiful wife, Grace George Weston to approach him, but….

“George!” Her musical voice chimed into his ears.

His idea of solid comfort was to be left in utter solitude for two or three hours.

He had fixed his eyes, consequently, firmly upon the latest reports of the Lefebre Yoshida expedition to Mars.

This one was to take off from Lunar Base and might actually succeed.

He pretended as if she was not there.

Grace George Weston had waited patiently for two minutes, then impatiently for two more, and finally had broken the silence.

“Hmpph? George Weston asked.

“George, I say! Will you put down that paper and look at me?”

Now it can’t be tolerated.

It was obvious now that she was ready to start even a crusade with him.

Being a beloved sex partner of Durgesh now, Grace George Weston did not fear either him anymore or anyone else.

The paper rustled to the floor and Weston turned a weary face toward his so-called wife Grace George Weston,

“What is it, dear?”

“Don’t ‘dear’ me. I am fully capable now to understand how much dear I am to you now! I know, I am no longer ‘dear’ to you, as Durgesh is dear to me now, not you. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that you are Gloria’s father, and being so, you are entitled to participate in making her future.”

George Weston saw her in dumbfounded awe, unable to understand what happens to a girl, to a lady; if only she is extraordinary beautiful.

He hasn’t seen, hasn’t heard, even a single girl, even a single lady, who was extraordinary beautiful, yet did not love Durgesh, was not his sex partner, irrespective of her creed, irrespective of her culture, irrespective of her religion and irrespective of her doctrine whatsoever, whether she was married or unmarried.

The man is an incredibly successful playboy having his infinite incredibly extraordinary beautiful girl friends and Årab Musalmān Beauties friends who are his sex partners also without any single exception.

Monica Lewinsky was his latest sex partner, causing inconvenience to Bill Clinton, the then President of United States of America.

He, George Weston, often wondered how much resourceful Durgesh was, and how did he use to manage it always.

His extraordinary beautiful wife, Grace George Weston, was addressing him:

“You know what it is, George! It’s Gloria and that terrible machine.”

“What terrible machine?”

“Now don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s that robot Gloria calls Robbie. He doesn’t leave her for a moment.”

“Well, why should he?” George Weston felt immense satisfaction in causing inconvenience to his unfaithful wife, Grace George Weston.

He would have heard her even before a long time, only if he hadn’t discovered to his utter surprise, that Grace was interested in bringing a lady robot from Hindu Vishύ.

“He’s not supposed to.” George Weston continued, “And he certainly isn’t a terrible machine. He’s the best darn robot money can buy and I’m damned sure he set me back half a year’s income. He’s worth it, though –darn sight cleverer than half of my office staff.”

He made a move to pick up the paper again, stopping in mid movement as his wife’s insulting comment reached him.

“Why cleverer than half of your office staff only, dear?” Her voice was extra ordinary melodious to him, “Why not cleverer than even you?”

George Weston smiled patronizingly,

“I sympathize with you Grace. But it doesn’t mean I can afford lady robots from Hindu Vishύ.”

Incredibly, surprisingly beautiful, Grace George Weston laughed melodiously and gigantic pleasantly,

“I wonder, George! Why you are so afraid of lady robots from Hindu Vishύ, while you are not afraid of even Durgesh himself?”

Smiling patronizingly again, George Weston said proudly,

“Durgesh is the best friend I ever have, Grace George Weston! and again he is my brother in law also.”

Grace George Weston laughed melodiously and patronizingly again,

“You know my friend, Claudia; George?”

“The one who is a barrister in the Supreme Court?”

“The same one. The Claudia Abraham Street.”

“The one who is the younger sister of Della Street, the famous confidential secretary to the legendary Perry Mason?”

“The same one.”

“With her help I investigated almost all the court records in USA, and found: not even a single sister of yours has been registered anywhere as Durgesh’s perfectly legal wife.”

George Weston laughed patronizingly again.

“If I’m not mistaken, I’ve heard you a million times, claiming to be Durgesh’s perfectly legal wife. How it is so, my darling? Aren’t you married to me according to the court records in USA?”

“You have given me Gloria only. Do you remember?”

“I perfectly remember.” George Weston tried to complete his gesture He moved again to pick up the paper, but his wife was quicker and snatched it away.

“You listen to me, George! I won’t have my daughter entrusted to a machineand I don’t care how clever it is. It has no soul, and no one knows what it may be thinking. A child just isn’t made to be guarded by a thing of metal.”

It was not a sudden idea however.

