The Foundation Story Continued

DSM Satyarthi

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Chapter 16

Brahm Kaushikī Shāstrī

Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār

Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī

Lauretta Divart

The problem Brahm Kaushikī Shāstrī had to face wasn’t only that of her genetic caste.

It was more than that.

Her Satītv and Pātivratý was her biggest asset Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār had looted absolutely unsympathetically.

“I said you, Brahm Kaushikī,”  Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār smiled triumphantly as he entered her, “not to marry that impotent, but…”

“He isn’t impotent,” Brahm Kaushikī Shāstrī said furiously, not surrendering to Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār even now, “you are raping me and you’ll be punished for it.”

Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār laughed.

He pulled his penis out of Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī’s beautiful wife, Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī’s now matured, yet still quite young and sophisticated Brāhmañ female sex, and then pushed it back more wildly.

Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī almost jumped.

But Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār was already prepared for it.

He grabbed nude Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī again more strongly and started making love to her more and more fiercely with each of his wild thrust.

Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī didn’t weep.

Instead, she fought.

Yet, it was of no use.

Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār fucked Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī as much as he wanted, and in whatsoever sex position he damn pleased.

Ultimately he slept on her nude tired sweating Brāhmañ female body, still penetrating Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī, Brahm Kaushikī Shāstrī, entirely.

She was already unconscious then.

A mother of three young daughters of Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī, the eldest daughter of whom was twenty three years, Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī, Brahm Kaushikī Shāstrī, was herself of forty one years’ then.

Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār enjoyed her very much.

When they awoke, Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār started his next round.

Brahm Kaushikī Tripāŧhī had never imagined she could be exploited ever that much.

But there was nothing she could do.

Was there?*

Mandell Gruber, the Gardner First Class of the Imperial Palace grounds, saluted Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī.

After all, he was the husband of Lauretta Divart now.

Lauretta Divart was not an ordinary name in the Inter Galactic Business ever.

She was one of the most successful businesswomen in the Inter Galactic Business.

As the Galactic Empire was falling now, even the Imperial Government had taken loan from her.

Eto Demerzel had arranged for it.

What Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī didn’t know was the fact that Lauretta Divart herself was behind the kidnapping of his Brāhmañ wives by Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār.

She wanted to own Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī.

Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī refused it outright, never realizing what it may cost him.

When he knew it, it was too late.

Charmkār Brahm Creations expressly refused to return Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī’s beautiful Brāhmañ wives.

Mandell Gruber, the Gardner First Class of the Imperial Palace grounds, was not the Chief Gardner, of course.

But he wasn’t after the post himself.

Pandit Harikānt Shāstrī remembered once he had already seen the Gardner First Class of the Imperial Palace grounds, on the Imperial Palace grounds themselves.

He was perhaps in his late forties.

Mandell Gruber, the Gardner First Class of the Imperial Palace grounds, was a bit gnarled, but he had a cheerful, smoothly shaven face, topped by a pink skull, not much of which was hidden by his thin sandy hair.

He whistled softly to himself as he inspected the leaves of the bushes for any sign of insect infestation.

Chapter 17


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