It was developed in the Crompton estate.

From my rented canoe, I sized up the estate enjoying my ultimate intimacy with my sister in law, Grace George Weston.

The Crompton estate belonged to her friend, Sylvia Crompton.

“Since Monica Lewinsky has acknowledged publicly in the court, that President Bill Clinton was enjoying oral sex with her now and then, and since Bill Clinton has claimed that Monica Lewinsky has only oral sex with him and it’s not legally his having affair with Monica Lewinsky; oral sex has become suddenly more popular in the United States of America.” Grace George Weston kept on me sucking and sucking passionately.

The canoe was warming with both of us.

I was growing harder and harder into her surprisingly beautiful mouth.

The oral sex was breathtaking to both of us.

When Carole saw the spectacle, she smiled sweetly.

It was a group of 192 young lady journlists, each belonging to a different country on earth.

I was sizing up the estate as a general sizes up a prospective battlefield.

The moon, a few days past the full, made a shimmering path of silver in the east, and served to illuminate my objective.

And, the objective was an island connected with the main land by a fifty foot steel and concrete bridge.

The group of 192 young lady journlists, each belonging to a different country on earth, was headed by Al Rasheedah Al Kubrah Al Saiyadah.

Al Rasheedah Al Kubrah Al Saiyadah wore a straw hat, broad-brimmed; from it, a gay yellow ribbon fluttered.

The rest of her business costume consisted of a band-aid that covered a small scrape on her left knee that she’s gotten at a roller disco the night before with me.

Even though it was her costume also, Carole Dawson Weston didn’t feel herself naked because she had brought one of her favorite tri-dimensional-movie cameras with her.

She had completed her vacation with me, and was definitely and determinedly on business now.

The beautiful and charming eyes Carole Dawson Weston had, were hypnotized by Grace George Weston‘s fervent sucking of my Hindu manhood.

She was George Weston’s real sister.

Grace George Weston was not only her friend now.

She was her sister in law alsoher real brother’s wife.

Carole Dawson Weston watched it as though it was a magic charm, an exhilarating charisma, the spell of which she was unable to break.

On the island, Sylvia Crompton’s huge multistoried mansion faced the narrow channel, as a castle might look down upon its protecting moat.

Facing off the Durgesh-Sylvia Crompton estate from the inquisitive eyes of passers-by on the main land, was a brick wall topped with wrought iron and studded with broken glass.

On the bay side were the signs warning trespassers they would be prosecuted.

“You haven’t told me, Durgesh! till now,” Grace George Weston wet her crimson lips arrogantly, proudly and her amiable charming fascinating fingers enwrapped my Dvij Hindu manhood sucking the same expertly, “why we have come here.”

The so-called Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal made millions of the young Årab Musalmān Beauties all over across the globe expert in oral sex now.

America, USA, was the dream country of almost everyone now, who didn’t know or didn’t believe the bizarre existence of Hindu Vishύ.

I smiled, feeling my Hindu prick becoming stronger more and more, repeatedly;

“Perhaps you’ve forgotten, Grace Darling! Bill Clinton was not Bill Clinton, when Monica Lewinsky made oral sex with him.”

Arrogantly sucking my Hindu Dvij superb manhood Grace George Weston, the charming wife of George Weston, laughed sweetly,

“I don’t believe your claim, that you were Bill Clinton when Monica Lewinsky made oral sex with him.”

I was quite surprised,

“But you’ve yourself acknowledged, sweetheart! That Bill Clinton, being a seasoned, being an experienced politician, couldn’t do this stupidity overtly.”

“I had rather forgotten then myself stupidly, that it was not his first sex scandal. It was his third one.”

“Nevertheless it was not Bill Clinton all the three times, Grace!”

She saw me incredulously,

“Aaaaaaaall the three timesss?”

“Aaaaaaaall the three timesss.”

Carole Dawson Weston leaned closer to me. “Want me?”

I smiled affectionately spreading my legs wider.

Carole Dawson Weston reached deep into my jeans and struggled for a moment.

“When it was with Gennifer Flowers also?” Carole Dawson Weston asked in confusion, “The television personality, who claimed that she had 12-year relationship with Clinton?”

She then brought out my hairy sack of testicles and let them wilt down between my legs under my outstanding, enormous, towering Hindu Penis.

Gennifer Flowers was correct in her claims, Carole Dawson Weston! Honey! Only he was not Clinton, he was me.”

All her condemnations of Bill Clinton whirled in front of her eyes.

It was the first time, she was thinking sincerely that Durgesh might have been right in his claim and Bill Clinton might have been sincere in claiming that it was a political strategy against him.

The Clinton Presidency had been seriously imperiled by explosive allegations that Bill Clinton had a sexual relationship with a young, former White house intern, and then asked her, the young former White house intern, to lie about it.

The scandal had erupted at a time when he was already being investigated in another case of alleged sexual harassment.

It threatened to plunge Bill Clinton into legal troubles with heavy political costs.

If the charges of perjury were proved, it could lead to impeachment proceedings against him.

Bill Clinton had denied that he had had any “improper relationship” with now 24 year old, in February 1998 A.D.:1, 97, 29, 49,098 S.S., Monica Lewinsky.

“I did not urge anyone to say anything that was untrue.” Bill Clinton had said.

There were 193 canoes all rented, and on each canoe there was an extraordinary beautiful couple, a supreme handsome young man and a beautiful young girl.

It’s not necessary to tell, that the young man on all the 193 canoes there was I, myself, with different beautiful young woman correspondent, in my 193 bodies.

A long pier ran out into the lazy waters, a sandspit on the northern side gave a semi-circular bathing beach with long crescent shaped rows of swimming seashores and, behind every beach, a well kept lawn became a velvety green carpet, thanks to the aid of loam which had been trucked in at great expense.

Sylvia Crompton’s legal position was as invincible as the island estate that isolated her and her wealth from the main land.

I have not to defy her legal status however.

Sylvia Crompton was, after all, my wife, as far as the Hindu Vishύ laws were concerned, of which I was the eternal and supreme first citizen.

And it was irrelevant for me what Sylvia Crompton believed.

She did not believe in matrimony.

For her, I was only her permanent sex associate reciprocally and the best friend she ever had.

As far as her legal status, anywhere except Hindu Vishύ; was concerned, she was unmarried and was perfectly free and capable to do anything whatsoever she chose, under the law of USA of course, since she was its citizen.

I was paddling all my 193 canoes.

The canoe on which I was with Grace George Weston was being paddled by me close to sandspit, studying the contours.

While Grace was sucking me, I was caressing her both lovely and voluptuous gorgeous buttocks paddling simultaneously.

A hooded electrical light was fastened to a board sign in such a manner that it illuminated the legend painted in red letters that could be read even a hundred and fifty feet away:





“Jesus!” Grace smiling, unswallowed my manhood from her glorious mouth, “Spinster though, she acknowledges your privileges also on her private property.”

“Don’t you?” I caressed both her buttocks cheering her unstripped cunt at the same time.

Grace George Weston laughed melodiously entrapping my prick firmly.

“I didn’t mean this private property. It’s private region. Improve your English, Hindu playboy! It’s not your Vedic Sanskrit. Remember?”

“Since I’m a Hindu playboy, how can I improve my English, Sweetheart?” I kept on caressing both her buttocks reassuring her unstripped cunt together. There was a impish twinkling in my eyes.

I kissed Grace George Weston avidly.

She surrendered holding me stalwartly by my penis.

I made her lie on her back on the canoe.

It was while I was entering her that I suddenly became conscious of a swimmer.

Apparently, the figure had not yet seen the canoe, but was drifting along down the tide with slow, evenly timed, powerful strokes.

I, suddenly curious, held my canoe steady against the slowly ebbing tide and watched.

Grace George Weston noticing the change in my alertness, as she was enjoying me now inside her, asked at once,

“What happened?”

“Nothing, darling!” Her curved rosy buttocks were gaining now a regular upright momentum as my lower body, swallowing me constantly.

I was stabbing Grace George Weston over and over again.

“Durgesh! My dear Hindu playboy! Grace George Weston was also not born yesterday, “You are fucking me, understand?”

I smiled, still caressing both of her curved rosy buttocks, fucking her fervently, and paddling at the same time.

“Your love stokes inside me are increasing continuously, their force is also continuously increasing. And I know when it happens. It’s not the first time, you are fucking me.”

Not only Grace George Weston was feeling it.

My love stokes in the interiors of all the 193 young Årab Musalmān Beauties were escalating ad infinitum now.

Their strength was also constantly increasing.

I was caressing both of their curved rosy buttocks, fucking all of them excitedly, and paddling at the same time.

The domed rose-pink buttocks of all of them have gained now a constant, stanch, upright momentum at my lower body, swallowing me persistently, I was love stabbing them all repeatedly again and again.

And, watching the mysterious swimmer constantly.

Chapter 4


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